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(Sci-fi disappointment)

“A good idea for a thought-provoking sci-fi movie quickly spins uncontrollably into space, leaving its audience disappointed.
Chris Pratt plays Jim Preston, one of 5,000 passengers aboard a space shuttle to a distant planet. He and the other passengers and crew are in hibernation pods where they will not age until they are awakened at the end of their 120-year journey.
Thirty years have passed when a malfunction in Jim’s pod brings him back, where he discovers that he is alone and aging on the gigantic ship, spending a year with only a robot bartender (Michael Sheen) for company.
Attempts to fix his pod fail, as Jim enjoys the luxury of the spaceship, including a pool, basketball court, bar and anything he wants to eat. He becomes quite lonely and depressed, making a morally questionable decision by waking up another passenger (Jennifer Lawrence), after studying her profile and finding her compatible.
Jim tells Aurora that her pod also malfunctioned and the two adjust to the situation and become a very compatible couple…until she discovers what he has done. Love quickly turns to hate. Jim is loaded with guilt, as the two try to deal with being stranded in a sinking ship.
All the amenities, robots, automation and sex can’t change the fact that the couple will grow old and die before the ship reaches its destination. The interesting premise falls apart as the ship starts to fall apart. Will they die? Will the 5,000 passengers die? You’ll have to sit through the two-hour movie to find out.
Rated PG-13, with some sex, profanity and brief nudity.


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