Outpouring of compassion in wake of church fire


To the Editor:

It has been a little over a month since Woodbury Union Church fire, and in this past month so much love has poured out from the hearts of those who truly care about the meaning of our church.

A couple of weeks ago, Derek, of Warwick Tree Service, heard of the outrageous quotes we had received to remove our steeple and offered to do it at less than 10% of costs quoted. Within days, and in the pouring rain, the steeple was gently removed and brought down and we could enter the church to assess the horrifying damage and loss. We were all so touched to see a local business help us out like this, it was so heart-warming.

Fr. Marciano and Fr. Simoneau reached out to us the day after the fire and offered us St. Benedict Church and office space plus a room where we could continue to meet for worship and be there for our community. They have been there for so much support and help and all of this has been at no cost to us. Catholics and Protestants working together out of the goodness of their hearts and for love of God.

A church in Pennsylvania gave us their gently used hymnals, another church in NH is giving us funds to buy new hymnals and bibles, many local church groups have donated generously to our Go-Fund-Me page, the Catholic Church Christmas Concert assigned the donations of the event to our rebuilding project and so many organizations have offered to have fundraisers for us. It brings such joy to our hearts to know so many people care.

The day after the fire was Thanksgiving and we all felt so thankful for the love of our community for reaching out to express their kind thoughts. Then at Christmas, the season of giving and helping others, we have been so overwhelmed to receive the gifts of love and compassion.

Thank you to our community for helping us as we start our rebuilding process, and thank you too for all of the love and support of the community. We are truly blessed.


Leslie Derrig


Ms Derring is a member of Woodbury Union Church.


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