'Petey' wants another bite


To the Editor:

Allow me to congratulate Peter Kilmartin on continuing the fine tradition of the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office, of stonewalling, obfuscation and the denial of justice for all of our citizens. Mr. Kilmartin has obtained a temporary restraining order to keep the details of the 38 Studios debacle a mystery. He petitioned the court in order to protect himself and his cronies from being exposed for the corrupt, fiscally, foolish and possibly illegal actions of the General Assembly.

But this is nothing new for the AG’s office. Mr. Kilmartin recently lost in an embarrassing effort to keep Raymond “Beaver” Tempest in jail for a crime he never committed. Now, after serving a 20-year sentence and then being exonerated by the court, Governor-wannabe Peter Kilmartin wants to “retry” this case.  

That’s right, despite the undeniable DNA proof of his innocence, as well as the exposure of the lies, deceit and contemptible actions of previous employees of both the office of the Attorney General and the Woonsocket Police Department, our boy “Petey” wants another bite of the apple. 

These two examples don’t just illustrate the complete inability of Peter Kilmartin to hold the office he has but are a clear example of why he should never be given the chance to be Governor.

Dave Kane



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