Police Log - Stolen urinal



On Dec. 10 at approximately 1:30 a.m. Officer Charles Austin Jr. responded to a report of a single-car motor vehicle accident oat the intersection of Coronado and Post Roads.

Upon arrival, Officer Austin saw that a Subaru SUV with Connecticut registration had jumped the curb, it went through the fence, and hit the sign of the Sunoco gas station on the corner.

A male, later identified as Alexander Konarski, 29, of 4 Merritt Lane in Old Saybrook, Conn., was standing outside the vehicle. He told the Officer that he did not need medical attention.

Officer Austin asked him to provide his license, insurance and registration. Konarski started looking on his phone for identification, and the Officer asked him for a license, so Konarski got a photocopy of his passport from his vehicle. The Officer asked him again for his license, and Konarski said he had it but it was from Connecticut.

Officer Austin observed Konarski to be uneasy on his feet, having mumbled speech, and blood shot eyes, and the smell of an intoxicating beverage was coming from his breath. Konarski told him that he had stopped drinking a couple hours earlier and could not remember how much he had drunk. He agreed to submit to field sobriety tests.

In the horizontal gaze test, the Officer observed Konarski to fail six out of six clues, include a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes and an unequal pupil size.

In the walk and turn test, the Officer observed him to fail four out of eight clues, including missing heel-to-toe on every step.

In the one leg stand test, Konarski could not keep his foot up for longer than one second.

Officer Austin then placed Konarski in handcuffs and transported him to police headquarters. While there, Konarski refused to take a Breathalyzer test and sign his Rights for Use at Station form.

Konarski was then issued a misdemeanor for DUI B.A.C. Unknown and a violation for Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test. Due to the fact that he was from out of state, he was jailed and held for the next session with the bail commissioner.


On Dec. 5 at approximately 11:32 a.m. Officer Daniel O’Connell responded to a report of Larceny on Budlong Avenue.

The reporting party told the Officer that his company, Foley Excavation, had delivered a 22-foot rollaway dumpster, valued at $4,500, to one of their customer’s houses on Sept. 29 of this year.

Since the delivery, the company had called the customer multiple times to confirm that the dumpster was delivered but calls were never returned. On Dec. 5, the reporting party decided to drive to the location and saw that a dumpster with a different company’s name on it was actually there. He called the company, ABC Dumpster Company, which confirmed they had delivered it.

Officer O’Connell had dispatch contact the owner of the property, who told them that the dumpster was never delivered to them and he went to ABC to get the dumpster instead.

Because the whereabouts of the rollaway was unknown, the reporting party provided a written statement and a report was taken for Larceny over $1,500.

The Officer checked the property and did not find anything suspicious. There are no suspects at this time.


Officer Tammy Mello responded to a larceny report on Dec. 7 at approximately 8:50 a.m. at the YMCA on Centerville Road.

The reporting party told the Officer that sometime in the past week someone took a fire extinguisher and a urinal from a bathhouse located in the rear of the YMCA. The staff had last checked the bathhouse on Nov. 28 before finding the missing items.


On Dec. 11 at approximately 3:15 p.m. Officer Derek Mourato responded to the J.C. Penney at Warwick Mall for a report of a female shoplifter in custody of the Asset Protection office.

The Asset Protection employee told Officer Mourato that she saw a female, later identified as Gabriella Santiago, 18, of 14 Coutu Court in West Warwick, RI, take a Nike hoodie and two pairs of pants from the Women’s Nike Department to a fitting room.

When Santiago came out of the fitting room, she only had two pairs of pants with her. The Asset Protection employee checked the fitting room and couldn’t find the hoodie. She then saw Santiago exit the store without paying for any of the merchandise.

Asset Protection then escorted Santiago back into the store and to the Asset Protection office. They found the Nike hoodie, valued at $60 in her purse.

Officer Mourato then talked with Santiago, who admitted to stealing the hoodie. She did not have an ID on her, but provided her name and date of birth. He then transported her back to police headquarters.

After determining this was her first offense, Santiago was charged with Shoplifting-Misdemeanor and summonsed to a Third District Court date of Jan. 16, then released.

J.C. Penney wished to press charges.

On Dec. 11 at approximately 7:06 p.m. Officers Kevin McGuire Jr. and Quentin Tavares responded to the Target at the Warwick Mall for a report of two females in custody with Loss Prevention for shoplifting.

The reporting party, the Loss Prevention officer, told the Officers that he was walking in the store and saw two females concealing items and then leave the store without paying for the merchandise. The suspects were later identified as Amber Ferrante, 20, of 107 Volturno Street in North Providence and Samantha Sousa, 21, of 20 Park Avenue Apt. #122 in Johnston.

The Loss Prevention officer brought the women back to his office without incident and discovered that Ferrante had shoplifted $52.98 worth of shoes and beauty items and Sousa had shoplifted $46.97 worth of beauty items. All the merchandise was recovered.

The two women were placed in handcuffs by the Officers and taken back to police headquarters and charged with one count of Shoplifting-Misdemeanor with a summons for Third District Court at a later date.

On Dec. 12 at approximately 3:34 p.m. Officer David Waddington responded to the Walmart on Bald Hill Road for a report of a female shoplifter in custody with Asset Protection.

The Asset Protection associate told Officer Waddington in a written statement that the suspect, identified as Kristina Coletta, 30, of 11 Raven Boulevard in Coventry, selected all types of merchandise, from clothes to pet food to a cologne set, and placed them all in her shopping cart. She then went to the self-checkout area and scanned some items, then pretended to scan the rest of the items, and bagged all the merchandise. She then went to the exit without paying for any of the merchandise.

Asset Protection then alerted the police and went outside to take Coletta back into the store. Walmart wished to press charges for the shoplifting, and they will resell the merchandise, according to the associate.

The total value of the merchandise they recovered was $301.27. Coletta did attempt to pay for the merchandise with a credit card, but was denied, and since she didn’t have enough money in her wallet to pay for all of it, she decided to leave without paying. The Asset Protection associate confirmed that Coletta tried to pay with a credit card.

Officer Waddington then brought her back to his cruiser to run checks on her record. Coletta did have one charge for Failure to Appear, for which was picked up on a warrant.

She was charged with Shoplifting-Misdemeanor and brought back to police headquarters. She was then released on a District Court Summons.


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