Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

Officer Raymond Cox reported a car missing from an address on Dundas Avenue on Sept. 16. He said a Cranston man told him he was the owner of the car, but the car was registered to his mother and was left at her Dundas Avenue home. He said he had been back and forth from Cranston and his mother’s house but hadn’t been there for over a week and noticed that morning that the car was gone. He said the car was a 1999 gold Nissan Maxima and he was the only person who had a key for it. He said both license plates were on the car. Cox said he checked the parking space beside the house and noticed that there was no sign of broken glass to indicate a window was broken and there were no signs of drag marks indicating it was towed.
The man told Cox he had checked with neighbors who got back from a vacation on Sept. 13 and they said the car was gone when they got back. Cox said the man told him the car was easy to recognize. He said it had a Ron Paul sticker on the back left bumper and the rear driver’s side corner had a large dent and the front right wheel had a donut-type spare wheel. He told Cox he last saw the car about two weeks before, when he replaced the starter and fixed the right front wheel. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Christopher Lo reported he and several other officers were dispatched to Macy’s in Warwick Mall around 8 p.m. on Sept. 13 for a shoplifting in progress. He said he was advised that three males had been observed concealing merchandise and exiting the store without paying for the goods. He said one of the suspects was already in custody when he arrived and Lo grabbed another in front of the H&M store in the mall and a juvenile was being detained at the store. Loss prevention agents at the store told police they had the suspects on surveillance video as they moved through the store, removing sensors and placing the goods in the two shopping bags they were carrying. Lo said the store recovered nine articles of Ralph Lauren Polo clothes worth a total of $969.25. The store also told police they wanted restitution for the $250 worth of clothing damaged when the sensor tags were pulled off. Rafael Paulino, 20, of 47 Harold Ave., and Branden Castro, 20, of 72 Hershel St., Providence, and a 17-year-old male were charged with shoplifting, conspiracy to shoplift and carrying an implement of concealment for the foil-lined “booster bags” they used. Castro and Paulino were held for the next session of District Court. The juvenile was released to his mother.

Officer William Castaldi said he went to the Walmart store at Rhode Island Mall on Sept. 10 to pick up some video surveillance for a shoplifting case when he noticed a man stumbling in one of the aisles on a monitor. He said the loss prevention agent then started video surveillance on the man as he headed toward the electronics department, where he quickly selected four CDs and then went into the furniture section, where he concealed the CDs in his pocket. Castaldi said they were waiting for him in the vestibule when he came out of the store and escorted him to the loss prevention office. Michael P. Scofield, 46, of 13A Sheldon St., West Warwick, was taken to headquarters, where he was charged and later released with a summons. Nothing reported about the reason for stumbling.

Officer Gary Driscoll reported an apparent attempted larceny at the Kent Center on Post Road on Sept. 17. An employee of the center told Driscoll a grounds worker came into her office that morning to tell her the passenger side window of her car was broken. Driscoll said he looked at the car and saw a red book bag on the passenger seat that may have been the object of breaking the window but was apparently left behind when it became obvious there were only books inside. He said the damage to the window would probably cost between $200 and $300 to repair. No suspects or witnesses.
A Cove Circle resident called police to report that his wallet went missing from his Chevy Tahoe overnight on Sept. 14. The man said he went to Lowe’s the night before to pick up some items for the house and left his vehicle unlocked in the driveway overnight. He said he returned to his Tahoe the next day and noticed that the center console was open and his wallet was missing. He said the wallet only had about $20 in it but it did have a number of credit cards and several gift cards for restaurants. He told Officer Quentin Tavares he had already cancelled the credit cards. He said none of his neighbors noticed anything unusual and there were no suspects or witnesses.
Officer Tavares reported a second larceny later that day on Massasoit Drive. A woman there said her husband left her 2012 Equinox unlocked in the driveway overnight. She told Tavares her husband had forgotten how to lock the doors of the vehicle, and when she returned to her vehicle the next morning she found the center console open and some CDs and a pair of prescription glasses were gone. She said she didn’t want to file a criminal complaint but she did want a record of the incident on file.
A Fall River man told police he bought a new Dell laptop at Best Buy on Route 2 on Sept. 15 and left it in his car while he and his girlfriend spent a half-hour browsing in the Savers store next door. He returned to find the new $577 laptop and his old Toshiba laptop worth about $75 were gone from the rear of his vehicle. No witnesses or suspects.
Police went to Pennsylvania Avenue on Sept. 15 to take a report from a truck driver who said the padlocks on his cargo trailer had been cut and a box of small tools were gone. He showed Officer Jamey Petit the padlocks and also pointed out that some of the other trailers parked in the same yard also had their locks cut, but Petit had no way of knowing what was missing from them without talking with the owners first. The trucker said the locks were worth $20 each and the tools cost $50. No witnesses.

Officer Manuel Pacheco reported pulling a car over in Apponaug for suspected drunk driving around 8 p.m. on Sept. 7. He said a witness reported the car had been moving through at an extremely low speed and had drifted over the double yellow lines several times before it pulled into the parking lot at Walgreen’s. He said he found the car idling but not moving in the middle of the lot’s travel lane. He said the car moved jerkily around the lot before it parked awkwardly after almost hitting another car. He said the female driving appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. He said the driver apparently didn’t know where she was. He said he administered a field sobriety test on the woman and he stopped the test when he had to catch her to keep her from falling. Robin J. Paul, 49, of 35 Wake Robin Trial, Saunderstown, was taken to headquarters, where she registered a .224 and a .219 blood alcohol content on the breath test. She was charged with DUI and having an open container of alcohol in her car and later released to a sober adult.


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