Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

Police took a report of two snowplow hydraulic systems missing from a snowplow at the Cowesett Hills Apartments on Dec. 28. The maintenance supervisor told police the plows themselves were chained to a fence at the side of one of the buildings but the motor and mechanism for lowering and lifting the plow were easily unbolted and removed from the plow. He said he last saw the plows intact about two weeks before. He said it cost $900 to $1,400 to replace the parts. Officer Jason Cooke said he advised the manager to unbolt the mechanisms on the remaining plows and store them inside.
Officer James Michailides reported the theft of a pickup truck with a plow attached from an apartment building on Bald Hill Road on Christmas Eve. The man who reported the theft said the truck belonged to Bald Hill Dodge and told them he was inside his apartment celebrating around 5:30 p.m. when he heard a loud crash outside and saw the truck being driven away when he looked out the window. He said it was his work truck but it belonged to the company. He said the eight-foot Fisher Minute-Mount plow was not on the truck when he parked it but it was attached when it was driven out of the parking lot. He said the truck also contained tools, racks and ladders used for maintenance at Bald Hill Dodge. No suspects.
Officer Brian Murray took a report of a missing section of fence belonging to Sage Environmental on Strawberry Field Road on Dec. 24. A manager there said he noticed that a lock had been cut and a 20’ section of the chain link fence worth a total of around $250 was missing that morning. There were no witnesses or suspects.

A 17-year-old shoplifting suspect, whose name, address and the city she was from have been deleted from the police report, was charged with stealing 48 items worth a total of $616.09 from the Wal-Mart on Bald Hill Road on Dec. 21. Officer William Castaldi said the girl was transported to some place [possibly the Training School but also deleted from the report] when her parent or the aunt she stays with could not be reached.
Emmy Spindler, 23, of 34 Cedar Pond Dr. in Warwick was charged with shoplifting on Jan. 1 after loss prevention at Macy’s told police she took a $199 North Face jacket into the ladies room and removed the security tags before she walked out of the store without paying for the coat.
Alexander Vartanian, 18, of 12 Heritage Rd. in Barrington was charged with stealing a pair of $69 jeans from Macy’s in the Warwick Mall on Dec. 26. Loss prevention told police he tried to run away and was confrontational and they wanted him told not to come back to the store.
Ellen E. Merrill and Kerry Marie Barratt were charged with shoplifting from the Hobby Lobby on Bald Hill Road on Dec. 24. Loss prevention told police Merrill, 53, of 130 Vera St. in Warwick walked out without paying for an $11.99 Christmas Basket concealed in her cart and Barratt, 29, of 54 Vohlander St. in Warwick was charged with stealing 70 items worth a total of $687.86.

Officer Nicholas Reay reported arresting a Johnston man for suspected drunk driving on Quaker Lane on Dec. 22. Reay said the man’s car was involved in an accident around 9 p.m. and he was attempting to flee the scene. The driver of the other car said a man in a blue Buick rear-ended his car and then fled. He said he and other officers located the Buick behind the Lowe’s store on Quaker Lane with considerable damage to its front end. He said the driver had about a 4-inch cut on his head that was not bleeding and refused to have Rescue personnel look at it. Reay said he appeared to be under the influence and smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test, which was stopped out of concern of him injuring himself. The other driver identified him as the driver who fled the scene and William R. Braley, 50, of 10 Bigelow Rd. in Johnston was charged with DUI, refusal and leaving the scene of an accident. He was later released to a sober adult.
Officer John Larivee reported he started following a car that came out of the All Star Bar parking lot and almost hit another car as it backed out of a parking space around 1:25 a.m. on Dec. 21. He said the Chevy mini-van sped south on Post Road and estimated it was doing 70 to 75 miles per hour on the connector and began to rock and fishtail as it entered 95 north and accelerated to 80 before he pulled it over at exit 12A. Larivee said the driver appeared to be intoxicated and claimed he never saw him following him. He said the driver failed a field sobriety test and was taken to headquarters where he registered a .162 and a .163 blood alcohol content (BAC) on the breath analyzer. Christian D. Bourdon, 25, of 20 Earl St. in West Warwick was charged with DUI and speeding and later released to a sober adult.
Francisco Borges, 40, of 22 Westwood Ave. in Cranston was charged with DUI and refusal on Dec. 21 after he was pulled over by Sgt. Michael Lima around 11:30 p.m. Lima told Officer Christopher Fernandes to conduct a field sobriety test on Borges on Bald Hill Road at Toll Gate Road. He said Borges failed the test and was taken to headquarters where he was identified as the man a witness had followed from Cranston. Borges refused a breath test and was charged with DUI, refusal and making an illegal stop. He was to be released to Kent Hospital for detox when he refused to call a sober adult to come and get him.
Officer Joseph DeDonato reported he was dispatched to an accident near 320 Warwick Ave. around 12:03 p.m. on Dec. 27. He said an off-duty Warwick officer informed him that he followed the car from Cranston, where he was updating the police there about their location before he saw the pickup truck rear-end another vehicle near the Shaw’s Market. DeDonato said the driver could not seem to keep his eyes open but he did not smell of alcohol and there was no alcohol. He said his eyes had pinpoint pupils and the driver admitted he had taken vicodin earlier that day. He said the man was read his rights and then taken to Rhode Island Hospital where he refused a blood test. Todd W. McKinley, 45, of 246 Waterman Ave. in North Providence was charged with DUI and refusal and left at the hospital.
Michael Peltier, 22, of 130 Princeton St. in Coventry was charged with DUI and refusal on Dec. 28 after Officer Jamey Petit found a pickup truck he was driving resting on a utility pole on Main Avenue around 12:25 a.m. Petit said he blocked traffic while he spoke with the driver, who appeared to be under the influence and smelled of alcohol. He said Peltier failed a field sobriety test and was taken to headquarters after he refused to be treated by Rescue. Petit said he also refused to take a breath test and was charged with DUI and refusal and later released to a sober adult.
Damaris Marketos, 47, of 51 Vineyard St. in Providence was charged with DUI and refusal on Dec. 24 after Officer John Zaborski stopped her for operating erratically at a high rate of speed on Warwick Avenue around 1:40 a.m. on Dec. 24. He said he pulled it over and mounted the sidewalk before it stopped at 2435 Warwick Ave. He said the driver said she did not know how to shut the car off and kept turning the volume on the radio up and down until a passenger reached over and shut the ignition off. He said a Spanish-speaking officer was called to the scene to administer a field sobriety test and Marketos failed it. She was taken to headquarters where she refused a breath test. She was charged with DUI, refusal, running a red light and laned roadway violations and later released with a summons.


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