Feelin' the pain

Patriots loss is a huge downer


Miserable. That’s the word New England Patriots fans at Tavern 12 used to describe the feeling when the Pats lost Super Bowl XLVI to the New York Giants Sunday night. The final score was 21-17.

“I’m a little depressed,” said Heather Miller, who had “Go Pats” painted on her cheeks in red and blue and was clad in a Tom Brady jersey. “I knew it was going to be a close game.”

The post-game pain and anger was evident, as fans slumped over the bar or gave television screens the bird. But Sheri Murphy, the only Giants patron in the bar was in her glory.

“Everyone was hating on me but I came out on top,” she said. “Everyone in New England likes the Patriots but they suck. My dad’s a Patriots fan, though, so it’s kind of funny.”

The Patriots-Giants rivalry is hardly new. The teams opposed one another in 2008 for Super Bowl XLII, with the Giants winning 17-14. Sunday’s game was considered a re-match for most fans.

“There’s still bad blood between both teams,” Sonny Gloria said. “Giants fans hate Patriot fans and Patriot fans hate Giants fans.”

Despite the loss, fans still said they love the Pats. Frank “Frankalicious” Crook said the camaraderie is unbeatable.

“That’s what the Patriots are all about,” he said, wearing his lucky red and blue sneakers. “New York may have won today but I’ll take New England any day of the week.”

Moreover, the women at Tavern 12 said there are plenty of good reasons to be a Pats fan aside from enjoying the sport. They appreciate the eye-candy on the field.

“I love Aaron Hernandez and Tom Brady,” said Miller. “I love their looks and hair. Aaron has tattoos all over his body and it’s sexy.”

Her friend, Alexis Houghton, agrees. She also loves his tattoos.

“He’s hot,” she said. “He’s my number one ‘Papi.’ And watching the game is fun-tabulous.”

Miller feels the same.

“It’s fast paced,” she said. “It’s not slow like baseball.”

Courtney Creta, Candace Carter and Taylor Santos are friends who visit Tavern 12 every Sunday to watch football. While they were upset the Pats lost, they got a kick out of the commercials that aired during the game, especially the Doritos one in which a woman is trying to seduce her lover as he is eating the tortilla chips. As a ploy to get his attention, she covers her body in them. Needless to say, her plan worked. Carter said the ad for Skechers sneakers with a dancing dog was also a touchdown.

“The dog did the moonwalk,” she said.

Yet, she wasn’t fond of the halftime show, which featured pop-icon Madonna, as well as hip-hop artists LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee Lo Green.

“Everyone is saying they liked it but I think Madonna was just going through the motions,” said Carter.

Bar owner Derek Stevens said it makes him happy to see his customers having a good time watching sporting events at his establishment. He gets a thrill out of seeing the excitement.

“You could watch it at your house but what fun would that be?” Stevens said. “We lost but still had a blast.”

The Pats defeat also meant the loss of a bet for Stevens. The good news? He didn’t have to forfeit any money, as he had to let manager Matt DeSarli paint the Giants logo on his face.

“I’ve got to be a man and live up to the bet,” Stevens said just before DeSarli got his paintbrush ready.

Yet, DeSarli was a good sport and didn’t rub it in too much. Nevertheless, he was excited that the Giants were victorious. “This is our second time beating the Pats in the Super Bowl and football is one sport that really brings people together,” he said. “It creates a great vibe. Everyone doesn’t know one another but they come here and they’re all friends.”

Santos agreed.

“It’s always a good time here, win or lose,” she said. “And there’s always next year.”

Tavern 12 is located at 2299 Post Road. For information about the bar and restaurant, call 401-490-2620.


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