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Officer John Zaborski reported he was dispatched to a disturbance near Alvin and Mayflower Avenues around 10 p.m. on June 29. He said he arrived to find a man trying to cut the net of a basketball hoop from the ladder rack on a red truck and a trail of water from the base of the basketball pole behind the truck, apparently after he hit the pole down the street. He said the driver told him he backed into the pole earlier after he got lost driving. Zaborski said he told him he wasn’t aware that the pole was tangled up with his truck until he stopped and a witness pointed it out to him. Zaborski said it was obvious that the man was intoxicated and extremely unsteady on his feet and he smelled strongly of alcohol. He said he was coming from the Rocky Point Pub and that he “had several beers.” He said he gave the man a field sobriety test and stopped the test when the man almost fell over during the one-leg-stand. He said Paul Riley, 55, of 44 Rosemere Rd. in Pawtucket was arrested and taken to headquarters where he refused to take a breath test.

Officer Patrick Smith reported that he got the initial call about the incident moments before when someone called and said a truck was dragging a basketball hoop down the street and possibly was stealing it. He said he met with the owner, who lived on Ogden Avenue, and a neighbor from Cliff Road, who both said they heard a loud noise coming from the house on Ogden and they both came out and saw the truck driving down the street with the basketball hoop stuck to the ladder rack of a pickup truck and called police. They said they went after the truck and found it at Alden and Mayflower, with the driver attempting to cut the hoop loose. Riley was charged with DUI and refusal and held to await a sober adult to take custody of him at headquarters.

Officer Nicholas DiNardo reported he turned onto Colonial Avenue around 6 p.m. on July 3 and found a vehicle facing north in the southbound lane and parked. He said he noticed there was someone in the car and idling in park with the keys in the ignition. He said the driver told him he dropped his cell phone and pulled over to look for it but DiNardo said he appeared to be drunk and smelled of alcohol. He said he asked the driver to take a field sobriety test and if he had any condition that affected his ability to take the test. DiNardo said the man claimed he had a head injury and had feet that were numb and DiNardo stopped the test when the man’s leg shook too much on the one-leg-stand. He said a preliminary breath test produced a .133 blood alcohol content and the driver was taken to headquarters where he kept telling DiNardo he was “not listening” and “I don’t understand” when he was being read his rights and was yelling “lawsuit, lawsuit” while he was in the police cruiser. DiNardo said the driver charged at the officers in the police station. He said they put him in the cellblock and he refused to take a breath test, repeatedly saying he “wasn’t listening” and “didn’t understand.” Michael Diehl, 45, of 253 Tiogue Ave. in Coventry was charged with DUI, second refusal within five years and operating a vehicle with a suspended registration.

Officer Rose Michel reported stopping for an accident at Wendy’s on Quaker Lane around 1:10 a.m. on July 4. She said she spoke with the woman said to have caused the accident and detected a strong smell of alcohol coming from her. She said the woman admitted hitting the rear end of the car in front of her in the drive-thru and agreed to a field sobriety test. Michel said the driver failed the test and was taken to headquarters where she refused to take a breath test. Laurie A. Izzo, 45, of 40 Village Ct. in West Warwick was charged with DUI and refusal and later released to a sober adult.

Officer Aaron Steere reported he was dispatched to Centerville Road around 11:25 p.m. on July 6 after dispatch got a call from an off-duty Cranston police officer who was following a suspected drunk driver who drove his car with flattened tire into the parking lot at 1071 Centerville and was now stumbling around the lot. The Cranston officer told Steere the driver was wearing a white shirt with black shoulder loops and a lanyard around his neck and appeared to be a pilot. Steere said he approached the driver and asked him where he was coming from and the man said he just returned on a flight and was heading back to Westerly to his residence there. Steere said the driver failed a field sobriety test and was taken to headquarters where he refused a breath test. He told Steere he worked for Mesa Airlines but was a passenger on their flight from North Carolina to T.F. Greene. He said he had three or four drinks on the flight. He was charged with DUI and refusal but asked that he preferred to be taken to detox rather than his wife come and get him. Steere said James Powers, 45, of 3 Sylvan Ln. in Westerly was later released to his wife anyway.


Officer Jacob Elderkin reported he was sent to Adelaide Avenue on July 2 for a complaint about a drunken man setting off fireworks in the trashcan of a neighbor around 3:50 p.m. The woman told Elderkin he was setting off the fireworks and when she asked him to stop, he set off fireworks in her trashcan. She said she put the fire out with a garden hose and called police. She said he was still inside 50 Adelaide Ave. He said he had dispatch run a check on the suspect and he came back with an outstanding warrant. He said they saw him inside the house holding a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a marijuana pipe in the other. Elderkin said they called into a window for him to come out and he said, “[Expletive] you, cops,” and punched through the window, aiming at an officer who grabbed his arm and pulled him through the window. He said Ryan T. Kaiser, 21, of 50 Adelaide Ave. was put in the back of a cruiser where he banged his head on the divider, managed to get his legs through the handcuffs and had his hands in front of him when he stuck his fingers down his throat, vomited and then spread the vomit all over the partition and then tore the headliner in the cruiser. He said he was covered in his own vomit and they had to wash him down with a garden hose at headquarters. Elderkin said he was put in a cell and a camera was turned onto him until he was eventually taken to detox at Kent Hospital. Kaiser was charged with disorderly conduct, malicious damage and the warrant for failure to appear in District Court for misdemeanor larceny.


Officer Thomas Duncan spoke with a man who lives on Beachwood Drive in Potowomut who said he heard a noise coming from outside his house on July 13 and took a look and noticed his 14-foot boat with a 9.9 Johnson motor was gone. He said his neighbor told him he saw two males in the boat heading out into open water and tried to catch them but could not. The neighbor said two other boats had been set free from their anchors but no damage was done to them. They did not know if the incidents were related.

Officer Rose Michel said there was a report of an SUV broken into on Falcon Avenue on July 11. The woman who reported it said her husband chased two men they saw in their vehicle but he did not catch them. The window was broken and about $25 in cash was taken. Michel said a search of the area did not turn up any suspects.

A Hoxsie Avenue man told police someone broke into his vehicle overnight and stole a Pioneer AVIC Z11OBT radio from his car that was worth $1,200. Officer Tomas Bogusz said they broke the passenger side window to get into the vehicle. No suspects or witnesses.

A woman who lives on George Arden Avenue told police someone took all six birdfeeders, worth a total of $36, from her yard sometime overnight on July 10. No suspects or witnesses.


An attempt to scam a Warwick woman that was reported here last week actually succeeded in getting another Warwick woman to give the crook a total of $920 in fines and fees on July 12 after he called her and told her she would be arrested for not showing up for jury duty several weeks before. He told her to go and purchase a moneypak and load the card with the money. She told police she did what he said and called him back. She said he told her to come to the Sheriff’s Department on New London Avenue but that she needed to give him the number for the two money orders she bought or she would be arrested when she arrived. She said she did what he said and found the Sheriff’s Department was closed when she got there and she then realized it had all been a scam and went to police. The case was forwarded to detectives.


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