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On Nov. 11 at approximately 7:16 p.m. Officer Paul Wells saw a vehicle traveling on Bald Hill Road near On The Border that had an expired registration number. Wells ran the registration plate in the system and confirmed that it was expired then pulled over the vehicle, being driven by Robert Miller, 61, of 2 Garden Hills Court, Cranston.

Miller told the Officer that he knew the registration was expired, him and his wife did not have any insurance, and believed that his license was expired as well.

Officer Wells then had Miller pull his car into the On The Border parking lot and ran his license through the system, which revealed that it was suspended since 2014 for failure to have insurance.

Miller was given a Third District Court date of Jan. 3 for driving on suspended license first offense and a Municipal Court Date of Nov. 30 for driving with expired registration. He then called for a ride and his vehicle was towed from the scene.

On Nov. 13 at approximately 2:10 a.m. Officer Jonathan Reiff pulled over a Honda Accord traveling on Post Road that he had clocked at 59 mph in a 35 mph zone. He also saw that the vehicle had a headlight out. The stop was conducted at the intersection of Post and Irving Roads.

The driver, Jeffrey Mejia, 25, of 100 Carr Street, Providence, told the officer that his license was suspended for what he believed to be parking ticket violations. Officer Reiff confirmed that Mejia’s license was suspended for failing to appear at a July court date.

Mejia was issued a violation for driving on suspended license first offense civil with a Third District Court date of Jan. 3. He was also given a speeding ticket with a Municipal Court date of Nov. 30. The vehicle was then released to a licensed operator.


At approximately 5:54 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15 Officers John Zaborski and Jacob Elderkin were dispatched to the Conimicut Variety store on West Shore Road for a report of disturbance. The reporting party told dispatch that there was a male and female in the store who were harassing employees and customers. They also said that the pair left in a vehicle, a silver Acura. The vehicle was said to have taken a right onto West Shore Road towards Hoxsie.

The two suspects were identified as Love Misuraca, 43, of 42 Burns Street, Riverside, and Gary Marley, 51, of 14 Seminole Street, Warwick. Officer Zaborski pulled over the vehicle, being operated by Misuraca, on West Shore Road. Misuraca told him that she and Gary had several alcoholic drinks at a friend’s house earlier in the day. She told him that she had one beer and one shot, and the Officer saw an empty nip bottle of 99 Bananas in her purse.

As for the variety store, Misuraca told the Officer that the store clerk did not like her and her husband and they got into a verbal argument. It was also reported by the store clerk that the pair had smelt of alcohol at the store and after the verbal altercation between Misuraca and the store clerk, Misuraca went outside to urinate behind a dumpster. When they drove away from the store, they drove over the curb and police were called. The store was not pressing charges against the pair, per Officer Elderkin, but would be issuing a no trespass order for both Misuraca and Marley.

Back on the scene of the pulled over car, when asked for her license, Misuraca fumbled through her purse, tried to give her Social Security card at one point, and then gave him her license after two to three minutes of looking.

Officer Zaborski then spoke with Elderkin, who was at the variety store, who advised him that he believed Misuraca was under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

The officer brought her out of the car and saw that she was unsteady on her feet. He escorted her to an area to the side of the road and she removed the high heels she was wearing.

He then administered tests and placed her under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. She was taken to police headquarters. Meanwhile, Gary was picked up by an ambulance and taken to Kent because he was nodding off and incoherent, while the dog in the car was taken to the Warwick Animal Hospital because nobody was there to take it.

At headquarters at approximately 7:30 p.m., Misuraca blew two times in the breathalyzer machine, giving one sample of .185 B.A.C. and one sample of .189. The legal limit for driving is .08. Misuraca was issued a summons for a mandatory Third District court date to be determined during a Nov. 16 court date she already had. She was issued for DUI of liquor or drugs first offense .15/greater and a summons for no seat passenger with a $40 fine. She was held as a probation violator overnight.


On Nov. 14 at approximately 6:44 a.m. Officer Steven Moretti was dispatched to Kenneth Ave. for a report of larceny from a motor vehicle.

The victim told Officer Moretti that overnight his 1997 Mercedes Benz, which he had left unlocked, was entered and items including a wallet with $200 in cash, four or five deactivated credit cards, his drivers license, his Social Security card, and his birth certificate were stolen. He had parked the car around 8:00 p.m. the night before.

The vehicle had no visible damage done to it. The victim told the Officer that he wished to file a complaint.


A shoplifting occurred at the Kohl’s store on Bald Hill Road at approximately 11:08 p.m. on Nov. 15.

Officer Brian Holleran responded to a report that a suspect, later identified as Karen Carter, 48, of 29 Sumner Avenue, Cranston, was in custody with Loss Prevention after their officer saw her take three pants and one pair of jeans into a fitting room but come back out with only one pair. The Loss Prevention officer inspected the room, didn’t find the pants, and observed Carter pass all points of sale without paying for them.

