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Officer Brian Murray reported being dispatched to Marvin Street on July 12 for an abandoned car. A resident of the street told Murray the car had been there for a few days and wasn’t recognized by people in the area. Murray ran a check on the car and it came back as stolen out of Portsmouth. The resident who reported it said it had been there since July 10 and he didn’t see anyone leave it. The neighbors all said they didn’t know the car. Portsmouth Police requested that Warwick take the car to their impound for the time being and they would be up to claim it in a few days and process it in their town. Murray advised BCI of the arrangement.


A Cannondale mountain bike worth $480 and three Porter-Cable nail guns worth $380 went missing from a garage on Blade Street on July 12. No suspects or witnesses.

A Smithfield man who said his boat was kept behind 100 Bellows St., said it was missing two Mercury Bravo motors that were chained to the boat, but someone managed to get them loose. He said there had to be at least two people to move the motors, which were worth about $8,000. He told police a man on a motorcycle was seen going behind the building but did not know if there was anything suspicious about him. The report was forwarded to detectives.

A Posnegansett Avenue man told police the laptop computer that he used as an employee of Providence Schools was missing from his car on July 14. He said his car was unlocked at the time and he didn’t know who might have taken it and that he did not have the serial number.


A Duluth Avenue man told police he went to his car, a 2002 Nissan Maxima, and found there were “key” scratches on all four doors, the bumper and the roof and some sort of stripper was used to remove paint from the hood and the grille. There were no witnesses or suspects.


Officer Nicholas Reay reported arresting two shoplifting suspects at the Wal-Mart on Bald Hill Road on July 15. He said they arrived just as the two suspects were attempting to leave the store with the stolen stuff and arrested them. Sheena L. Civale, 32, of 56 Phenix Ave. in West Warwick was charged with shoplifting and possession of marijuana. Edward J. Musk, 44, of 30 Francis Ave. in Narragansett, was charged with shoplifting, violating a no contact order (by being with Civale) and on a Superior Court warrant for first-degree arson.

A Bristol woman was charged with stealing $649.93 worth of dresses, bathing suits, shoes and accessories from the TJ Maxx store on Bald Hill Road on July 18. Officer Aaron Kay reported he stayed with the suspect until her mother came over from Bristol to take custody of her child before he took Christine Carvara, 30, of 16 Sherman Ave. to headquarters for processing. She was later released with a summons.

Carlos Asian Nunez, 27, of 242 Waterman Ave. in North Providence was arrested at Macy’s in the Warwick Mall on July 13 and charged with stealing clothing. Loss prevention said he concealed the goods in the back of a baby carriage before attempting to leave without paying for the goods. He was processed at headquarters and told he was no longer allowed to go inside Macy’s before he was released with a summons.

Officer Adam Arico reported finding two women suspected of stealing cognac from Haxton’s Liquors behind the Rite-Aid pharmacy across from the liquor store on July 18. He said Brittany P. Tavares, 21, of 19 North Bend St. in Pawtucket was charged with felony shoplifting as a habitual offender. Jamie Bailey, 19, of 82 Bowdoin St. in Providence was arrested with Tavares and charged with conspiracy to shoplift.


Officer Robert Gauvin reported a collision between a truck and a house on Wesleyan Avenue around 9:20 p.m. on July 5. He said a 2004 GMC pickup truck hit the front door of 20 Wesleyan and a crowd of people becoming somewhat hostile in front of the house. Gauvin said the driver of the car had a cut on his arm that was bleeding profusely and there was a small child who was in the truck at the time of the crash with blood all over him. He said they put the driver in a cruiser while they dealt with the “mostly intoxicated” crowd getting more hostile.

Warwick Fire and Rescue arrived but apparently no one else was injured. Gauvin said the driver, Jamal T. Sanders, 21, of 40 Arrow St. in Warwick, was given a field sobriety test and he failed it. He was taken to headquarters where he registered a .184 and a .187 blood alcohol content on the breath test. He was charged with DUI and later released to a sober adult.

Officer Christopher Fernandes reported seeing a car hit a traffic island, several curbs and then catapult itself back onto West Shore Road, facing the wrong direction. He said it was around 1:50 a.m. on July 15 and he approached the car when he saw the driver get out and run away. He said he began a foot pursuit and saw the man round the back of a bar to the left and he ran around to the other side to where a convenience store was and waited as he heard the driver scurry over a back fence, plop down on the ground and run right into Fernandes where he was waiting for him. He said he brought the man down and handcuffed him and then looked him over to see if he was injured. He said he didn’t see any, so he asked the man to take a field sobriety test but he declined. He said the man did say he had been drinking and smoking pot and having a generally bad week. The man was taken to headquarters where he agreed to take a breath test. Fernandes said he blew a .258 and a .246 blood alcohol content on the breath test. Nathan P. Monahan, 23, of 67 Wilson Ave. in Warwick was charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license. Fernandes said other officers found marijuana in the car. He was later transported to Kent Hospital for detox.

Officer Sokphannareth Chea reported he was on patrol when dispatch told him an off-duty Warwick firefighter called in a suspected drunk driver that hit the curb and stopped in the travel lane of Centerville Road around 1:30 a.m. on July 12. The firefighter told Chea he found the driver, identified as Jillian M. Fain, 29, of 108 Stiness Dr. in Warwick, slumped over the wheel with the car running. He said he put his vehicle in position to keep her from moving until Chea arrived. Chea said Fain failed a field sobriety test and was taken to headquarters where she refused a breath test. She was later released to a sober adult.


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