Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

Officer Daniel DiMaio reported he was on patrol around 12:30 a.m. when he heard a call about a group of people going through the parking lot at Fairfax Village on Post Road slashing tires. He spoke with a woman there who said she had just arrived home when she saw two men and two women walking through the lot cutting tires and called the police. He said he and Sgt. Michael Lima started looking for the suspects and were informed that they were running down Park View Avenue. He said they quickly apprehended the quartet and three of them fingered Brandon M. McGarrahan, 18, of 126 Toll Gate Rd. as the party who was slashing the tires. Sgt. Lima said he saw McGarrahan throw a knife as they were approaching the group. DiMaio said he found a switchblade knife about 10 feet from where they were standing. He said they also found that McGarrahan was carrying a water bottle that seemed to contain alcohol. He was charged with malicious injury to property and carrying an illegal weapon other than a firearm and later released. The three other parties were not charged and were released at the scene.

A Warwick woman reported a larceny from her SUV at the Dunkin Donuts at Hoxsie Four Corners around 10:35 a.m. on March 11. She told Officer James Wenneman she came out of the stop and saw that a canvas tote bag that had been on her front seat was missing. She said she was looking around the lot when two older men came out of the shop and told her they saw a man go inside her vehicle and take the bag and then drive off in a red Ford with a plastic sheet covering the rear window. Wenneman said he put out a bulletin on the car and noticed that it sounded like another call that was made about the same car the day before and police were dispatched to the address of the man it was registered to on Park Avenue. The suspect’s mother told police he was not at home and she did not know where he was. Wenneman said he went back to the Dunkin Donuts to follow up on possible surveillance of the incident and was heading back toward Park Avenue when he tried to call the victim’s cell phone, which she reported was in the tote bag when it was taken and see if anyone answered it. He reported that the victim herself answered and told him of how she spotted the suspect vehicle and chased it while beeping her horn and shouting, “I want my bag! You’ve got nothing of value. Give me my bag!” According to her, she told him she was not going away without her bag and he pulled into a car wash where he asked her to drop the charges against him and tell the police they were looking for the wrong guy and he would show her where he threw her stuff in the dumpster. She told Wenneman she insisted he go into the dumpster to retrieve her stuff and he did. She got the bag, her house key and various documents back but she did not get her cell phone. She said he then told her the rest of her stuff was near the McDonald’s on Post Road, next to the Walmart. She said she followed him there and got the rest of her stuff back and said to him, “I’m sorry you’re a druggie but that’s not my fault. You screwed up my whole morning. Now my clothes are ruined from the oil in the trash bin.” She told Wenneman he then said he was sorry and gave her $3, all the money he had on him to help clean her clothes. She said she then got into her vehicle and was leaving the parking lot at McDonald’s when she got Wenneman’s call. Around 12:30 p.m. Officer Tomas Bogusz saw the suspect’s car on Main Avenue and stopped him near Route 5. Shane Daniel Mills, 40, of 45 Park Ave. in Warwick, was charged with larceny and pleaded nolo contendere. He was sentenced to 9 months to serve and 3 months suspended.

Officer Gary Driscoll reported he and several other officers were dispatched to the Warwick Mall on March 17 for a disturbance. He said he arrived and was told that the shoplifting suspect had been in a struggle with store security and was being held down by security when police arrived. He said the suspect’s pants, T-shirt, sweatshirt, shoes and jacket were removed during the struggle. Driscoll said Warwick Rescue later transported him to Kent Hospital for treatment for a cut on his head and scrapes on his legs while he gathered up the suspect’s clothing in the parking lot.
Officer Andrew Gilmartin reported that he found the suspect on the ground being restrained by Mall security and asked him what was going on. He said the man was in his boxer shorts and his jeans were off his body, being dragged along by the one shoe that was still on his foot. The suspect complained that he had been assaulted but refused to give police any personal information but loss prevention agents from Macy’s said he walked out of the store with two bottles of cologne worth $153 in his jacket and resisted them when they tried to bring him back into the store. One of the agents told Gilmartin he was also in the store on March 13 and made off with another bottle of cologne and got away but they had video of him doing it.
Patrick R. Mcallister, 20, of 33 Greenbriar Rd. in Smithfield, was charged with shoplifting, obstruction and carrying an illegal weapon other than a firearm for having a knife over three inches long. He was later released on $1,000 and told he would be arrested for trespassing if he came back to Macy’s.

A Providence woman was charged with shoplifting on March 10 after security at Macy’s told police she walked out of the store with a $40 wallet and a $26.40 pair of sweatpants without paying for them. Jeanny L. Samayoa, 30, of 16 Rutland St. was later released with a summons.
A North Kingstown man was charged with shoplifting at the JC Penney store in the Warwick Mall on March 7 after security at the store told police he went into a fitting room with six shirts and came out and returned only three of them to the display before walking out of the store. They said he was stopped outside and three shirts were found in his possession. A loss prevention agent from Macy’s also told police the man was in their store minutes before he went to the Penney store. He told police the man took two tops and two pairs of jeans into a fitting room there and came out with only one pair of jeans visible. The Macy’s agent told police he called the Penney store and warned them that the suspect, later identified as Beau B. Bowers, 27, of 21 King Philip Dr. was entering their store. Officer Scott Chanthaphouvong said Bowers told him he was sorry and that he “made a mistake” and explained that he had little money and needed the clothes for a rap show he was to perform in. Bowers was also told to stay out of Macy’s or be arrested for trespassing.
Police were dispatched to the Rite Aid pharmacy at 2055 Warwick Ave. around 7:50 p.m. on March 10 for a shoplifting in progress. Dispatch said a store representative was attempting to detain two females suspected of stealing but one had left on foot and the other drove off in a blue car. Officer Joel Thomas said he was checking the side streets looking for the suspects when he saw one of them near Lee and Brookdale. He said she greeted him with, “Alright, here I am,” and appeared to be out of breath. He said she was placed in the back seat of his cruiser while he investigated the incident. The store employee told police he saw the woman hiding merchandise in a baby stroller that they didn’t pay for and he confronted them outside. He said one of them walked away and the other drove away. Thomas said the woman he stopped told him it was her sister who was with her and police contacted the sister requesting that she take her own vehicle back to the scene. The employee immediately identified her and, because she had a 9-month-old child with her, Stacy L. Goodenough, 36, of 133 Moore St. in Warwick, was released at the scene with a summons for District court. She was also charged with driving on a suspended license. Misty Lee Goodenough, 31, of the same address was taken to headquarters where she was processed and released with a summons for District Court.


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