Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

The detention of a fraud subject in the Sears parking lot by loss prevention agents for the store on June 3 prompted a closer look after Warwick police responded to the area for a disturbance in progress around 12:30 p.m. Officer Gary Driscoll said dispatch informed responding officers that two men were holding a third man on the ground and then followed that with a notice that it was two loss prevention agents holding a suspect who was subsequently lead back inside the store and to ratchet down the police response. Driscoll said he made his way to the security office and took custody of the suspect. Loss prevention told Driscoll they watched as the man took tools off the shelf and presented them as returns at the service counter for $57.76 cash. They said the man was heading out the door when they identified themselves as loss prevention and the suspect attempted to flee. Driscoll said he took the suspect to headquarters where he was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses and then held on a warrant for failing to appear on a shoplifting charge out of Smithfield. Driscoll said a commander had some questions about how the suspect was detained at Sears. He said the call was about a disturbance and fight that came in from people other than Sears. Driscoll said the suspect, identified as Austin Arthur McIntyre, 27, of 36 Esmond St. in Smithfield, did have “abrasions and scrapes” on his forearms and told Driscoll he had been tackled from behind and then jumped on by the two loss prevention associates and was not sure that they had the right to do that. Driscoll said one of those loss prevention agents arrived at headquarters with the video surveillance. He said he took the video into evidence and then asked the loss prevention agent for a continuation of his statement outlining exactly how they interacted with the suspect. The agent reiterated that the suspect was confronted and tried to flee and then resisted their attempts to stop him until he was brought to the ground where he continued to resist until they got the handcuffs on him. Driscoll said he took some pictures of the minor scrapes on McIntyre’s fore arms. He said McIntyre did not indicate that he needed medical attention.

A 27-year-old Providence man reportedly told Officer Jedidiah Pineau that he was driving on the wrong side Post Road north because he was “not used to driving.” Pineau said he was on Post Road around 7:10 p.m. on June 1 when the man’s car crossed the double yellow line into the southbound lane and almost hit Pineau’s cruiser. Pineau said he turned around and followed the car onto Elmwood Avenue and pulled the car over near Perry Avenue. Pineau said the driver was trembling and sweaty as he spoke to him and the car smelled of marijuana. He said he asked the driver to step out of the car and asked him if he was carrying drugs and the driver told him there was marijuana in his pocket. Pineau said he retrieved the marijuana and arrested Joseph P. Bergevine, of 37 Mawney St., and charged him with possession of marijuana, first offense, and gave him a ticket for driving on the wrong side of the road.

A West Warwick woman was charged with shoplifting at the Wal-Mart store in the Rhode Island Mall on June 3 after security told police she was seen taking jewelry and concealing it before attempting to leave without paying for it. Officer Mark Jandreau said he was dispatched to the store, where a loss prevention agent told him the woman offered him $25 to just let her go and never come back after they recovered $118.90 worth of jewelry from her. Jandreau said the woman became very abusive toward him and was yelling to the crowd that he was twisting her arm while he led her out of the store merely by holding the handcuffs behind her. He said she continued to be abusive and disruptive for the rest of the time she was in custody. He said Sierra Pestano-Briggs, 34, had two outstanding “hold without bail” warrants out of Superior Court.
Rebecca L. DeSiata, 19, of 1441 Main St. in West Warwick was arrested and charged with shoplifting $105 worth of jewelry from the Kohl’s store in the Rhode Island Mall on June 3. Security told police she separated the security devices from the goods and concealed them in her purse. She was later released with a summons.
Oscar Cardoza, 28, of 67 Wisdom Ave. in Providence, was charged with shoplifting from the Sears store in the Rhode Island Mall on June 2. Security told police they saw him take a number of items into fitting rooms that were unaccounted for when he came out again. Security said they recovered $181 worth of merchandise from him as he tried to leave the store. He was later released with a summons.
Two Pawtucket women were arrested at Macy’s on June 1 after loss prevention told police they took a number of items into fitting rooms together and emerged later with much of the merchandise unaccounted for. A loss prevention officer at the store said she stopped the woman as they tried to leave the store and recovered $331.83 worth of clothing. Monica E. Semedo, 30, of 98 Francis Ave. was later released with a summons.
Sandra L. Mendes, 32, of 273 Weeden St., was charged with shoplifting and then remanded to the ACI as a probation violator.
A Warwick woman was arrested at the Family Dollar store at 2485 Warwick Ave. and charged with stealing razors, DVDs, baskets, razor refills and a duster worth over $155 on June 1. According to Officer Jacob Elderkin, Emily Cordeiro, 32, of 15 Elgin St. told him she just didn’t want to spend her money at the store, even though she had $200 on her at the time. She was later released with a summons.
Peter J. Gallucci, 35, of 3 Westwood Manor in Providence was charged with shoplifting from Sears in the Rhode Island Mall on June 1 after loss prevention agents at the store told police they saw him take two pairs of jeans from stock and present them as a return at a the service desk and was told he could not get cash back without a receipt but said he could exchange them for two other pairs. They said they stopped him outside after he left with the fraudulently obtained jeans. They told police the jeans were worth $69.30. Officer William Castaldi said Gallucci confessed he had a “moment of stupidity” in taking the jeans without paying for them before walking out.


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