Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

A Budlong Avenue homeowner told police she came home from work around 5:20 p.m. on July 26 and noticed that the fire pit she kept in her backyard was missing. She described it as a black caldron-type with stars and moon shapes cut out of the sides and that it had a vinyl cover. She said she had no serial or model number for the pit and she said it cost $150. No suspects or witnesses.
A Vanderbilt Road resident told police he discovered that his car and his wife’s car had been rummaged through overnight on July 24. He said both vehicles were unlocked and there was no forced entry and the only thing missing was $2 worth of change. No witnesses.
A Payton Avenue woman came into headquarters on July 24 to report that she got into her vehicle that morning and saw that the glove box had been popped open and several items were missing from her SUV. She said the lock on the passenger side door had been popped as well and it looked like they used a tool to open the door because there were new scratches on the rubber around the window. An iPod worth $230, a $180 GPS unit and a $130 adapter and charger were missing. No suspects or witnesses.
Police reported that a number of vehicles that had been parked on Airway Road and Earlham Way were ransacked overnight on July 24. Police reported that cars parked at four separate addresses had been entered. One owner said a $100 pair of sunglasses and about $50 in coins was missing from his vehicle. No suspects or witnesses. A Haverford Road (around the corner) resident reported substantial losses from her vehicle the same night. She said she parked her Jeep Liberty around 8 p.m. the night before and discovered it had been ransacked around 6 a.m. the next day. She reported $3,000 worth of CDs, $1,500 worth of prescription sunglasses; around $100 in cash and diabetic syringes and test strips was missing. She said a couple of the sunglasses would stand out, one of which was a pair of Vera Bradley with paisley pink and yellow colors. Additionally, it appeared that human feces were left on the driver’s side floor. She told police she would press charges if the responsible party were caught.

Two women were charged with shoplifting and conspiracy to shoplift at the Wal-Mart store on Post Road on July 26. Police reported that Jennifer Prior, 31, of 44 North Clarendon St. in Cranston was arrested in the parking lot after a woman she was seen in the store with earlier was stopped after she exited the store without paying for the goods concealed in her purse. Loss prevention agents at the store told police they had video of the two women in the store selecting merchandise and then concealing it in their purses. They said that Prior left her purse in the store with her accomplice before her companion, identified as Breana Caparelli, 18, of 33 King St. in Johnston, was stopped outside the garden shop with the two purses containing $156.20 worth of goods. They were later released with summonses for District Court.
A West Warwick man was charged with shoplifting at Haxton’s Liquors on Bald Hill Road on July 25. An employee of the store told police he watched the man as he walked up and down the vodka aisle and saw him take a bottle of Popov vodka into the beer cooler where cameras showed him stuffing the bottle down his pants before coming back to the counter with an 18-pack of beer. He said the man then told the clerk he left his wallet in his car and left the beer on the counter before walking out of the store without paying for the concealed vodka. He said they asked the man to come back inside and return the vodka and then called police. Robert Savory, 50, of 680 Providence St. was taken to headquarters and charged with shoplifting. He was later released with a summons.
Jessas Rosario of 48 Ledge St. in Providence was also charged with shoplifting at the same Haxton’s the next day, with an assault charge added on. The employee said he followed Rosario out of the store after he saw her put a bottle of vodka in her purse and walk out of the store. He said he asked her to come back inside and she started swinging at him and swearing. He said she then jumped into the back seat and yelled at the driver to drive off. He said he took down the plate number and called police. Officer Jacob Elderkin said he called West Warwick police and they traced the plate to Lafayette Street in West Warwick, where West Warwick police found Rosario. The employee positively identified her as the person who stole the vodka and assaulted him. Rosario was later released with a summons. Elderkin said the driver was at headquarters the next day explaining that he was not aware of what was happening in the store but got nervous and drove off when Rosario and other people in the car said he would be arrested.
A Providence woman was arrested at the Target store in the Warwick Mall for stealing 6 DVDs worth $118.94. A loss prevention agent said he stopped the woman outside after she made a small purchase and did not pay for the DVDs in her purse. Niurka Capellan, 31, of 129 Alverson Ave. was charged with shoplifting and later released with a summons.
A Providence woman was charged with shoplifting at Wal-Mart on July 26. A loss prevention agent at the Bald Hill Road store told police the woman selected $79.42 worth of health and beauty aids, candles, candy and wash cloths before leaving the store without paying for them. Gemelya L. Barros, 38, of 99 Rugby St. was later released with a summons.
Evelyn B. Linares Chacon, 31, of 72 Appleton St. in Providence was charged with stealing $94.34 worth of clothing from Macy’s in the Warwick Mall on July 29. Loss prevention told police she saw her replacing price tags on the clothing and paying $13.16 for goods originally marked for $115.50. She was charged and then held while Immigration and Customs Enforcement checked on her immigration status.
Officer William Castaldi said he was dispatched to the Rhode Island Mall on July 28 for a shoplifting in progress. He said he recognized a loss prevention agent from Kohl’s in the parking lot who told him the suspect fled into the parking lot when she was confronted and was lying down in a car that was pointed out. Castaldi said there was a man behind the wheel who was identified as the owner of the car. The woman lying down was identified as Laura A. Aptt, 34, of 3408 West Shore Rd., who denied taking anything from the store. The loss prevention agent told Castaldi he believed the purse she used to conceal the goods was in the trunk and the owner consented to open the trunk. The loss prevention agent told Castaldi the purse in the trunk was the one that Aptt emptied onto the ground before she ran away. She was charged with felony shoplifting as a habitual offender and held for the next session of District Court.

Officer Sean Luttge took a report of malicious damage to some construction machinery being used along the high voltage electrical lines near Toll Gate High School on July 27. The safety coordinator of the project told Luttge they arrived around 7 a.m. that morning and found that two of their vehicles had been vandalized. A Terex 500 forklift had a cracked windshield and looked as if someone had thrown a rock at it. A second machine had three broken windows; the windshield, the side door and the boom-side window. The coordinator said the damage was estimated at $3,000. There were no witnesses or suspects but police were alerted to conduct frequent checks on the site by the second and third shifts for someone throwing rocks at the machinery.


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