Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Aaron Steere reported that he and several other officers were dispatched to the Chelo’s of Warwick restaurant at 2225 Post Rd. around 9:15 p.m. on June 10 for a disturbance. He said he arrived to find officers talking to several people, one of which was very loud and yelled, “What are you going to do, drag us out of here?” Steere said he saw a third man approaching the officers at the bar who could not be seen by the officers and he yelled at the man to wait in the vestibule for his friends. He said the man declared, “I am not going anywhere; I’m staying right here.” Steere said he grabbed the man’s elbow and began to escort him out the door when the man pulled away. He said he grabbed him with both hands and moved him out of the bar to the walkway and put handcuffs on him. He said he told the man he was not under arrest; just being restrained for safety because of his lack of cooperation.

Officer John Curley reported police walked into the bar and approached several men who were reportedly making a lot of noise and disturbing other customers with loud cursing directed at the staff for asking them to be quiet. He said one of the men said, “Oh, the cops are here. What are you going to do, make us leave and look like [expletives]?” He said he asked them to leave but the man picked up his beer and started drinking it and ignored Curley’s request. Curley said he then grabbed him and pulled both arms behind his back and took him outside. He was also handcuffed while police got statements from the staff. Steere quoted all of the staff as saying the evening started well enough but the bartender told him the people at the bar were getting loud and ignoring her pleas to quiet down. The manager said he went up to the men himself the second time and reminded them that it was a family restaurant and then a third time when customers were complaining that “they were throwing the F bomb.” He said they told him it was a bar and they could do whatever they wanted, so he called the cops. John Bussiere, 29, of 164 Marston Hill Rd. in Minot, Maine was charged with disorderly conduct at the bar. His father, also John Bussiere, 48, of 123 Hadfield Rd. in the same town was also charged with disorderly conduct.


The Home Improvement Store on Bald Hill Road told police they came to work on June 7 and discovered that a number of items were missing form the store. They said a $79.99 black 6-foot-tall windmill, a $50 orange tree, a $22.99 canna plant and four hanging plants worth $17.99 each were missing since the day before, when they closed at 5 p.m. They told police the business next door was open until 8:30 p.m. but no one reported anything unusual. No suspects or witnesses.


A Sand Pond Road resident told police he was asleep around 3 a.m. on May 29 when he heard a car alarm go off and when he realized it was his car, he went to the garage and saw a man in a black hoodie sweatshirt running toward Snow Road. He said the driver’s side window of his 2012 Toyota Camry was smashed but nothing was missing. He said it would cost between $400 and $600 to fix.

Officer Julio Benros reported he was back at the same address around 12:45 p.m. on June 2, taking a report of four wheels and tires stripped from the same car. Benros said detectives were already on the scene, processing it for evidence. The wheels were valued at a round $4,500. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Charles Austin took a report of a larceny from the Rite Aid pharmacy on Bald Hill Road on June 2. An East Greenwich man told Austin he had a prescription filled at the store around 2 p.m. He said he came back around 30 minutes later when he realized he had left his wallet and iPhone on the counter. They were gone when he returned. He said his college ID and his bank card were in the wallet. The store manager told Austin they would make a copy of the surveillance disc for detectives.


Officer Albert Marano reported a break into a shed on Post Road on June 3. The owner of the shed told him she noticed the doors were open that morning and they were locked the night before when her husband put his motorcycle in there. She said a Centurion generator worth $429, a chain saw worth $349.95, a commercial weed-whacker worth $409.95 and a commercial leaf blower worth $499.95 were missing. Marano said he checked out where the lock would have been and saw chipped paint that indicated a bolt cutter was used to remove the lock but no sign of the lock. No suspects or witnesses.


Sgt. John Choquette reported he was on patrol around 1 a.m. on June 9 when he saw a car heading west on West Shore Road with no headlights on. He said he turned around to follow the car and saw it swerve from lane to lane before he pulled it over at West Shore and Keri Lyn. He said the driver told him she knew why he stopped her, because the lights were off. He said she appeared to be under the influence and smelled of alcohol. He said she recited the whole alphabet when he asked for just up to J. He said the driver failed a field sobriety test and he told her she was under arrest on suspicion of drunk driving and she started yelling and swearing at him. He said he took her to headquarters and she refused a breath test and continued verbally abusing Choquette and other officers and said, “You’re all going down for this” and was escorted to a holding cell after being restrained for assuming a fighting stance in front of Choquette. Jill M. Cribari, 44, of 60 Jordan Ave. in Cranston, was charged with DUI, refusal, driving without lights and laned roadway violations. She was later released to her parents.

Officer Randy Francis reported stopping a car for operating erratically on West Shore Road around 2 a.m. on May 31. He said he remembered the driver from an encounter earlier that morning at Biki’s Bar and that he told him at that time that he was in no condition to drive and saw him get into a friend’s car and drive off, presumably to come back when he was sober to get his car. He said the same driver, identified as Christopher R. Carr, 43, of 35 No. Pleasant St. in West Warwick, was in his own car, in spite of being told not to drive. He said Carr failed a field sobriety test and was arrested on suspicion and taken to headquarters where Carr refused to take a breath test. He was charged with refusal, DUI and laned roadway tests. He was later taken to Kent Hospital for detox.

Officer Terence McMullin and other officers were dispatched to an accident on Atlantic Avenue around 12 a.m. on June 6. Dispatch reported that a car had crashed into a house at 99 Atlantic. He said the driver of the Chevy SUV was behind the wheel and had to go through the window to get out of the vehicle. He said the driver smelled strongly of alcohol and looked like he had been drinking. He said he gave the driver a field sobriety test and he failed it. James L. Carr, 26, of 6 Post Rd. in Warwick was taken to headquarters where he refused to take a breath test. He was charged with DUI and refusal and traffic infractions. McMullin said he was finishing up the paperwork for the arrest when he got a call from a Marine Corps sergeant who told McMullin that Carr was under his command and had called him to come and pick him up. He asked McMullin for the particulars surrounding the arrest and McMullin advised him that he could pick up a full accident and arrest report at headquarters. He said the sergeant then said he would be sending a corporal over to pick Carr up. McMullin said he checked the corporal’s information before he released Carr into his custody.


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