Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Christopher Fernandes reported checking out a car that was parked at the end of Nausauket Road around 2:40 a.m. on June 15. He said the car smelled of marijuana but the occupants claimed they didn’t have any left. A procedural check on the passenger in the car revealed two active “failure to appear” warrants. Dejuan Hayes, 33, of 94 Fillmore St., Providence, was processed at headquarters and then remanded to the ACI.

Officer Christian Vargas reported he was on patrol around 8 p.m. on June 14 when he saw a car attempt to curve into the right lane before it was safe to do so, which prompted a honk and a swerve from the driver he almost hit and brought the car to Vargas’ attention as a possible aggressive driver. He said he was behind the car when it made another lane change and then took an abrupt right onto Haverford Road. Vargas said he followed and watched the car pull into a driveway. He said he approached the car and noticed that the driver was very nervous and shaking and his voice trembled when he spoke. He said he asked the driver if they knew the people who lived there and admitted that he did not. He said there were two children in the car and he asked the driver to step out so they could talk. Vargas said he Terry-patted the man, who said he had no identification on him but later produced a Rhode Island ID. He said the man told him he had no warrants out but a routine check revealed his license was suspended. He said the driver finally admitted that he was attempting to evade Vargas because his license was suspended. Vargas said he learned that was true, along with an outstanding warrant for failure to appear. The woman and the children were released at the scene, but Jason W. Wright, 21, of 178 Third Ave., Cranston, was later released with a summons for driving on a suspended license.

Officer Quentin Tavares said he was in the parking lot of the Trudeau Center around 7:10 p.m. on June 14 when a car with no front plate passed him heading south on Post Road. He said he ran the number of the rear license plate and it should have been on another vehicle. He said he attempted to pull the car over, but it refused to stop until it got to the parking lot of the Cowesett Hill Apartments. Tavares said the man told him he didn’t see him and then told him he was really nervous. He said he had no license or registration on him, but a check revealed a suspended license and two warrants for failure to appear in District Court. John J. McGrath, 36, of 3595 Post Rd., was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license, no registration or insurance and improper display of plates. He was later released with a summons after seeing the bail commissioner.

Officer Matthew Moretti reported he stopped a Ford tow truck on Post Road for having flashing red strobes in the front windshield, which is against the law in Rhode Island. He said the operator told him he bought the lights for when he was towing or plowing with his truck. He got a ticket for the lights, but a procedural check on his passenger revealed that Niklos R. DiBenedetto, 33, of 59 Leland Ave., Warwick, was wanted for failure to appear in District Court for a DUI charge.


Det. Jeffrey Viveiros reported he went to the Fine Time Watch store on Toll Gate Road for a report of a $325 stolen watch. The owner told him that one of his employees took an open-faced Elgin pocket watch with a gold chain out of the display case to show a customer and the customer ran out of the store with it. He said the suspect disappeared onto the bike path next to the store, heading toward Warwick. Viveiros said he processed the scene for latent prints and brought what he got back to BCI. No suspects or other witnesses.

On June 15, a woman who lives on Lyndale Avenue told police her daughter’s pink Huffy Mountain Bike worth $150 went missing from the driveway, where it was kept next to a shed.

Officer Sokphannareth Chea reported a motorcycle missing from the parking lot of the Jamestown Apartments on Warwick Avenue on June 17. Chea said the owner told him he last saw the bike around 8 a.m. the day before and came home around midnight and noticed it was missing. He said it was a black 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600. Chea reported that another motorcycle, a silver 2008 Yamaha R6, was reported stolen from the same parking lot around 2:20 p.m. the day before. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer David Thompson took a report of wheels and tires removed from a car at the Royal Crest Apartments on Cedar Pond Drive on June 13. The victim told Thompson he came downstairs around 8:55 a.m. and found his 2011 Buick propped up on milk crates. He said his neighbor knocked on his door earlier to tell him about it and he went to see for himself. The victim and neighbors said they heard nothing unusual during the night.


A Coventry woman was charged with shoplifting at the Walmart on Bald Hill Road on June 10 after loss prevention told police they saw her take two packs of Funky Flames and conceal them, along with some baby clothes, before walking out of the store without paying for the goods. Ashley Lopes, 31, of 13 Hazel St., was charged with stealing $51.75 worth of stuff. She was later released with a summons.

Rhonda L. Civitarese, 46, of 50 Kennedy Plaza, Providence, was charged with stealing $56.93 worth of baby clothes from Macy’s in Warwick Mall on June 12. Loss prevention told police she crouched behind a rack and then reappeared with a much larger handbag before walking out without paying for the goods. Macy’s told her she was no longer welcome at the store. She was later released with a summons.

Daryl O. Ovary, 28, of 24 Robin Dr., Bristol, was charged with shoplifting from the Walmart store on Post Road on June 15. Officer Charles Austin said he was sent to the store while the suspect was inside and was anticipating that he would come out of the store without paying for a concealed item. But he didn’t leave the store and Austin said he went inside and confronted him. He said the man tried to leave without the concealed item, but Austin stopped him and ran a check on him. It turned out he was wanted in Warren for felony shoplifting, so Daryl was taken to Warwick headquarters to wait for Warren Police to come and get him.

A woman from North Kingstown was arrested at Macy’s on June 15 after a loss prevention officer told police she watched the woman accumulate a number of items worth a total of $132.50 as she moved through the store and then conceal them before attempting to leave without paying. Suzanne Barry, 40, of 5 State St., North Kingstown, was later released with a summons.


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