Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

A Providence woman was charged with embezzlement at the Sears store in the Rhode Island Mall on Nov. 9 after loss prevention personnel told police they had been watching the woman prior to that time and saw her take jewelry from the counter and conceal it in her front sweater pocket while she was working. Officer William Castaldi reported they recovered 13 necklaces from the woman that were worth a total of $14,219.87. Cortney L. Harris-Hugely, 19, of 159 Bridgham St. in Providence was charged with felony embezzlement and later released on $5,000 personal recognizance.

On Nov. 6, a clerk from the Claire’s department store in the Warwick Mall told police she watched a woman walk around the store selecting various items and went over to offer her a basket but the woman put the basket back and disappeared to the rear of the store with some items in her hand and came back with fewer items in her hand before she was seen putting the empty display cards from the jewelry department into a purse on the counter and walked out of the store. The clerk said the woman began to run when she approached her but she was stopped and held for police. Michelle Danielle Choquette, 24, of 46 Reed St. in Warwick was charged with shoplifting four pieces of jewelry worth $57.25. Officer mark Jandreau reported he discovered a warrant for failure to appear in District Court on another charge. Choquette was charged with shoplifting and then turned over to the ACI.
Office William Castaldi reported he was dispatched to the Walmart store on Bald Hill Road on Nov. 7 for a woman being held there by loss prevention agents who told him they saw the woman acting nervously and suspiciously in the electronics department as she selected an MP3 player and a pair of earphones from stock and conceal them in her pocketbook. They said she then went to the jewelry department and took two pairs of earrings and concealed them in her jacket pocket, then took a hat and a jacket and removed the tags before going to the checkout where she paid for some items but not the ones she concealed. Castaldi said she was stopped outside and escorted to the loss prevention office where $68.96 worth of goods was recovered. Lisa S. Simas, 41, of 4 Fisher Ave. in Warwick, was taken to headquarters, charged and then released with a summons for District Court.
Officer John Choquette reported arresting a Cranston woman at the Walmart on Bald Hill Road on Nov. 5 after loss prevention told him they saw her conceal a number of cosmetic items in her pocketbook and then walk out of the store without paying for the concealed items. Loss prevention told Choquette they recovered $65.52 worth of beauty items from the woman. Alexis N. Pagliarini, 18, of 175 Burdick Dr. was processed at headquarters and then released with a summons for District Court.

Officer Matthew Moretti reported two larcenies from cars parked at the Legal Seafood restaurant on Post Road on Nov. 8. An Oregon man told Moretti he parked his rental car in the lot and came back later to find the rear window broken and a Dell laptop worth $800 missing from the car. He said an external hard drive was with the computer in a briefcase and the briefcase was missing. He said several frequent flyer cards were missing as well. A second man from Barrington told Moretti he was in the restaurant at the same time and returned to his car to find a briefcase was missing. He said nothing of value to the thief was located inside the case, just some assorted paperwork. There were no witnesses or suspects.
Officer William Castaldi went to the Warwick Mall on Nov. 9 for a report of a larceny from a truck there. A Warwick man told Castaldi he parked his work truck and went to work in the Mall around 6 a.m. and came back to the truck around 9 a.m. and noticed his backpack was missing from the truck. He said the backpack contained his house keys, truck keys, driver’s license, trade licenses, medical cards and his Social Security card. He said he left the truck unlocked. No witnesses.
Officer Nicholas DiNardo reported a larceny from behind the Fantastic Sam’s salon in Meadowbrook on Nov. 9. A stylist at the salon said she left her car locked but neglected to close the sunroof. She said she returned to her car around 8:20 p.m. and realized her purse was missing. She said it contained $40 in cash, an Armani wallet worth $200, a Droid cell phone worth $600 and several bank and credit cards. DiNardo said he was taking her statement when her purse was found in a nearby dumpster but the contents were still missing. No witnesses.

A resident of 212 Sandy Lane told Officer Mark Jandreau he returned to his car in the parking lot around 6 a.m. on Nov. 3 and saw that someone had carved a bull’s-eye target in both the front doors of his 2004 Subaru. No suspects or witnesses.
Officer Eric Lima reported a kitchen window broken at a condominium at 200 Post Rd. on Nov. 3. The owner of the condo told Lima she was walking to her car around 8:30 a.m. when she looked up and saw that her kitchen window was broken. She said she was not sure when she last saw the window intact. No suspects.
Officer Tomas Bogusz reported that two work trailers were broken into at 3661 West Shore Rd. on Nov. 4 but nothing was apparently taken from them. He said the locks on both trailers were damaged but nothing was missing. No witnesses.
Officer Mark Jandreau took a report of vandalism to three work vans belonging to AAA Restaurant Fire Control at 115 Chestnut St. The manager told Bogusz all three vans had their rear passenger side windows smashed but so far nothing appeared to be missing. He told Bogusz most of the equipment is not left in the vans at night and is usually stored in the garage. No suspects.

Officer Robert hart reported he stopped a car with excessively tinted windows and the wrong license plates on West Shore Road around 1:35 a.m. on Nov. 3. He said he told the driver he was going to search the car for drugs because of the odor of burnt marijuana inside and the driver’s admission that they had been smoking pot earlier. He said the driver did have a recent bill of sale to explain why the plates did not match the Ford Taurus they were on but his explanation about where the three baggies of suspected cocaine came from did not convince police.
“I asked him if the cocaine belonged to him and he said, “No, it must have been in the car when I bought it.”
Jorge A. Cardenas, 20, of 197 Carpenter St. in Providence was charged with possession of cocaine and held for arraignment.


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