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Officer Robert Canis-Langlais, along with a second officer and a sergeant, was dispatched to the area of Drybrook Road. at approximately 12:14 p.m. on April 28 for the report of a dog bite. Upon arrival, Canis-Langlais said he met with the victim, who had an apparent bite to her left hand. He said Warwick Fire Department personnel were on scene and tending to the victim, and described her hand as bloody, wrapped and bandaged at that time. Canis-Langlais said the sergeant took a series of digital photographs of the wound.

The woman said she was bitten by a brown dog with a white nose while she was walking down the street, and a woman who was walking her dog did not ask her if she needed any help after she was bitten. Due to being tended for the wound and then transported to Kent Hospital, the woman was unable to provide any further statements.

Canis-Langlais said officers searched the area and located a woman walking her dog on a street over at Esquire Ave., and spoke with her. The woman said she was walking her boyfriend’s dog and that it bit a female who was walking in the street. She said she could not control the dog at that time, which knocked her down and she struck her head. The woman said she wanted medical attention for her injury. Canis-Langlais said Warwick Rescue responded and transported the woman from the scene.

Animal Control then responded to the scene and took custody of the dog and the owner was contacted. The owner said his dog is a pit bull boxer mix about 3½ years old that had all his shots and was neutered. The dog was then transported to the pound. The next day, on April 29, Canis-Langlais said he was advised that the victim had been released from the hospital and wanted to complete a written statement, so officers responded to her address on Parkhurst Road.

The woman said she was out walking on Monday, April 28, when a woman and a dog were approaching her, and that as she walked by; the dog lunged at her and took hold of her left hand. She said she had extensive cuts and lacerations and told the officer she fell to the ground screaming and in terrible pain. She said the woman and the dog took off without any offer of help. She said she was then brought by ambulance to Kent Hospital, where she was administered IVs and pain medication, and received stitches. She said she had extensive trauma and was following up with a plastic surgeon and then she would follow up with a surgeon in Syracuse, N.Y., where she lives. No charges have been brought in the case.


Officer Aaron Steere was on patrol at approximately 11 p.m. on April 21 when Dispatch advised available units in the area of Apponaug to be on the lookout for a suspected drunk driver. Dispatch further advised a witness was following a vehicle that was heading northbound into Apponaug on Post Rd., traveling at about 65 mph, according to the witness. Steere said he fell in behind the witness vehicle and the suspect vehicle, at which time the witness vehicle pulled over to the right and the suspect vehicle pulled into a parking lot in the area of 130 College St.

Steere said he exited his vehicle and made contact with the driver, at which time he immediately detected the strong odor of alcohol emanating from the vehicle and the driver’s breath as he spoke. Steere also said the man’s face was red, his eyes were watery and bloodshot, and his speech was slurred. Steere said the man was able to provide his name and date of birth but was unable to locate his wallet. When asked where he was coming from and if he had ingested any intoxicating beverages, the man said he was coming from East Greenwich and he had not had any intoxicating beverages. When asked to elaborate where in East Greenwich, the man said the Grille on Main. At this time, Steere said the man and his female passenger began asking him who the man in the pickup was who had been following them, to which he said it was a concerned citizen. Steere said he again asked the man if had any alcoholic beverages that evening, to which he now said he may have had a couple. Steere said the man also now advised he was coming from the Remington House, located a short distance away on Post Road, and not the Grille on Main.

While performing standardized field sobriety tests, Steere said he observed the man to have trouble maintaining his balance and following instructions. Based on his observations and results of the field sobriety tests, Steere said he felt the man had been operating under the influence and was impaired to the point where he could not safely operate a motor vehicle. Steere said he contacted a sergeant, who advised him to bring the suspect to Warwick police headquarters to complete the DUI investigation.

As a result, John Davis, 61, of 1455 Mineral Spring Ave., North Providence was placed in hand restraints, put in the rear of a patrol vehicle and transported to police headquarters. Steere noted Davis continually said, “Oh [expletive], I own a business,” every time he made a mistake throughout the field sobriety tests. Upon learning he was being arrested, Steere said Davis began telling officers he knew numerous law enforcement officials in North Providence and was uncooperative and belligerent with officers.

While at headquarters, Davis was seated next to the intoxilyzer and was handed a form containing the rights for use at station so he could read along as Steere read it to him, but Steere said Davis continually interrupted him during this process, and eventually stood up and threw the form down on the desk. After the form was read to Davis, who continued to interrupt Steere, he said he would need to make a series of phone calls, including to North Providence Mayor and the Public Works director of Warwick in order to take care of the matter. Despite interrupting officers and advising them he would make several phone calls to politicians throughout the state, Steere said when it came time for Davis to make a confidential phone call, he said he was all set. Steere said he then asked Davis to submit to a chemical test, which Davis advised he was “not going to do [expletive].” Steere said Davis refused to sign the rights for use at station form, was placed in a cell and later processed.

Davis was charged with DUI-blood alcohol content unknown, refusal to submit to a chemical test first offense, and operating an unregistered vehicle, with a District Court date. He was later released to a sober adult.


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