Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Nicholas DiNardo reported stopping a car on Route 95 north around 7:30 p.m. on March 23 for having an expired registration sticker. He said the car smelled of burnt marijuana and the driver had no identification or paperwork for the car. He said he ordered her from the car and patted her down and found $405 in cash in a jacket pocket and an Altoids can containing four baggies containing what looked like crack cocaine. He said he asked if they belonged to her and she admitted she was coming from Warwick where she had just sold several bags to customers of hers. She told him each baggie sold for $50. The woman was arrested and taken to headquarters after a K-9 search of the vehicle turned up no other drugs or paraphernalia. Officer Aaron Steere interviewed the woman about the drugs and she told him that canine Viking must have “hit” on the glove box because she had handled it when she was asked for the paperwork and had handled the cocaine earlier. Steere reported that she readily admitted that she was selling crack in Warwick but would not name the customer. She said she routinely bought crack and sold it in Warwick. She said she sold the drugs to finance her education and that she worked with special needs children. He said she began to cry and express remorse. She also had an outstanding warrant from District Court and was driving on a suspended license. Glennys L. Reynoso, 22, of 21 Nerbraska St. in Providence was charged with selling cocaine and driving on a suspended license and held for the Bail Commissioner.


Det. James Medeiros reported he was dispatched to the Target store in the Warwick Mall on March 25. A manager there told him they had an admission and some video evidence of one of their cashiers palming bills from the cash drawer and putting them in his pocket. They said they had him taking money on six separate occasions for a total of $580. Pierre Roudy St. Fleur, 19, of 259 Doric Ave. in Cranston was transported to headquarters and then District Court for arraignment on felony embezzlement charges.


Det. Barbara Frazier reported she was dispatched to the Staples store in the Airport Plaza on Post Road on March 18 for a report of some supposedly fraudulent returns on online sales. A manager there told Frazier one of their managers was suspected of making the false returns and had been confronted about them but refused to admit wrongdoing. Loss prevention told Frazier the credits on the refunds added up to about $1,440 and were all signed by this particular manager. Glorymar Ruiz, 45, of 91 Auburn St. in Cranston was taken to headquarters where she was charged with felony embezzlement and later released on $5,000 personal recognizance.


Officer Christian Vargas reported chasing a suspected

thief at the Motel 6 on Jefferson Boulevard on March 21. Vargas said he met with a guest who told him she inadvertently left her wallet on the counter after she checked in and when she realized that, she went back to the counter and picked up the wallet where she left it but found that all the cash that had been in the wallet was gone. The 58-year-old woman said it amounted to $239 and explained she was sure of that because she was on a fixed income and was acutely aware of how much money she carried. The manager showed video of the counter and it clearly showed a man opening the wallet, extracting the money and putting the wallet back. The manager also told him that the man pictured was staying in room 132. Vargas said he went to the room to find the man he saw in the video and found three women and another man who said he wasn’t there. Vargas said he saw the window was open and another man in the room attempted to step in front of him as he went toward it and was pushed aside. He said he went through the window himself and chased the man until he fell into a snow bank where he was handcuffed. He said the man initially claimed he was running because of an outstanding warrant but when he was told they had video of him taking the money, he began to express remorse and told Vargas he does not “normally do that sort of thing.” Christopher B. Watson, 21, of 28 Rosedale St. in Providence was charged with larceny and held for arraignment as a probation violator. The four other people in the room were identified by other officers and evicted from the motel by order of the management.


Tami Lynn Plas, 42, of 1110 Main St. in Hope Valley was arrested at the Wal-Mart store on Bald Hill Road on March 22 after loss prevention agents at the store told police she was in the Sears store after she and a male companion bolted out of the Wal-Mart and threw down what they were stealing as the agents approached. They told police the couple had earlier presented the merchandise at the return counter and attempted to get a refund but then tried to run out with the stuff. Officer Gary Driscoll said he found the woman who matched the description in the Sears store walking toward a bus stop. He said she claimed her companion was the thief. Driscoll said a check on her revealed she had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear. He said she also refused to name her companion and claimed she had just met him on the bus that day. Plas was charged with shoplifting and later transported to the ACI. A court record check revealed over 100 cases under various aliases for Plas.

Jennifer Torres, 32, of 2045 Cranston St. in Cranston was charged with stealing $129.18 worth of cosmetics and electronics from the Wal-Mart on Bald Hill Road on March 22. Loss prevention told police she concealed the items in her purse and was walking out of the store when she was stopped beyond the points of purchase.

Michael J. Crummey, 25, of 222 Broad St. in Providence was charged with shoplifting at the Sears store in the Rhode Island Mall on March 23. Loss prevention from Sears told police Crummey and another man, Lawrence D. Holmes, 41, of the same address, loaded a $599.99 DeWalt miter saw into a basket and headed out of the store without paying for it. Loss prevention told police they stopped them outside and escorted them back into the store. Police also reported that a $100 bill found on Crummey was actually a copy of $100. They were both issued summonses for District Court and the report was forwarded to detectives.


Officer David Thompson reported the theft of a pair of wheels from a 2004 Lexus RX330 behind a building on the west side of the property on March 21. Thompson said the wheels, tires and lug nuts were all missing. He said there were footprints in the snow leading down a small incline to the property next door and he followed them to see if the wheels, worth $1,600, had been stashed for later pickup but that was not the case. He did say he believes there was a car parked at the end of the footprints that was used in the larceny but was now long gone. No suspects or witnesses.


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