Police Log - Stealing $25 headphones


Driving under the influence

On Jan. 17 at approximately 8:44 p.m. Officer Ali Jaafar was driving through Hoxsie Four Corners when he saw a vehicle swerving between lanes on Warwick Avenue before making a left onto Airport Road.

The Officer conducted a stop of the vehicle in the D’Angelo’s parking lot. The driver was identified as Richard Moses, 63, of 8 Ipswich Street in Seekonk, Mass.

Moses told that Officer that he was coming to pick up dinner and emphasized that he was only traveling a short distance. The Officer notices a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and that his eyes were bloodshot. Moses said that he had “a little but not too much” to drink and had drunk a Red Bull.

Officer Jaafar then conducted sobriety tests on Moses. Moses would not cooperate in the horizontal gaze test, failed the walk and turn test, and failed the one leg stand test.

The Officer then placed Moses under arrest and transported him back to police headquarters. At the station, he took a B.A.C. test that showed a .195 and another test that showed a .198.

Moses was then charged with one count of DUI of Liquor or Drugs – 1st Offense (.15/Greater) and issued a summons for Third District Court and issued two citations for laned roadway violations and turn signal required. He was then released into the custody of a sober adult.


On Jan. 18 at approximately 4:01 p.m. Officers Anthony D’Abrosca and Thomas Duncan responded to a report of an erratic driver near the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The reporting party had been following the erratic driver since Pawtucket and both had turned into the hotel parking lot.

Officer D’Abrosca approached the car in question, an orange Ford van, and the vehicle began to drive in reverse. The Officer then ran up to the passenger window and demanded the driver to stop, put the vehicle in park, and turn it off.

The Officer smelt an alcoholic odor coming from the driver, identified as David Morrell, 50, of 17 Lloyd Drive in Coventry.

Morrell said that he was driving home from work to his house in Coventry. The Officer observed him to have bloodshot eyes, mumbled speech and was fumbling to retrieve his registration documents. He admitted to the Officer that he had one nip that night and had been taking antibiotics and Tylenol, which he said his wife had “forced down his throat.”

Officer D’Abrosca conducted sobriety tests on Morrell, all of which pointed to him being under the influence.

After finding multiple empty nips inside the vehicle, the Officers placed Morrell under arrest and transported him to police headquarters.

At the station, the Officer found two empty nips in Morrell’s jacket pocket. Morrell refused to either take the chemical breathalyzer test or not take it for several minutes, questioning why he was at the station in the first place. He was then put down as refusal.

Morrell was charged for DUI B.A.C. Unknown 1st Offense with a District Court Date of Feb. 27. He was also issued a summons for refusal to submit to a chemical test with a court date of Dec. 2. He was then placed into a cell without incident.


On Jan. 18 at approximately 9:46 p.m. Officers Aaron Kay and Brian Chianese were travelling on Bald Hill Road in the area of Toll Gate Road and observed a Chevrolet Cobalt swerving in the road and nearly drive into another vehicle.  After observing the vehicle drive erratically and at a speed of 52 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, the Officers stopped the vehicle in the area of the Warwick Mall.

The vehicle did not respond to the police vehicle’s sirens and emergency lights and continued driving onto West Natick Road. After several hundred more feet, the vehicle came to a full stop.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Rafael Rodriguez, 63, of 100 Broad Street Apartment #111 in Providence. He told the Officer that they were coming from the Hibachi restaurant on Bald Hill Road but couldn’t get food because it was closed.

The Officer saw a half-filled bottle of beer in the car that was opened. Rodriguez said he had been drinking earlier but he was really hungry and they (he and the passenger) were trying to get food. Officer Kay detected the odor of alcohol coming from Rodriguez and he was speaking with a slurred manner, and he also had bloodshot eyes.

Rodriguez agreed to field sobriety tests, all of which ended up indicating that he was impaired.

He also agreed to a preliminary breath test, but during the tests he said that he had a medical condition that wasn’t allowing him to blow properly, but the Officer thought this to be not true because he had no other issues while talking and breathing.

Officer Kay then placed Rodriguez under arrest and transported him back to police headquarters. The passenger of the car, who had an active license and blew a 0.00 B.A.C. in a preliminary breath test, drove the car from the scene.

At the station, Rodriguez refused to take a breathalyzer test. He was the charged with DUI 1st Offense B.A.C. Unknown with a Third District Court date of Feb. 27. He was also issued for Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test, Refusal to Submit to PBT, and Presence of Alcoholic Beverage While Operating Motor Vehicle. He was also issued for Speeding, Laned Roadway Violation, and No Seat Belt, Operator, with a Traffic Tribunal Court date of Feb. 2.

He was then released to a sober adult.


On Jan. 20 at approximately 12:52 p.m. Sergeant Jedidiah Pineau and Officer David Boardman were traveling on Post Road when they saw a gray Camry weaving between lanes and driving close to the truck in front of it.

The Officers conducted a stop of both the Camry and the truck. Officer Boardman talked with the operator of the truck, who showed no signs of impairment and said that the other vehicle was following him home from McKinley’s Bar.

Sergeant Pineau talked with the operator of the Camry, identified as Erica Lynch, 25, of 75 Temi Road in Bellingham, Mass. He observed Lynch to have bloodshot eyes. She said that she was following the truck in front of her home and there was no reason why she was traveling so close to it. She was also slurring her words and had the odor of alcohol on her breath.

Lynch told the Sergeant that she had been to a few bars that night. Sergeant Pineau then conducted field sobriety tests on Lynch, which all indicated impairment. She was then placed under arrest and transported back to police headquarters.

While the police were conducting a search of her car, they found a small amount of marijuana in it. She was later charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce.

She also refused to submit to a chemical test.

Lynch was charged with DUI/Drugs/Alcohol (1st Offense) – B.A.C. Unknown, Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test (1st Offense), Refusal to Submit to a Preliminary Breath Test (1st Offense), Intervals Between Vehicle, Following Too Close, Laned Roadway, and Possession of Marijuana, 1 oz. or Less, 18 or Older.

Lynch was given summons for Third District Court and Traffic Tribunal Court, both for Feb. 20, and was released from Headquarters.


On Jan. 19 at approximately 2:10 p.m. Officer Russell Brown was dispatched to the Walmart on Bald Hill Road for a report of a male who had concealed items from the electronics department and had fled the store building without paying.

Upon arrival, Officer Brown found that Sergeant Charles Boisseau had already stopped the suspect vehicle on East Avenue. He then spoke with Walmart’s Asset Protection associate, who told him that the male had taken a pair of headphones, valued at $24.83, and a pair of pants. He paid for the pants at the self-checkout area, but did not pay for the headphones, which he had concealed. The associate stopped the suspect outside the store, but he fled on foot into the parking lot, at which point the police were called.

Officer Brown took the associate to where the suspect’s vehicle was stopped and he positively identified the male as the suspect who had shoplifted.

The suspect was identified as Oludayo Akinboboye, 26, of 519 Atwells Avenue in Providence.

The stolen merchandise, which was unopened, was recovered back to the Walmart.

Akinboboye was then taken back to police headquarters. He was released on a Third District Court summons for one count of Shoplifting-Misdemeanor and was given a No Trespass at that Walmart.


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