Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

Officer Nelson Carreiro reported an assault with a dangerous weapon after a road rage incident on Cowesett Road on April 10. He said dispatch said the suspect vehicle had left the scene and it was located and stopped in the plaza at 300 Quaker Lane near Applebee’s restaurant. Carreiro said he spoke with the victim who said he was traveling west on Cowesett when a red Toyota stopped to back into the driveway at 435 Cowesett and was blocking his lane of travel. He said he noticed that the driver was on a cell phone and made “a phone gesture” to him, to tell him to get off the phone as he was passing it. The victim told Carreiro he had to slam on his brakes to avoid the car. The victim then said the car pulled back onto the road and followed him and was tailgating him until they got to the lights, trying to cut him off. He said he had to stop at the lights and the driver of the Toyota got out and reached in the open window of the van and forced the door open and started choking the driver, saying, “I will kill you,” and “Stay out of my neighborhood.” The driver said he then got out of his van and was following the man back to the Toyota when the man pulled out a “blunt object” and took a swing at the driver of the van, which he blocked with his arm, and then got into the Toyota and drove away, into the plaza, where he was stopped by police. Carreiro said the victim and his wife told essentially the same story and an independent witness told police it was the man in the Toyota who initiated the assault. Police said they recovered a blunt wooden object from the car of John J. Richmond, 69, of 435 Cowesett and charged him with felony assault with a dangerous weapon.

A 911 hang-up at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Post Road resulted in a Massachusetts woman being charged for possession of marijuana on April 7. Officer Geoffrey Waldman reported that the woman who hung up was screaming and not making much sense before the call was cut off. He said he and another officer were approaching the room when they met a man outside the room who said his friend was intoxicated and dialed 911 for no reason.
Waldman said he entered the room and found a large bottle of Patron tequila on the floor and clothes thrown about the room. He said there was a woman on the bed covered with a blanket who was visibly upset but incoherent. He said an open drawer on the nightstand contained a baggie with what appeared to be four marijuana cigarettes inside. He said he asked her what they were and she said, “It’s [expletive] marijuana,” and admitted it belonged to her. “It’s mine. That [expletive] is not illegal, I can have up to an ounce, no problem.” Waldman said he advised her that marijuana was illegal in Rhode Island in any amount and she replied, “I’m not in Massachusetts?” He said he seized the baggie and the woman began to scream at the top of her lungs to get out of her hotel room and that they had no right to be there and she had rights and said, “Call the [expletive] State Police, you guys have no right to be here.” He said he then told her to get dressed because she was being arrested and she became uncooperative but eventually was taken to headquarters where she was charged with disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana. Jessica Laroe, 28, of 134 Willard St. in Lowell, Mass., was later released on $1,000 surety bail.

Officer Julio Benros reported he went to Lakewood Avenue for a larceny report on April 14. A woman there told Benros she parked her car in front of her residence the night before and returned to the car around 1:30 p.m. that day and discovered that a number of things had been taken from her car. She said an iPad 2 worth $1,000 and an older iPad worth $600, along with a $1,100 Gateway laptop were missing. There were no suspects or witnesses. The case was forwarded to detectives.
Officer David Waddington took a report of a larceny on Spring Green Road on April 15. A resident there told Waddington she and her father were awakened by their dog barking around 4 a.m. and woke up to turn on all their lights. She said they went outside to see what was happening and saw that the rear wheels of their Volvo were missing. Waddington said the station wagon apparently fell off a jack and the owner told him the jack did not belong to their car. There were no other witnesses or suspects and Waddington took the jack to have BCI go over it for prints.
Officer Joseph DeDonato reported a larceny on Lawn Avenue on April 9. A resident said he was about to go to work when he saw someone had removed the passenger side window from his vehicle and left it on the ground. He said the dashboard navigation system and radio combination had been removed from the vehicle and about $10 in change was missing from his car. He said the radio was worth $1,500. No suspects or witnesses. He said a similar break was reported down the street at the same time.

Officer Robert Canis-Langlais reported the theft of a van from the Quinn Funeral Home on Warwick Avenue on April 10. An employee told him that the 2007 Dodge Caravan was parked at the home about two weeks before and now they believed it had been stolen. He told police they checked around several churches and other places to see if it had been inadvertently left somewhere but now they were convinced it was stolen. He said they checked to see if any of their employees had borrowed the van but, after talking to all of them, they believed it had been stolen. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Gary Driscoll reported he arrested a woman at the Kohl’s store in the Rhode Island Mall on April 10 and learned that she was wanted under both the names she had used in the past. He said Amy Curley was busted for stealing some $36.32 worth of jewelry from Kohl’s that day but there was a warrant out for failure to appear on a suspended license charge in District Court. Amy Curley, alias Amy Grant, was charged with shoplifting and held for arraignment in District Court. Court records show she had five priors under each name.


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