Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

Officer Gary Driscoll took a report of a graffiti tagger who goes by the name of “Bob” who left his mark on a building of the East Avenue Laundromat. Driscoll noticed that this was the second time a building on East Avenue had been “tagged” between Aug. 1 and Aug. 2. The building at 646 East had been hit on the 1st and the Laundromat on the 2nd. They were both done with red spray paint and both appeared to have been done by “Bob” but there was also an illegible red tag on the Laundromat. Driscoll said the RE Max agent who manages the property estimated it would cost $150 to $200 to remove the tags. They had no idea who “Bob” was and there were no witnesses.

A car stereo set, including and XM receiver and a Phillips DVD player worth a total of $1,100 was taken from a car parked on Benedict Road on July 29. Officer Joseph DeDonato said the owner told him he noticed that his vehicle had been rummaged through when he returned from a camping trip on July 29. He said the stereo had been taken at that time but he did not immediately report it because he thought it “was a trivial matter.” But, when he came home on Aug. 1 and saw that the same vehicle, and another of his vehicles, had been rummaged through again, he thought it was time to call police and report it, even though nothing appeared to be taken at that time. No suspects or witnesses.

Two men from Connecticut were arrested and charged with attempting to steal 61 batteries from trucks at the Colonial Ford Truck Center on Jefferson Boulevard on July 27. An employee of a nearby gas station alerted Warwick police to the attempted heist. The employee later told police he was sweeping up out front when he saw two men going back and forth between the truck center and the Motel 6 with tools in their hands and pockets and that one of them actually came into the store and bought a pack of cigarettes, which was when he noticed that both men had tools in their pockets, and then went back to the businesses they had come from and he called police. Several units were dispatched to the area when one of the units called and said that he was out with two men in a car at the Motel 6. While he was watching the suspects, other officers checked out the business and found that a chain-link fence had been cut open at the Truck Center at 7 Jefferson Boulevard and used to access the trucks stored there. When police entered, they found four separate groups of batteries lined up along the fence next to the hole.
In the meantime, Officer Randy Francis said he was interviewing the two men who were stopped under the Route 95 overpass as they attempted to walk away. The driver told Francis he ran out of gas on 95 and parked his car at the Motel 6 parking lot while he and his friend were waiting for their ride to come and get them. He explained that he and his friend had been walking up and down Jefferson Boulevard to kill time while they waited. He said the driver was wearing freshly soiled clothing and the man explained that he tripped and fell and then rolled over onto his back and stood up. Francis said both men had hands that were blackened with oil and dirt. A check on the driver revealed an outstanding warrant for failure to appear and Christopher S. Fitton, 26, of 25 Klondike St. in North Grosvenor, Conn., was arrested and charged with attempted larceny over $1,500, injuring property and conspiracy.
Officer Timothy Kenyon said the other man was frisked at the scene and they found a socket wrench and four sockets in his pockets and he was read his rights and taken to headquarters. Kenyon said Brian Lee Lovely, 30, of 45B Prospect St. in Moosup, Conn., was arrested and taken to headquarters where he readily told police what they where doing before they were stopped. Kenyon said he told them he was asked to come to Rhode Island with Fitton to do some work, which for them was collecting and selling scrap but this time, they parked their car at the Motel 6, got their tools and then jumped the fence at Colonial Truck and began to remove the batteries from the trucks. He said they continued to remove the batteries until they felt they had enough and began to pile them up near the fence and then cut an opening in the fence, which they were going to use to get the batteries out of the yard. Kenyon said they recovered a black leather bag containing wrenches and sockets, thee pairs of wire cutters, two adjustable wrenches, two screwdrivers, vise grip pliers, a Milwaukee Sawzall set and a pry bar. Lovely was also charged with attempted larceny over $1,500, conspiracy and injuring property.

A West Warwick man was charged with stealing a dirt bike from a Warwick family on July 25. Officer Quentin Tavares reported he learned about the situation when he was dispatched to the Rhode Island Mall, where the Rhode Island State Police stopped an SUV suspected of containing the stolen bike. The woman whose son owned the bike told Tavares she was on Cuison Street on July 14 when she saw what she thought was her son’s 50cc dirt bike, but when she confronted the man who had it, he showed her that it was not the same bike but he did tell her he knew who did have their dirt bike. She told Tavares the man suggested that she offer to not press charges if it was returned and he would call the man who had it. She agreed and learned where the bike was being stored and followed the suspect back to Warwick, where she called Warwick and State Police to have the car stopped. Tavares said the state police told him it was identified as the bike entered into the NCIC system. Robert V. Rigollet, 18, of 125 Archambault Ave. was charged with larceny and later released with a summons for District Court.


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