The items taken, which Carter had put in her purse, totaled $264.

When questioned by Officer Holleran, Carter told him that she was bi-polar and took the items for the thrill of it. She was banned from the Kohl’s property by Loss Prevention.

Officer Holleran found no other shoplifting convictions on her record and issued her a Third District Court summons for Dec. 11 and released her from custody.

On Nov. 16 at approximately 6:36 p.m. Officer Thomas Duncan was dispatched to the J.C. Penney at the Warwick Mall for a shoplifter in custody at Asset Protection.

The suspect, identified as Chanvitchyka Neang, 27, of 57 Hathaway Street Apt. #1, Providence, was reported by the Asset Protection officer to have tried taking two Fenty products, two liquid lipsticks, a makeup pallet, and other merchandise from the Sephora section of the store. The total value of the merchandise was $182. She reportedly put all the items in a basket, then put them into her purse and exited the store without paying, when the Asset Protection officer stopped her.

After finding that Neang did not have any prior arrests, Officer Duncan released her without incident with a Third District Court summons for Dec. 18 on one count of shoplifting misdemeanor. She was issued a no trespass order from J.C. Penney and the store also advised the Officer that they wished to prosecute her. Their written statement was taken back to police headquarters.


On Nov. 13 at approximately 7:57 p.m. Officer Derek Mourato observed a car with a New Hampshire registration pass his Elmwood Avenue post. He saw that none of the occupants were wearing seat belts.

After following the vehicle and running a registration check, the Officer found that the plates on it were expired and came back to a 1997 Chevrolet, whereas the car was a Honda Accord. He then pulled the car over in the area of Elmwood and First Avenues.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Jesus Colon, 21, of 40 Peter Street, Providence, and the passengers were Devonte Bonds, 21, and Chabelis Rosario, 19. Officer Mourato observed Colon to be nervous when speaking with him, as he would not make eye contact, his hands were shaking, and he was stuttering his words.

Checks revealed that Colon did not have a license and this would be his first offense for driving without a license. Also, Bonds was found to have given the Officer a fake name. When asked to step out of the vehicle, Bonds revealed his real name, Devonte Bonds, and told the Officer he was very nervous. Officer Thomas Greene was also on hand at this time to assist.

When questioning Bonds, the suspect told him that there wasn’t anything in the vehicle but he had been charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle in the past. When asked if the Honda was stolen, he said, “I don’t know, it could be.”

Officer Mourato then ran VIN checks of the car and was advised that the car was stolen out of an auto shop in Central Falls. Colon would not answer the Officer’s questions on the matter and stated that he didn’t know how he got it or who gave it to him.

After Sergeant Alan Valliere arrived to assist, Colon was placed under arrest and charged with driving without consent of own and operating without first obtaining first offense civil. He was issued a Third District Court date of Jan. 3. Colon was then placed in handcuffs and brought back to police headquarters, where he was held overnight as a probation violator. He was also issued for not wearing a seat belt.

The car was towed by a Warwick towing company, who brought it back to their lot. After calling Central Falls Police, it was determined that they did not need to process the vehicle and would tell the owner of the original shop where the car was. The registered owner of the plates out of New Hampshire was called, who told the officers that the plates belonged to a car he put into a junkyard and weren’t stolen. The plates were placed at Warwick Headquarters.


On Nov. 13 at approximately 1:47 a.m. Officer Rose Michel and Officer Thompson were dispatched to Kent County Hospital to assist hospital security with a subject was reported to be acting disorderly.

The suspect, identified as Brian Fritsche, 28, of 54 King Philip Street, Providence, was in the emergency room after being discharged from the hospital and refusing to leave. He had been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Coventry earlier that night and was transported to Kent. Coventry Police had charged him with disorderly conduct and he was released on a District Court summon.

Still in the emergency room, Fritsche said that Coventry Police had taken his cell phone and did not return it to him, and he wouldn’t leave until he got it back. After several minutes, he agreed to talk with the Warwick officers outside of the hospital.

He yelled at the officers, demanding them to get his cell phone back. Officer Michel told him that she would contact Coventry Police to try to get it back and asked Fritsche to sit in the back of the police cruiser for his safety, and he was told he was not under arrest.

Coventry Police told Officer Michel that they would bring Fritsche’s property back to the hospital to give it to him.

While in the back seat, Fritsche asked if he could smoke and the officer denied his request. He became very upset and smashed the window of the rear passenger side door of the police cruiser. He then began to yell at Officer Michel, who got out of the cruiser after sitting in it while waiting. Fritsche, after several minutes, apologized for smashing the window and said he did it because he was upset.

Officer Michel then charged him with vandalism/malicious injury to property and placed him in handcuffs.

Photographs of the damages were taken and soon after Coventry Police did show up to return his property.

Fritsche was then taken back to police headquarters, where he was later released on summons for a Dec. 11 court date.


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