Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

Officer Eric Lima reported a complaint from a Norwood Avenue resident about someone driving a tractor-trailer truck over his lawn on Sept. 20 and causing considerable damage. The homeowner said he came home just after 4 p.m. and found deep tire tracks on his lawn and a rock had been pushed off the lawn and down the road about 30 feet. Lima said it looked like it had been done repeatedly. The man said his neighbor told him the lawn was intact the last time he saw it around 10:30 that morning. There were no other witnesses.

A West Warwick woman was charged with assault and battery on Sept. 19 after witnesses told police they saw her punch another woman and then bite the woman on the leg when the fight went to the ground. Officer Jason Brodeur reported going to Marley’s in Oakland Beach around 10:30 p.m. for an assault in progress. He said he met with the victim of the assault who told him she posted on Facebook that she would be at Marley’s with her friend and was there when the suspect arrived. She said the suspect and her friend sat across the bar from them and stared at them for hours until the bar closed and then followed them outside and walked by her and said, “[Expletive] you and [expletive] you too.” Brodeur said the victim told him she did not recognize the suspect at that time and asked the suspect what the problem was and got punched in the face. She said they began to fight and both were on the ground when the suspect bit her on the leg and would not let go until the bartender and owner of Marley’s came out and broke up the fight. Meanwhile, Officer Nicholas DiNardo spoke with the suspect’s friend. DiNardo said the suspect was intoxicated but her friend had not been drinking and she told him essentially the same story and confirmed that the suspect threw the first punch and that the suspect bit her adversary on the leg when the fight got down to the ground but her friend was only defending herself when she bit her opponent on the leg. DiNardo said he also spoke with the bartender about the fight but she told him she only came out to break up the fight and had no idea who started it. Based on what they heard, police arrested Nichole LaCroix, 28, of 16 Ontario St. in West Warwick was arrested, charged and later released to a sober adult. The victim was taken to Kent Hospital to have the bite treated.

Officer Christian Vargas reported he was in the parking lot of the Rhode Island Mall around 9 p.m. on Sept. 23 when he heard the loud screeching of tires coming from the direction of the Wendy’s restaurant across the lot. He said he drove over to see what the noise was about and saw a 2002 Lincoln LS doing donuts and “drifting type maneuvers at a high rate of speed” that sent the car sideways into a dry skid that resulted in a complete turnaround of the car. He said there were other cars within 25 feet of the Lincoln and there were still customers in Wendy’s and people using the drive-through lane who were jeopardized by the maneuvers. He said the maneuvers ceased as soon as the driver saw Vargas’s cruiser and the car pulled into a parking spot. Vargas said he pulled up right behind it. Vargas said three other cars, including a “copper toned 2-door Volkswagen Golf with a body kit,” drove out of the lot. Vargas said the Lincoln’s driver explained that his friend had just done some maneuvers before Vargas got there and he was just taking “his turn.” Vargas explained that his turn constituted reckless driving and endangering the customers of Wendy’s and the Chucky E. Cheese next door, which was still open and serving families with small children. Rudy Murgia, 23, of 192 Tiogue Ave. in Coventry was arrested and charged with reckless driving and was released with a summons. Vargas said Murgia’s friends were waiting for him and, “according to Rudy Murgia, they had also been driving in the same manner in the parking lot” but, because Vargas didn’t see that, he couldn’t charge them.

A Warwick man apparently angered a friend on Sept. 19 by attempting to steal two bottles of vodka from a liquor store after he called her to get a ride to the store. Officer James Wenneman reported he went to the I.M. Gans around 8:35 p.m. and spoke with a clerk who told him a man just drove off in a gold Infiniti with a female driving after he had been confronted at the door about two unpaid-for bottles of vodka concealed in his pants. The clerk said the suspect at first denied he had the bottles but put them back when the clerk told him he had video of the suspect taking the vodka from the shelf. Wenneman said he traced the plate number the clerk gave him to a Harrington Avenue address and Wenneman spoke with the driver of the car. He said she did drive the suspect to the store but had no idea what he intended to do. She described the scene as she saw it from the car as the suspect was confronted and said she was infuriated at the suspect and drove him back to where she picked him up at Post Road and Massachusetts Avenue. Wenneman said he got the suspect’s correct name and spelling and his address from his “Facebook” site. He said he called the suspect’s cell phone and spoke with him. Wenneman said Tawan Burgess, 31, of 54 Massachusetts Ave. admitted to him that he did a “stupid thing” and was waiting outside his house when Wenneman came to get him. He was charged with shoplifting and later released with a summons.

Officer Nicholas Reay reported the theft of two boat motors from a Royal Avenue home on Sept. 21. The owner told Reay he returned from a weekend away and noticed that his $700 5-horsepower Mercury outboard and a $75 gas tank were missing from his boat and a $250 Minikota trolling motor and a $100 marine battery were missing from his garage. No suspects or witnesses.

An Eagle Road resident told police her daughter-in-law was cleaning out the basement of her house on Tampa Avenue on Sept. 23 when she saw a man in a black pickup truck had loaded two dog kennels and various pieces of aluminum on his truck. She said she confronted the man and he drove off with the kennels and aluminum still on the truck. She said they had no detailed description of the man or the truck or the license plate. She estimated a loss of $200.

A Warwick man called police on Sept. 25 to report that someone had stolen his “2008 Harley-Davidson Road King with hard black saddlebags with a silver pinstripe, full front steering with an iPod stereo and a gray touring package” while he was waiting for an appointment in his dentist’s office on Jefferson Boulevard. He told police he heard a motorcycle drive out of the parking lot around 4:15 p.m. but now believes it was probably his motorcycle. No suspects or witnesses.


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