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** ½
(More dumb comedy)

If you saw the first two “Pitch Perfect” movies, why in the world would you want to see the third?
The Bellas are reunited after college, each having gone their own way. The reunite for a USO tour of Spain, Greece and France, where DJ Khaled has four groups performing and plans to pick one to open for him when he goes on tour.
There’s lots of musical numbers wrapped around a couple of weak subplots. One has Fat Amy’s no-goodnick father (John Lithgow) trying to reconnect with her for nefarious reasons. Others involve members of the group who hook up with a variety of men.
Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) has most of the bawdy humor, while Becca (Anna Kendrick) is forced to make the decision to go on her own and abandon the group, which is constantly referred to as a family.
John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks are back as the TV tram following the Bellas to make stupid, unfunny comments along the way.
To stretch out the movie to an hour and a half, the writers throw in a kidnapping, a boat blowing up and a final concert at the Citadel, where there is one corny happy ending.
Rated PG-13, with many crude sexual references and some profanity.


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