Police Log



On Aug. 29 at approximately 9:45 p.m. Officer Ben Bratko saw a two-car accident happen near 2334 West Shore Rd.

The officer spoke with one of the drivers, Bradley LaBonte, 35, of 247 Pontiac Ave. Apt. #B113 in Cranston. He observed LaBonte to be unsteady on his feet, have bloodshot eyes, and slurring his speech. There was also a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath.

LaBonte said he had had two drinks that night at Buffalo Wild Wings and was driving home.  LaBonte first said he didn’t have any injuries from the accident he was in, then said he had hurt his back a while ago.

Nevertheless, he agreed to a series of field sobriety tests, but then LaBonte became aggressive towards the officer and refused to do any of the tests. He swore at the officer and asked if they could just let him go home. LaBonte did do the one leg stand test, during which four out of four clues indicating impairment were observed by the officer.

LaBonte was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol and put into the officer’s cruiser. In the car, Labonte told the officer he would “get him” the next day and once he got out he was going to “kick his ass.”

LaBonte was brought to police headquarters, and during the ride he continued stating numerous threats and said when he got out of jail he would kill the officer.

While at the police station, LaBonte made verbal threats towards Sergeant Alan Velliere, who was assisting, and at one point leapt out of his chair and told the sergeant he was going to beat him.

Labonte continued threatening the officers and leaping out of his chair, until the officers finally brought him to the ground and took him to a holding cell.

LaBonte was charged with DUI/Drugs/Alcohol 1st Offense – B.A.C. Unknown, Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test, and Driving on Suspended License 1st Offense. It was his second violation for refusal to submit.

He was given court summons and transported by police to Kent County Hospital for detox.


On Aug. 29 at approximately 7:33 p.m. Officer Matthew Caradimos pulled over a vehicle in the area of Shawomet Ave. because the car didn’t have its headlights on and had a loud exhaust.

While walking to the vehicle, it appeared the driver leaned toward the center of the vehicle then sat straight up when the officer got up to the window.

The driver was identified as Sebastian Terrazas Ortiz, 20, of 78 Old Oak Ave. Apt. #1 in Cranston. The officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and Ortiz said there wasn’t any in the car, but the two passengers with him had recently smoked in the vehicle. None of them said they had a marijuana card, though Ortiz said he had one but it had expired a few months earlier.

After calling for backup, the officer searched Ortiz and the vehicle. Ortiz first said he did not have any weapons on him, but the officer found a knife on his waistband, which he removed. Ortiz asked why the officer was “harassing” him. He said he and his friends were going to the beach from their homes in Cranston.

The officer placed Ortiz in handcuffs and searched the other two passengers. Ortiz was uncooperative with the assisting officer and was placed in the back of a police cruiser.

The officers searched his car. They found a black metal Airsoft gun that looked and weighed like a real gun in the glove box. They also found a clear plastic bag containing what was believed to be marijuana, and another clear plastic bag containing what was believed to be cocaine.

Ortiz said that the drugs were not his and the gun was fake, and didn’t give a reason for why he had it. The two other passengers were released from the scene with Ortiz’s car and Ortiz was taken to police headquarters.

The two bags tested positive for 1.7 grams of cocaine/fentanyl, which was $100 worth, and 1.9 grams of marijuana, which was $10 worth.

All of the drugs and the two weapons were placed in evidence.

Ortiz was charged with Possession of Schedule I, II, III, IV, V, which is a felony, as well as Possession of Marijuana, 1 Ounce or less.


On Aug. 25 at approximately 3:54 p.m. Officer Christian Vargas responded to the Macy’s at Warwick Mall for the repot of a female in custody for shoplifting.

The suspect was identified as Sugeily Santiago, 29, of 33 Chambers St. in Providence.

The staff at Macy’s said they had detained Santiago outside the store for shoplifting and had also recovered merchandise she stole from four other stores in the mall: Target, Charlotte Rouse, H&M and Pink. Those items did not have any receipts with them and had been concealed in two large diaper bags.

The loss prevention associate said that Santiago had taken a variety of clothing items from the store that were valued at $196.

She said that Santiago had tried fleeing from the scene after she was stopped outside the store and was eventually apprehended by mall security, who returned her to the store.

Santiago was taken to police headquarters, where she was charged with Shoplifting. Because of a previous shoplifting charge, she was charged with a Felony count of Shoplifting and held for the bail commissioner.


On Aug. 29 at approximately 2:20 p.m. Officer Nicholas DiNardo responded to the Walmart at Rhode Island Mall for the report of two female shoplifters in custody.

The loss prevention employee said that two subjects, Heather Bertrand, 26, of 583 Providence St. in Warwick, and Tiphphanyanne Darling, 36, of 10 Hill Farm Rd. in Coventry, had tried taking a variety of items from the auto dept. and clothing depts.

They were apprehended outside the store and brought back in without incident.

Bertrand had shoplifted $74.65 worth of items and Darling had shoplifted $99.50 worth of items.

Both subjects were charged with Shoplifting – Misdemeanor and released with court summons.


On Aug. 24 at approximately 4:59 p.m. Officer Thomas Duncan responded to the Macy’s at Warwick Mall for a shoplifting complaint.

The asset protection employee said that a she had detained an employee of Macy’s for shoplifting. That employee was identified as Hope Fernandez, 19, of 56 Armington Ave. Apt. #1 in Providence.

The asset protection employee said that Fernandez had scanned only part of the items that the same customer came into the store to buy in two straight days. The first time, she had allowed $381.71 worth of clothing items to be taken without being paid for and the second time it was $404.66 worth of clothing tiems.

The officer wrote up a warrant for Fernandez and let her go since the crimes were not committed that day. Fernandez later reported to police headquarters, where she was charged with two counts of Shoplifting – Misdemeanor and given a No Trespass from the Macy’s at Warwick Mall. She was released with court summons.


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