Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

Officer Maryellen Jessop reported she was dispatched to Macy’s in the Warwick Mall on March 25 for a shoplifting suspect who was being uncooperative with security there. A loss preventive agent at the store told Jessop she watched the suspect take a number of articles into the fitting room where she was heard tearing tags off the items. The agent said he checked the dressing room and found two items that were left there and three tags that had been ripped from others. She told police she stopped the woman outside and she became belligerent and refused to give them any information. Nancy P. LaPorta, 30, of 20 Aquarius Dr. in Warwick was arrested and charged with stealing $115.15 worth of clothes.
A Warwick woman was taken to the ACI on March 25 after security at the Wal-Mart on Post Road told police she stole jewelry and a pair of boots from the store. They told police she switched her old shoes for the boots and put the boots on and walked out of the store with clothing she put on under her own while in the fitting rooms. Stephanie M. Theberge, 21, of 189 Irving Rd. was charged with taking $76.42 worth of merchandise and then transported to the ACI when she could not pay the $5,000 surety bail.
A Providence couple was charged with shoplifting and conspiracy to shoplift on March 23 after security at the Wal-Mart on Post Road told police they were monitoring the pair when they entered the electronics department and the male acted as a lookout while the female removed three cell phones from their packaging and concealed them in her sweatshirt pockets. Warwick police arrived before the couple exited the store and stopped them just outside the doors. Daisy Perez, 32, of 885 Atwells Ave. in Providence was charged with shoplifting and conspiracy and released with a summons. Santos Rosario, 33, of the same address was charged with conspiracy and held on $5,000 surety bail.
A Providence woman was charged with shoplifting at the same Wal-Mart on March 21, after security at the store told police they saw her take 12 items from the shelves and conceal them in her pocketbook before leaving the store without paying for them. Security told police the merchandise was worth $93.98. Sonia Thomas, 62, of 72 Ortoleva Dr. in Providence was later released with a summons.
Another Providence woman was charged with shoplifting on March 23 after security at Kohl’s in the Rhode Island Mall told police she took shirts, sneakers and pants from their stock and was walking out of the store with the items concealed in her purse when she was stopped and taken back inside. Ingrid M. Rosales Rosales, of 111 Vandewater St. in Providence was charged with stealing $158.92 worth of merchandise and later released with a summons.
Russell S. Alessio, 47, of 206 Prairie Ave. in Providence was charged with felony shoplifting at Kohl’s after he was caught fleeing from store security at Kohl’s on March 19. Officer Gilda Fortier and another officer stopped Alessio as he attempted to cross East Avenue around 1:15 p.m. Security at the store said that Alessio had put on boots, pants, socks and underwear that belonged to the store before he attempted to leave without paying for them. Police said they recovered the boots, three pairs of socks, he had on a pair of jeans, and two pairs of underwear he had on under his own jeans. Officer Theodore Bulis reported that “his leather coat, a pair of leather gloves, the pair of jeans, his underwear and the one pair of socks” remaining belonged to him. He was also charged with being a probation violator.

Officer Gary Driscoll reported he was investigating a larceny at 1300 Jefferson Blvd. on March 20 when he got a second call about a theft that occurred just across the street from the first. A manager at East Coast Lighting told Driscoll that sometime between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. someone took two batteries from trucks parked in his lot and apparently tried to take a third with no success. He showed him the two trucks that were missing the batteries and then showed him the attempted third truck. He told Driscoll the 31 Series batteries were worth a total of $500 and there were no suspects or witnesses.
Driscoll then went across the street to Netcoh Sales at 1301 Jefferson where a manager reported that four compressor pumps and parts for them had gone missing from under a pallet where they had been concealed. The manager said the missing equipment – three M-Globe-Jennys and one Rolair – were worth a total of $2,400. No suspects or witnesses. Detectives were notified and processed both scenes for evidence.
Officer Tammi Mello took a report of a larceny at Rob’s Transmissions at 460 Warwick Ave. sometime overnight on March 19. The owner told Mello he locked his car in the lot the night before and retuned that morning to find the window smashed and a $379 GPS unit and a $600 BlackBerry cell phone were missing. Mello said there was some smeared blood on the driver’s seat and on the door and she called BCI to process the scene. She said it appeared that the thief tried to pry the door open and damaged the doorframe before smashing the window.
On March 20, Officer Alfred Melucci reported that someone decided to slash the canvas top on a Mitsubishi Eclipse’s convertible top at the Cowesett Hill apartments on Post Road when they failed to break the window with a rock to steal two GPS units worth a total of $185. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Russell Henry reported that he believes there might be a connection between two instances of vandalism on Warwick Avenue recently. He said the manager of Murphy’s Petroleum at 568 Warwick Ave. told him he came to work around 6:30 a.m. on March 20 and found that the glass front door had been smashed. The manager said there was a motion alarm set up inside the building and, although the broken door would have allowed someone to go inside, there was no report of the alarm going off and nothing appeared to be missing or tampered with inside. Henry said there was similar damage to a door at Car Quest, a business just a few businesses down the street around 2 a.m. but the alarm went off and there was no evidence of entry there as well. The manager said it would cost $800 to repair the door and that it was not the first time the door was broken. Henry said he could not determine what was used to break the doors.


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