Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

Officer Patrick Smith reported a stolen SUV on Beach Avenue on Sept. 2. Smith said dispatch told him the woman reporting the theft said she saw the SUV backing out of her driveway just before she called and officers going toward the area were keeping an eye out for the missing Explorer. Smith said another officer continued to search for the missing vehicle as he took the report from the owner. She told Smith she was in bed when she saw the SUV backing out of the driveway. She told Smith that the keys had been left on the dashboard and the vehicle was unlocked. The vehicle was entered into RILETS as stolen but a search for the Explorer was unsuccessful.

Officer Joshua Myer reported he was on patrol around 11:30 p.m. on Sept. 3 when several officers were dispatched to the Whalen Square Café, where a man was threatening to “take the place down.” He said he arrived to find a woman crying who had told officers the drunken man said he had a gun. Another officer was pointing his gun at the man commanding him to show his hands and tell him where the gun was. Myer said the man told them he didn’t have a gun but they took him to the ground anyway and placed him in handcuffs.
Patrons and staff at the bar said the man had been giving people a hard time for several hours before he threatened the bartender with a pool ball and they called police. He said the man continuously threatened to kill the officers and that he was a “recon ranger” and knew how to kill people. He said they put the man in a cell at headquarters and he continued to carry on and had told Myer he would kill himself if he was left alone again when Myer went to check on him. Myer said the officer in charge told him to prepare the man to be taken to Kent Hospital for evaluation. Myer said he was doing that when he learned the man had backed up the toilet and flooded his cell. He said he again asserted he was a recon ranger and was trained to kill. He said he continued to be out of control and they transported him to Kent, where they left Daniel Levasseur, 51, of 35 Goff Ave., Pawtucket, in four point restraints while he continued to threaten police and the medical staff with death. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Officer Brian Murray reported he was dispatched to the Rite Aid pharmacy at 1080 Bald Hill Rd. on Aug. 31 for a report of a female attempting to pass a phony prescription for oxycodone. He said two Warwick detectives were already at the store when he arrived. He said a pharmacy technician told him the company circulated an email several days before to be on the lookout for prescriptions attributed to a certain doctor at Rhode Island Hospital and she called the doctor and the police when a Providence woman presented one for 20 oxycodone pills that day. The doctor told Murray the prescription was false and that he wanted the person who passed it to be prosecuted. He said the woman who presented it was not a patient of his and had never been one. Darlene V. Alexander, 53, of 666 Prairie Ave., was charged with attempting to obtain controlled substance fraudulently and was processed at headquarters and then transported to Kent County Courthouse for arraignment.

A Warwick man was charged with being a habitual offender when he was arrested at the Walmart store on Bald Hill Road Sept. 2. Officer William Castaldi said he and other officers were dispatched to the store around 12:45 p.m. for a man who was leaving the store with a television that wasn’t paid for. He said a loss prevention officer indicated a red car that was about to leave the lot and he stopped it just outside the entrance to Rhode Island Mall on East Avenue. An employee told Castaldi the suspect came into the store with a cart and loaded a 50-inch Panasonic TV worth $548 into the cart and proceeded out the door without paying for it. When he was asked to show his receipt, he told loss prevention his wife had the receipt and pretended to go back inside to get it but instead he exited through another door and managed to get to his car before police cut him off at the entrance. Joseph R. McCormick, 37, of 129 Metropolitan Dr., Warwick, was charged with felony shoplifting and was remanded to the ACI when he could not pay the $5,000 surety bail.
A Middletown woman was charged with stealing two pairs of earrings and several items of clothing at Kohl’s on Sept. 2. Loss prevention at the store told police Michelle DePietro, 49, of 45 Vernon Ave., concealed the goods and was stopped outside after she left without paying of the stuff. She was later released with a summons.
Pauline Tchorbadjian, 31, of 24 Belvedere St., Cranston, was released with a summons on Aug. 31 after she was arrested at the Sears store at Rhode Island Mall. Loss prevention agents told police she went into a fitting room with two pairs of sunglasses and a shirt and emerged later with just the shirt. They said they stopped her after she walked out without paying for the sunglasses they found in her purse.

Officer Matthew Moretti reported he was dispatched to the 600 block of West Shore Road for a one-car accident involving a telephone pole around 6:40 p.m. on Sept 1. He said he arrived to find the pole sliced in two with wires hanging down. He said a witness pointed out a car and a driver who was being attended by Warwick Rescue but refusing treatment. He said he asked the driver to take a field sobriety test, but he cut the test short for fear the man would fall and injure himself. He said the man was taken to headquarters, where he registered a .232 and a .228 blood alcohol level. Steven A. Costa, 22, of 40 Arlee St., Warwick, was charged with DUI and later released to a sober adult.
Officer Matthew Moretti reported he stopped a car on Long Street around 7 p.m. on Aug. 25 for following another car too closely and crossing the double yellow line several times. He said Keith R. Gutierrez, 39, of 10 Pinehurst Ave., Warwick, failed a field sobriety test and was taken to headquarters, where he refused a breath test. He was charged with DUI, refusal and laned roadway violations.


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