Police Log - 01/10/19



On Jan. 3 around 1:43 p.m. while entering I-95 South from Centreville Road, Officer Aaron Steere observed a 2018 black Honda nearly causing several accidents as it was traveling at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic. Officer Steere followed the vehicle on to Route 4 south, where he stopped it around Exit 9. Contact was then made with the driver, who was identified as Erica Young, 35, of 346 Yawgoo Valley Road in Exeter, and after Steere identified that she had a suspended license and was wanted on a Superior Court bench warrant, took her into custody.

There were three passengers in the vehicle. Drug paraphernalia was located on one. Consent was gained to search the vehicle, and numerous pieces of drug paraphernalia were found relating to the use of crack cocaine inside a backpack. Marijuana was also found inside a mason jar. Young was charged with driving on a suspended license and issued a Bench Warrant from the third district Superior Court. She was transported to Warwick Police Department headquarters where she was processed and held for determination of bail. A court date has been set for Jan. 31.


During his patrol on Jan. 5, at approximately 10:20 p.m., Sergeant Jed Pineau observed a 2001 black Honda traveling south on the Post Road connector that was weaving back and forth across lanes. As the vehicle reached Apponaug, Pineau stopped the vehicle after it went through the rotary and reached Post Road.

The driver explained that his steering needed alignment, but Pineau noticed the smell of marijuana. After turning on his flashlight, Pineau also noticed marijuana on the lap of the female in the passenger seat, who was identified as Caroline Bennett, 23, of 19 Highland Street, Cranston.

Pineau asked Bennett is there was any more marijuana in her possession. After she said yes, he called for backup from a female officer.

While Bennett was obtaining her ID from her pocketbook, Pineau noticed an additional medication bottle that appeared to contain marijuana. After checking her purse, Pineau found two pills that were classified as a schedule IV drug.

Bennett was charged with possession of Marijuana and possession of schedule I, II, III, IV and V drugs and was taken into custody, transported to Warwick Police Headquarters and processed. Bennett then had her mother come and drop off bail money. After going in front of the bail commissioner, she was given court dates and released.


On Jan. 2 at approximately 12:42 a.m., Officer Ryan Shibley identified a 2019 red GMC Terrain that appeared to have an operator who was under the influence. Shibley noticed the vehicle take a very slow left turn out of the Cumberland Farms at 3335 Post Road and fail to use a turn signal when turning onto Post road. He stopped the vehicle outside of 3220 Post Road. Officer Christopher Gallant assisted Shibley as the reporting officer, and stated that he had observed the vehicle drive over a curb at the Dunkin Donuts in Apponaug and drive over a brick rotary at the Cumberland Farms. Gallant also reported seeing the vehicle operator struggle to open his damaged door and stumble into the store.

Contact was made with the vehicle’s operator, who was identified as Nicholas Berube, 37, of 3524 West Shore Road Apartment 104, Warwick. Berube was asked to put his car in park and turn the ignition off. Shibley then asked for the keys, and noticed that he had bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech, and his breath smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage.

Berube stated he was coming from All Stars, where he had two margaritas and that the last time he drank an alcoholic beverage was about an hour before he was pulled over.

Shibley administered three sobriety tests. After failing all three, Berube was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He was transported to the Warwick Police Department headquarters. His car was towed.

At the department headquarters, he refused to take a Breathalyzer test. As a result, he was jailed.

Berube was given a citation and district court summons for Jan. 11, and also charged with refusal to submit to a chemical test.


On Jan 3. around 6:26 a.m., Officer Ryan Shibley observed a white 2016 Fords Transit van fail to use its turn signal twice while switching lanes on East Avenue.

The vehicle had commercial registration from Massachusetts, and after running the registration through the database; Shibley noticed that there was a bench warrant for the owner.

After approaching the vehicle, the operator was identified as Joseph Godek, 62, of 702 State Road, Westport, Mass. He was the owner and individual who had received a bench warrant. Shibley radioed for confirmation, and they responded saying the warrant was active.

Shibley then asked Godek step out of the vehicle and transported him to Warwick Police headquarters.


While on patrol on Jan. 4, Officer Russell Brown was dispatched to 1800 Post Road around 12:38 p.m. After arriving, Amber Ruscher informed Brown that a male who was operating a moped struck her parked car. Ruscher explained to Brown that the man was nervous and asked her to refrain from calling the police, and then entered H&R Block. Brown then located the male subject, and identified him as Arthur Bruckshaw, 55, of 30 Fallon Street, Providence.

After checking Bruckshaw’s identity, Brown noticed that he had an active Superior Court bench warrant. Traffic Officer Larson arrived on-the-scene, and handled the incident. Bruckshaw was transported to Warwick Police Headquarters where his belongings were searched and he was secured into a jail cell. Bruckshaw was then transported to Superior Court in Providence.


On Jan. 4 at approximately 2:31 p.m., Officer Gavin McVeigh was sent to Monk Road on a report of a larceny from a motor vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle emerged from his residence, and said that he returned home the previous night at 9 p.m. When he awoke in the morning, the doors to his vehicle were unlocked. After entering the vehicle, he noticed that the glove compartment and items were spread all throughout the interior. Several valuable items were missing, including a social security card, license, insurance card, cash and credit cards. He also noticed that his girlfriend’s Michael Kors purse, credit cards, debit cards and cash were missing.

Warwick Police canvassed the area in search of security cameras, but were unable to identify any. The subject completed a written statement.


During his shift at the Warwick Police Department on Jan. 4, Officer Maxwell Neiley responded to someone in the front lobby at 5:06 p.m. who had recently experienced vehicle larceny.

The subject reported that an officer from the Warwick Police Department had come earlier in the day to return her handbag. The handbag had been left in her 2012 Volkswagen Jetta overnight, and after it was returned, there were Amazon wireless headphones missing. Additionally, there was a white cardboard box that held a dress from “Free People” inside of it that was missing from her car. The vehicle’s owner stated it was possible she lad left her vehicle unlocked over night between 7:30 p.m. and 8 a.m. At this time there are no known suspects or security footage. SHOPLIFTING

At approximately 5:20 p.m. on Jan. 5, Officers Ali Jaafar, Thomas Greene and Evan Johnson were dispatched to the Shaw’s Supermarket at 320 Warwick Ave. on the basis of shoplifting. The three officers were advised that the subject was approached by an employee, dropped the concealed items, ran out to the parking lot and entered a 2006 gray Acura TL.

As the three officers arrived they were informed the vehicle turned Northbound on Warwick Avenue heading towards Cranston. The vehicle was stopped across city lines, and Cranston police were called. The backseat passenger matched the description of the subject, who was identified as Matthew Neves, 28, of 55 Wanisett Street, East Providence. The suspect immediately became defensive, and was asked to exit the vehicle. Neves was then handcuffed and placed in the rear of Jaafar’s vehicle.

After running a background check on Neves, the officers noticed that he had a warrant for shoplifting that was filed by the Barrington Police.

Neves was transported to Warwick Police Headquarters and was processed. After investigation, Neves was charged with Shoplifting – Felony, Habitual Offender Shoplifting, and was taken in on the Barrington Police Department’s warrant.


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