Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer William Castaldi reported he was dispatched to the target store at Warwick Mall for a shoplifting in progress around 1:20 p.m. on May 7. Dispatch also reported that the suspect had fled the store and was leaving the parking lot in a green Volkswagen Jetta. He heard that Sgt. Robert Palumbo had stopped the car on Lambert Lind Highway, so Castaldi followed the loss prevention agent back to the store to get a witness statement. Loss prevention told Castaldi they watched the suspect take a shopping bag and put it in a shopping cart before going to the electronics department, where he randomly started grabbing DVDs and putting them in the shopping cart before going to the girl’s department and concealing them in the shopping bag. They said he wheeled the cart to the front of the store before grabbing the shopping bag and hurrying out the door. They said they approached him and asked him to give back the DVDs and come back into the store, but he threw the bag on the ground and fled into the parking lot and then into his car. Castaldi said he reviewed video of the man in the act of shoplifting and fleeing. Jason Dauphinais, 25, of 94 Raymond Ave., Pawtucket, was charged with stealing 10 DVDs worth over $200 and later released with a summons.


Officer Stephen Major reported he went to the Target store at Warwick Mall on May 10 and met with a Johnston woman who said she was trying on shoes at the store and left her iPhone 4 on the bench as she was looking at shoes. She said she looked for it later and saw it was gone. She said she would press charges if the woman seen taking the phone on the video surveillance were identified. Major said a woman pushing a three-wheeled baby carriage is seen looking left and right before leaning over and grabbing the phone and then putting it someplace under the seat of the carriage before walking out of the store into the mall. Major said he and several other officers checked throughout the mall in hopes of finding that the woman was still there but met no success. The victim said she did not know the woman in the photo. Major said police placed the photos into evidence after giving mall security a copy of it.

A Warwick woman told police she went shopping at the Walmart store on Post Road around 2:50 p.m. on May 6. She said she locked her pink Vera Bradley purse and everything else she had in the trunk of her car but found the purse was missing when she got home. She told police she went back to Walmart to inquire about the purse, but no one reported it being turned in. Officer Christopher Lo said he reviewed surveillance video that showed the woman putting items in her trunk and then walking away from the carriage. He said it appeared that there was nothing left in the carriage, but loss prevention said they would attempt to enhance the video for a better look but for the moment they had no suspects. The woman told Lo her wallet contained several credit cards and her driver’s license but also contained a white envelope with about $1,200 in cash in it.


Officer Matthew Moretti reported he pursued a car he saw speed under the trestle at Apponaug around 10:30 p.m. on May 6. He said he got a call about an erratic driver around the same time in the same area and clocked the car at 40 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per-hour zone. He said he also saw it cut over four traffic lanes without a signal before it stopped on Centerville Road. He said the driver appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. He said she also slurred and mumbled her words. He said he started a field sobriety test but she said, “I can’t do the test. Do what you have to do.” He said he asked her to take a preliminary breath test on the portable breath tester but she refused. Moretti said she asked several times to just be driven home. He said she became increasingly more belligerent when he asked her to take a breath test and said, “I already [expletive] told you I don’t want to take the test.” Moretti said she also refused to sign anything. April Menard, 46, of 94 Cowesett Ave., West Warwick, was charged with DUI, first offense and refusal, second offense; laned roadway violations; speeding; driving on a suspended license; and not using a turn signal for lane changes. She was later released to a sober adult.

Officer Matthew Higgins reported being dispatched to the Taco Bell on Bald Hill Road around 10:50 p.m. on May 5 for a man passed out behind the wheel of a Jeep in the drive-through lane. Higgins said the man noticed the lights of the police car and pulled over in the parking lot. He said the man appeared to be drunk and admitted he had been drinking down at the dunes in Narragansett earlier. Higgins said he smelled strongly of alcohol and they found two open cans of beer in the Jeep. He said the driver failed a field sobriety test and registered a .138 blood alcohol content on the portable breath tester. Higgins said Joshua B. Giarratano, 19, of 3595 Post Rd., Warwick, refused a breath test at headquarters and was charged with DUI and refusal. Higgins said he saw fresh damage on Giarratano’s Jeep that indicated a sideswipe type of accident with white paint transfer and a multi-agency “attempt to locate” call was put out for any reported hit-and-runs in the state.

Officer Patrick Smith reported he was on patrol on West Shore Road around 1:55 a.m. on May 5 when a green pickup pulled out of a parking lot without stopping and forced him to brake suddenly. He said he began to follow the truck and watched it accelerate to over 48 miles per hour and swerve from lane to lane and across the center lines before he pulled it over near 220 West Shore. He said the driver appeared drunk and smelled of alcohol. He said he asked her where she was going and she told him she was driving around trying to decide which friend she wanted to stay with that night, the one in Warwick or the one in West Warwick. He said he administered a field sobriety test and the driver failed it and was arrested on suspicion of DUI. He said the woman was taken to headquarters, where she blew a .142 and a .137 blood alcohol content on the breath test. Judy A. Skuce, 43, was charged with DUI, laned roadway violations, speeding, failure to yield the right of way in exiting a parking lot and a civil citation for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. She was later released to a sober adult.


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