Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

Officer Daniel DiMaio reported being dispatched to the Team Works athletic facility on Jefferson Boulevard on Jan. 11 for a fight on the field. The manager of the complex told DiMaio he had been having problems with one customer that he threw out of the bar for harassing the bartender, but he came back several times and was now out on the field yelling and threatening people who had been fighting with his brother about a disputed call. DiMaio said he located the man on the field and attempted to speak with him, but the man continued in his disruptive and tumultuous behavior. Elio Simas, 29, of 132 Warwick Ave., Cranston, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Officer Joel Thomas reported he got a tip that a woman with an active warrant for her arrest out of District Court was at an Opper Avenue address around 4 p.m. on Jan. 2. Thomas said he went to the address but did not see the vehicle she was purported to be driving and posted himself nearby until the car showed up. He said he went to the car and asked the woman who she was and she gave him the name of a woman that did not match her description and had a different birth date. Thomas said she was speaking with another officer when he uttered the name “Laura” and the woman turned to him without hesitation and asked, “What?”
He said she put her head down and told him she was planning to turn herself in on Friday. He said he found a birth certificate and a Social Security card for Laura Baumgardner, 23, in her purse and took her to headquarters for booking. He said he was in the process of booking her when he got a call about a larceny complaint against her from someone at the Opper Avenue address. The complainant said three Alex and Ani bracelets and a gold watch were missing from the residence. Thomas said he found those items in her purse and receiving stolen goods was added to the charge of obstructing an officer. She was later released to the ACI.

Officer John Curley reported arresting a Providence woman for shoplifting at the Walmart store on Post Road on Jan. 16. Loss prevention at the store told Curley they saw the woman and a female juvenile put a dog food container in a cart and conceal a number of things in the container before attempting to leave the store without paying for the goods. Curley said $64.94 worth of goods were recovered but he also discovered there was a larceny warrant out for the woman in Seekonk, Mass. Her 13-year-old daughter was released to a family member and Providencia Rivera, 32, of 106 Cass St., was held for the bail commissioner and later transported to the ACI.

Officer John Curley reported an attempted larceny at the Ocean State Harley-Davidson dealer on Albany Road on Jan. 16. An employee at the dealership told Curley his truck was parked in front of the store for an event between 6 and 8 p.m. He said he came back to find the dome off the interior light and that the key did not fit into the ignition. He said there was damage to the steering column and the passenger side door handle but he had not touched anything else before calling the police. The man said he saw two or three vehicles parked around his truck during the event but had no plate numbers to give him. BCI was called to process the scene.
Officer Jason Cooke reported a similar incident in front of the Babies R Us store on Quaker Lane on Jan. 12. A woman said she returned to her 1996 Ford Taurus around 8 p.m. and found the driver’s side window forced down about a half inch and the molding damaged. Someone had also tampered with the ignition and the car would not start. She did not report anything missing, but AAA had to be called to tow the car.

Officer James Wenneman reported a two-car accident at Post Road and Massachusetts Avenue around 8 p.m. on Jan. 11. He said one of the drivers appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. The driver of the other car said he was traveling along at a normal speed on Post Road when the other vehicle “came out of nowhere” and he hit it. He said other witnesses to the accident confirmed the possibly intoxicated woman caused it. He said he gave a field sobriety test to the woman and he had to stop it for fear the woman would fall and hurt herself. Theresa Tremblay, 49, of 265 Narragansett Bay Ave., Warwick, was taken to headquarters, where she refused a breath test. She was charged with DUI and refusal and later released with a summons.
Officer Rose Michel reported she was on patrol around 2 a.m. on Jan. 11 when she followed a car moving very slowly after turning onto Morse Avenue from Main Avenue that had front end damage. She said it then made a complete stop and then started moving again before she pulled it over near Baywood Street and Post Road. She said the car and driver smelled of alcohol and marijuana and there was a male passenger in the front seat. She said she asked the driver if she was aware of the damage and she said she was not and said they had not had an accident. She said she also asked her if they had any marijuana in the car and they denied they did, even though Michel saw the glass pot pipe on the seat. She asked the woman to submit to a field sobriety test and the woman failed it. Michelle Kiernan, 34, of 18 Cedar Pond Dr., Warwick, was taken to headquarters, where she refused a breath test and was charged with DUI, refusal and laned roadway violation. Her passenger, Michael Kiernan, 29, was charged with possession of marijuana when he told police the four grams of marijuana they found in the console belonged to him. They were both later released with summonses.
Officer William DiGiulio reported a suspected drunk driver on Jefferson Boulevard around 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 13. The reporting party said they saw the driver stumbling out of the car at the Hilton Garden Inn and was either drunk or sick. He said he was on his way to the inn when he heard the female driver had reentered the car and driven off north on Jefferson. DiGiulio said he spotted the car at Kilvert and Jefferson stopped at a light with no running lights on and stopped at an angle blocking traffic. He said the car then drove over the curb into the Honey Dew Donuts parking lot. He said he stopped the car there and questioned the driver, who smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated. He said the driver, identified as Margarida L. Dasilva, 47, of 10 Jefferson Blvd., was charged with DUI and refusal and several laned roadway violations.


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