Police Log - 11/13/18



On November 2 at approximately 7:33 p.m., Officer Derek Mourato along with several members of the police department were dispatched to Bald Hill Road in front of Taco Bell for a two car motor vehicle accident with multiple injuries.

At the scene the officer was immediately met by several witnesses who stated that they observed a Chevrolet Volt traveling south on Bald Hill Road at approximately 60 to 75 miles per hour in the breakdown lane and swerving in and out of lanes. They stated that the Volt then rear-ended another vehicle causing that car to spin out.

Officer Mourato met with the operator of the Volt, identified as Alexander Fandetti, 34, of 49 Park Avenue in Wakefield. Fandetti reportedly was sitting on the side of his vehicle holding onto his chest and stated he had chest pains and needed to be seen by rescue. Rescue then placed him on a stretcher and brought him to the ambulance.

Fandetti stated that he could not remember what happened and that he had a seizure. He then reportedly told the officer that he was an Uber driver transporting two people. Officer Mourato reported that Fandetti did not seem to be impaired. He was later transported to Kent Hospital.

The officer then spoke with Fandetti’s passengers, who said that they were in the back seat of the vehicle. They stated that when they fastened their seat belts, Fandetti allegedly stated “I love that sound,” referring to the seat belts clicking. He then is said to have accelerated at a high rate of speed, and the passengers told him to slow down and that he was driving like a maniac.

The passengers reported that Fandetti was traveling at least 60 miles per hour, was driving in the breakdown lane, and swerving in and out of traffic recklessly. The woman passenger said that she tapped Fandetti on the shoulder and begged him to slow down as she was afraid for her life. After the crash, the passengers said that Fandetti turned and looked at them and smiled, asking if they were okay. The passengers were then transported to Rhode Island Hospital for injuries. The occupants from the other vehicle involved in the crash were also transported to area hospitals.

At Kent Hospital, Fandetti was placed under arrest based on the multiple injuries caused by his unsafe operation of the vehicle. He then pleaded his Fifth Amendment right and would not speak with police without a lawyer present. He was charged with reckless driving, speeding, use of breakdown lane for travel, and intervals between vehicles. He was later released to Kent Hospital staff.


While on patrol in the area of Post Road and Warwick Avenue on October 15 at approximately 1:35 a.m., Officer Jonathan Byrne observed a white Toyota stopped at a green light with a driver that appeared to be looking down and manipulating a cell phone. The officer then attempted to conduct a check condition of the driver.

The vehicle then turn right headed northbound onto Warwick Avenue, traveling in the right hand lane before abruptly moving to the left lane without signaling. Officer Byrne then reportedly observed the vehicle cross the dotted lines with its passenger side tires fully over the lines two separate times. Officer Byrne then attempted to conduct a traffic stop in the area of 320 Warwick Avenue near Shaw’s supermarket. However the vehicle continued traveling into Cranston past the Warwick Avenue and Park Avenue intersection.

The Toyota then turned right onto Park Avenue, and the officer notified dispatch that he had a possible intoxicated operator traveling on Park that was failing to stop.

The vehicle eventually turned right onto Broad Street, continued onto Doylston Drive to Alhambra Circle before finally circling back to Broad Street and Warwick. The driver then continued down multiple streets, failing to stop at signs and intersections.

Eventually, the operator turned onto Elmwood Avenue and almost lost control of the vehicle. Other officers joined in on the pursuit, however soon thereafter the chase was discontinued for safety reasons, as the car was observed traveling at approximately 70 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone.

Officer Byrne was later notified that multiple agencies throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts had pursued the vehicle after Warwick Police called off their pursuit. The car was eventually stopped in Swansea, MA, and the driver, identified as Irina Bublik, 30, of 11 Davis Street Apt. 2 in Warren, was arrested. Bublik was charges with operating under the influence, second offense in Massachusetts, assault with a deadly weapon on an officer, and multiple other violations.

An affidavit warrant was requested by the WPD for speeding, laned roadway violations, obedience to a stop sign, turn signal required, and multiple other offenses.


On Oct. 25 at approximately 7:39 p.m. Officer Steven Moretti responded to the Ulta Beauty store on Bald Hill Road for a shoplifting complaint.

The store manager said that a female, who looked to be in her 20s, had come into the store earlier that night and stolen $1,040 worth of product from the store before fleeing in a car.

The manager said the female suspect came into the store and take 3 Chance fragrances valued at $80, five Chance fragrances valued at $102, and two Chance fragrances valued at $130.

She said that the female put all the items in a bag then ran out of the door and got into an older model black sedan with not license place, which was being driven by someone else, and drove away.

The manager said the store wished to press charges and would be providing a copy of video surveillance footage from the incident. That video footage was placed into evidence.


On Oct. 31 at approximately 1:20 p.m. Officer Michael Bailey was on patrol on Post Road when he pulled over a car for speeding. The driver was identified as Ryan Noel, 31, of 58 Marshall Circle in Coventry, and was found to have two warrants out on him, one bench warrant from Third District Court and one affidavit warrant from North Providence Police.

Noel was placed into custody and taken to Warwick police headquarters, where was also charged with Driving on Suspended License – 3rd Offense. Noel was picked up by North Providence Police for the warrant.


Officer David Thompson was dispatched to Dickerson Brothers Marina on Arnold’s Neck Drive on November 15 at approximately 11:10 a.m. for a larceny complaint.

At the scene he met with a boat owner, who stated that he last used his boat on October 7. Approximately two weeks later he called the marina and asked them to take the boat out of the water, which they did. When the victim went to the marina to winterize the boat, he found that the motor had been taken. The Yamaha motor was valued at approximately $3,000.

Marina staff reported to the scene and it was determined that the boat had been taken out of the water approximately 10 days earlier and that the motor was attached to the boat at the time. As of the report there were no suspects or witnesses.


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Maybe it’s time for surveillance cameras.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Or armed guards who will shoot to kill.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018