Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

Officer Raymond Cox took a report of an attempted breaking and entering at a pizza restaurant on Buttonwoods Avenue on July 12. The owner of the restaurant told Cox he closed his business around 10 p.m. the night before and noticed that the bathroom window was broken when he returned around 10 a.m. The window is small and it is barred and the rear door was secure, but it had obviously been pried and the tumbler was loose but whoever tried did not get inside the store. There were no suspects or witnesses.

A Cranston woman told police she parked her Ford Escape on Shamrock Drive the night before July 12 and returned to find the driver’s door and the hood had been egged and the bumper pulled from the front fender. The woman told police she just wanted the incident to be a matter of record for damages.
An East Providence woman told police she parked her car at the Honey Dew Donuts parking lot on Jefferson Boulevard around 3 p.m. on July 12 and started her shift at the store. She said she came out with the trash around 9:30 p.m. and her vehicle was fine but she noticed that the rear window had been smashed in when she finished her shift at 10:30 p.m. There were no suspects or witnesses.
A Sunny Cove Drive resident told police he woke up on July 10 to find the door to his Kia Soul ajar and the inside ransacked. He said an MP3 player, a set of earphones and three pairs of sunglasses were missing that were worth around $150 total. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Nicholas Reay reported he was dispatched to an accident at the intersection of Warwick and Urban Avenues around 10:40 p.m. on July 6. He said he found a Honda Accord in the middle of the intersection with its rear bumper ripped off and its rear axle snapped. He said the driver was standing on the sidewalk and assured him he wasn’t injured. He told Reay he was heading south on Warwick Ave. when the other car crossed the double yellow line and he had no time to avoid the collision. Reay said he went to speak with the other driver and noticed that the interior of his vehicle was freshly sprayed with cologne, in a way that drivers have been known to do to mask the odor of alcohol. He said he could still smell alcohol coming from the other driver and that the driver admitted he had been drinking earlier and had three or four 24-ounce beers before he headed home. Reay said the driver told him he looked down to change the radio station just before the collision. Reay said the driver had difficultly maintaining his balance and then failed a field sobriety test. He said Richard J. O’Dowd III, of 200 Post Rd. in Warwick, refused a breath test at headquarters and was later released with a summons for DUI and refusal.
Officer John Curley reported he went to Jefferson Boulevard around 11:20 p.m. on July 13 to assist another officer for a car stop there. He said the other officer was running checks on the driver and passenger while he spoke with the driver. He said the driver smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated. He said he asked the driver to take a field sobriety test and the driver failed it. He said Phillip E. Ferrara III, 21, of 19 Wilcox St. in Warwick was taken to headquarters where he refused a breath test. He was charged with DUI and refusal and later released with a summons.
Officer Christian Vargas reported he was on patrol around 2:45 a.m. on July 1 when he saw a car with a faulty taillight slowly swerving in and out of the lanes on 95 North. He said he saw the vehicle attempt to exit onto Route 37 for Warwick before it swerved over to take the Jefferson Boulevard exit and Vargas followed him onto Jefferson Boulevard and stopped him. He said the driver had a can of Red Bull in his hand and smelled of alcohol. Vargas said the driver told him he had driven down from Dedham, Mass., to join some friends in Cranston and had several drinks at the NYLO hotel before Vargas stopped him. Vargas said he gave the driver a field sobriety test and stopped it after the one-leg stand for fear that the driver would fall and injure himself. He said the driver blew a .147 and a .138 blood alcohol content (BAC) on the breath test. Jhon A. Lougn [sic], 29, of 11 Mather St. in Cranston was charged with DUI and later released to a sober adult.
Officer Sean Luttge reported he and another officer pulled a car over on Hardig Road after watching it cross the double yellow lines twice around 7:45 p.m. on June 29. He said the driver had mumbled speech and had to be told to speak up twice. He said the man also smelled of alcohol and appeared to be drunk. He said the man denied he had been drinking but had an open container of “Four Loko” alcoholic energy drink and what appeared to be a bottle of vodka on the floor of the back seat. He said they administered a field sobriety test to the driver and he failed it. The driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and taken to headquarters where he blew a .183 and a .176 BAC on the breath test. Lawrence A. Sanderson, 28, of 4 Barnes St. in West Warwick was charged with DUI and laned roadway violations. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance for a pill they found in his pocket. He was later released on $3,000 personal recognizance.
Officer Rose Michel reported she was on West Natick Road around 12:55 a.m. on July 8 when she saw a Jeep stop in the middle of the intersection at Lambert Lind Highway. She said she then followed the Jeep as it crossed over lanes as it swerved down the road to the intersection of Soule Street where she pulled the Jeep over. She said the driver appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. She said the driver lost his balance getting out of the Jeep and had to grab the vehicle to steady himself. She said he failed a field sobriety test and was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and taken to headquarters where he refused to take a breath test. Brian R. Bowie, 23, of 51 Compton Ave. in West Warwick was charged with DUI and refusal and several laned roadway violations.
Officer Reay reported another DUI arrest on July 10, after he was stopped for an accident involving a Toyota mini-van near Hoxsie Four Corners around 7:30 p.m. He said he found the accident at Airport and Unity Court. He said a VW Passat rear-ended a Sienna and it appeared that the driver of the Passat was under the influence. He said the driver was given a field sobriety test that he failed. Reay said the driver admitted he had “messed up” and drank four 50 ml “nips” of “99 Bananas,” a potently alcoholic drink that was 99 proof. He said Jason A. O’Leary, 33, of 661 Providence St. in West Warwick blew a .211 and a .212 BAC on the breath test. He was charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license.

A Westport, Mass., woman was charged with stealing $328 worth of assorted clothing from the Sears store in the Rhode Island Mall on July 11. A loss prevention agent at the store told Officer William Castaldi he had video of the woman taking items into a fitting room and concealing some of them in a shopping bag that was much larger on the way out of the fitting room than it was when she went in. Christine A. Gorman, 27, of 34 Conserve Ave. was stopped outside and brought back into the store where the goods were recovered. She was held for the next session of District Court.


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