Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


A Kilvert Street resident told police he parked his bike outside his residence on May 20 and chained it to the pole out front. He said he returned the next day to find the bike was missing. He told police it was a blue 15-speed Diamondback worth $100. There were no suspects or witnesses.

A Jamestown woman told police she believed she had her handbag “pick pocketed” at the Panera Bread store on Bald Hill Road on May 17. She said she had lunch with a friend there around 2:30 p.m. and when she got up to leave she noticed that her eyeglasses case was on the floor, a few feet from the chair she hung her pocketbook on while she ate. She said she got home and discovered that $240 in $20 bills was missing from the purse and that she got a phone call from Bank of America the next day about a $500 purchase made at Target. The day after that she got a call from a credit card fraud company informing her that her People’s Credit Union credit card had been used several times in the Philadelphia area to buy about $2,100 worth of goods and services. She told Officer Osvaldo Monteiro she had since pieced together the events of the past few days and realized that the theft must have occurred while she was having lunch at Panera Bread, where she found her eyeglasses case on the floor. The woman said she went to Panera and they replayed some surveillance video that showed a woman wearing a coat and a scarf over her head come in the store. The video showed that the woman never ordered anything but is seen taking a lemon wedge from a sideboard before proceeding into the dining room where the victim was sitting. The video showed the same woman leaving about 10 minutes later. Monteiro said he got a copy of the video and forwarded it to detectives.

A Warwick woman told police she got to her workplace around 9 a.m. on May 22 before she discovered that her prescription sunglasses were missing from her car. She said she also noticed that a set of headphones was missing and that she suspected that someone went through her car while it was parked in front of her house overnight on Lansdowne Road. No suspects or witnesses. Officer Tomas Bogusz noted that there had been several other larcenies reported at the same time.

Officer Bogusz also reported that a car was stripped of its wheels and tires sometime overnight at the C&L Auto Wholesalers at 715 Warwick Ave. on May 23. The owner of the lot said he came to work and found a 2002 Acura TL propped up on plastic dairy crates and all four wheels missing. Bogusz said they found a car jack at the scene and sent it to BCI for processing. He said he also spoke with a neighbor from across the street from the lot who reported a red Chevy S-10 pickup truck parked at that address around 11 p.m. and that he heard some sort of noise from the lot around 3 a.m. that morning. No suspects or other witnesses.


Officer Nicholas DiNardo reported taking an account of a damaged dinghy on Edgewater Drive on May 21. The owner of the boat told DiNardo she left the dinghy in the water there and returned to find a leak in the left front corner seam. The woman told DiNardo she believed that the boat was vandalized, but DiNardo said it was not clear if the damage was intentional or accidental. The woman said the boat was worth between $1,000 and $1,500. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Keri-Ann Leighton-Fialho reported she was dispatched to a home on Bush Avenue around 12:40 a.m. on May 15 for a report of a car sitting on a lawn with a man passed out behind the wheel. The man who reported it said he went out to see what was going on and found the car was running and the passed out driver had his foot on the brake and the gear in neutral and he called the police. She said it took some effort to wake the driver up, but when he came to he was disoriented and appeared to be drunk. She said they started to give a field sobriety test to the driver, but he was too drunk to do it. She said they found a bottle of brandy in the car and sent a sample off for analysis and took the driver to headquarters, where he refused to take a breath test. Michael G. McKay, 35, of 1886 West Shore Rd., was charged with DUI, refusal and driving on a suspended license and then held for arraignment for failure to appear for a domestic vandalism charge.

Officer Matthew Moretti reported he was dispatched to Ocean Point and Post Road around 9 p.m. on May 4 for a collision between a car and a utility pole. He said the driver of the car was extracted and then transported to Kent Hospital, and Moretti spoke with him in the Rescue truck on the way. He said the driver smelled of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated. He said he gave the driver a preliminary breath test and got a .174 blood alcohol content on the portable analyzer. He said he read the driver his rights at Kent Hospital and asked him if he would take a blood test and the driver refused. Samuel J. Mitchell, 34, of 10 Saratoga Rd., North Kingstown, was charged with DUI and refusal and left in the care of the hospital staff.

Officer Stephen Major reported he was at a fixed traffic post at Centerville and Bald Hill Roads around 1 a.m. on May 11 when a car passed his post at a high rate of speed but quickly applied its brakes before he caught it on radar. He said even with the brakes he clocked it at 53 miles per hour in a 35-mile-per-hour zone. He said he pulled the car over and immediately noticed that the driver appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. He said he asked him why he was speeding but he never answered but said he was coming from a friend’s house and only had “two beers.” Major said the man failed the field sobriety test and was taken to headquarters, where he refused a breath test. Major said he repeatedly told the driver he could not give him legal advise numerous times before he finally signed the form saying he refused to take a breath test. James R. Iacono, 32, of 31 Devereux St., Providence, was charged with refusal, seeping and DUI and then later released to a sober adult.


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