Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

Officer Nicholas DiNardo reported he stopped a car on Warwick Avenue around 10:25 p.m. on March 6 because the window tinting was illegally dark. He said he pulled the car over and noticed an odor of burnt marijuana in the car. He said he asked the driver about the smell and the driver explained that he had smoked marijuana in the car earlier. DiNardo said the driver consented to a search of the car and he found no more marijuana but a second officer searched the back seat and found a small baggie that contained a white substance that the passenger told him was his and that it was crack cocaine. The passenger, identified as Christian M. Domenech, 19, of 284 Grove St. in Providence, was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. He said he also learned that the driver, identified as Jesus E. Matos, 19, of 63 Alverson Ave. in Providence, had an active bench warrant out of District Court for failure to appear. Matos was charged with unlawful installation of sunscreen material and then held for the next session of District Court. Domenech was later released on $1,000 surety bail.

Officer John Madden reported he went to Manor Drive on Feb. 29 for a report of tools stolen from a work van that was parked there overnight. The owner told him he parked the van in his driveway around 8 p.m. the night before and noticed that the tools were gone when he returned to the van around 1 p.m. that day to get some tools. He told Madden he didn’t have a detailed list of the missing tools yet but did estimate that they were worth between $3,000 and $4,000. He explained to Madden that he was a retired carpenter and that all his work tools were in the van. He later provided Madden with the list of tools and Madden had the list scanned and entered into the file for stolen property.

Officer Paul Wells reported a smashed driver’s side window and a missing purse from a car left in the lot at Healthtrax Wellness & Fitness on Post Road on March 6. He said the owner told him she left her purse under a swimming belt in the locked car while she was inside the gym. She came back to find the broken window and the swimming belt moved to the back seat and her purse was gone. She said her Vera Bradley purse contained her Verizon Droid cell phone and $200 in cash. She said her $600 Fendi sunglasses were also in the purse. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Christian Vargas reported he was on patrol around 6:40 p.m. on March 6 when he saw a car swerve erratically on Airport Road. He said he followed the car and watched it regain its control and maintain a straight path but followed it into Airport Plaza with the intention of checking the sobriety of the driver. He said the driver leaned toward the glove box to get his papers and he saw a plastic bag in the pocket of the man’s jacket. He said the baggie was in plain sight and he picked it out of his pocket and recognized it as marijuana. He said the driver told him it was for medical reasons but did not have a medical marijuana ID card. He said he ran a check on the driver’s record and found numerous prior arrests for drug possession and possession with intent to sell and dozens of priors for driving on a suspended license and several charges of breaking and entering. He said he also learned he was currently out on bail for selling drugs to a paid informant for the Rhode Island State Police. He said he also found four car jacks and a small set of basic tools in the trunk of the car and $492 in cash on his person. Keith J. Reynolds, 43, of 1015 Warwick Ave. was arrested and held for the next session of District Court in the morning.

Officer Hovsep Sarkisian reported he was dispatched to Bo’s Billiards around 1:10 a.m. on March 6 for a report of a disturbance and malicious damage complaint. He said he learned from dispatch that the car had left the scene heading toward Cranston on Route 5 and then learned that Cranston Police had already stopped the car for driving erratically before the “be on the lookout” was broadcast. Sarkisian said he went to Cranston and then transported the suspect back to Warwick where the driver, identified as John J. Rouleau, 20, of 33 Ringgold St. in Providence, was charged with punching out the window of a West Warwick man’s car. Sarkisian said he transported the suspect to Kent Hospital where he refused medical attention for a laceration on his finger, in spite of the advice of the staff to have it stitched. Rondeau was held for the next session of District Court.

A Providence man was arrested and charged with shoplifting on March 5 after security at Macy’s in the Warwick Mall told police they saw him steal a $165 pair of Timberland boots. Officer Gary Driscoll reported that the man turned himself in but denied the theft and denied knowing the other person accused of being involved in the incident. Driscoll said he asked the man if he had an ID on him and he said he lost his card a few months ago and that he believed someone was using his identification. Driscoll said he advised him to give him a written statement about his belief that someone was impersonating him but gave him a summons for shoplifting anyway and said they would continue to investigate in the meantime. Tevin Walkie, 19, of 42 Edgemere Ave. was released with the summons.
Officer Hovsep Sarkisian reported going to Kohl’s in the Rhode Island Mall on March 1 for a report of a shoplifting in progress involving three suspects. He said police already stopped two people in a vehicle and a third suspect was being detained by store security. He said Jennifer Bell, 38, of 19 Hamlet Ave. in Woonsocket, was in possession of three stolen dresses from Kohl’s worth $159 when she was stopped in the parking lot. Officer David Thompson said the second woman in the car was dressed as a male but was identified as Megan Lynn Haberek, 29, of 3 Lister St. in Warwick and was charged with shoplifting. The third suspect, who was identified as William Jordan, 30, of 123 Pinehurst Ave. in Warwick, was charged with leaving the store wearing $460 worth of clothing he put on in the store and attempted to walk out without paying for the goods. Bell was released with a summons. Haberek and Jordan were arraigned before the Bail Commissioner. Haberek was released on $1,000 personal recognizance. Jordan was transported to the ACI when he could not pay the $3,000 surety bail.

Laurence Gagnon, 71, of 979 Tollgate Rd. in Warwick
was indicted by the Statewide Grand Jury last week. It charged Gagnon with 14 counts of second-degree child molestation. It alleges that, between Sept. 1 in 2010 and June 30 of 2011, Gagnon molested three children under the age of 14.
The West Warwick Police conducted the investigation. Gagnon will be arraigned in Kent County Superior Court on March 23. Since his arrest on Sept. 10 of last year, Gagnon has been out on $30,000 surety bail and has been ordered to have no contact with the victims or any children under 16 years of age.


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