Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Matthew Moretti took a report of a stolen GPS unit from a truck on Palace Avenue on June 18. The owner told him his truck was unlocked the night before and when he returned to it that morning he noticed the unit was gone. He said it was a PC*Miler 450 and it cost $300. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Gary Driscoll reported that he was sent back to the same address the next day for a follow-up on the report. Driscoll said the man recounted the incident of the GPS and said he got a visit from a man that morning who said he bought a GPS unit on the street for $40 that day and when he put in a “favorites” address, the owner’s name and address popped up. He told the victim he realized that the unit was stolen and wanted to bring it back to its rightful owner. The victim said he arrived in an older model Mercury with an older couple sitting in the front seat. He said he voluntarily gave the man $40 for the GPS and they all drove off. He said he then began to rethink the situation and realized that his current address was a new address for him and had not yet been entered into his GPS. He told Driscoll he thought this highly unusual and began to think that the man who “returned” the unit must have known his address for another reason; because he took it, or knew who took it. Driscoll said the man was unable to provide a better description of the 5’9” to 5’10” 25- to 30-year-old white male or the plate number on the car he left in. He said the man emphasized that he volunteered to give him the $40.


Officer James Pettit reported going to Gate 464 on Warwick Industrial Drive at 7 a.m. on June 19 for a report of a damaged fence and two rolls of coaxial cable that went missing. It appeared that someone had used bolt cutters to cut a four-foot by four-foot hole in the fence and some tracks in the dirt that indicated the spools of cable had been rolled through the hole. He said the spools were extremely heavy and bulky and a van, pickup or box truck must have been used to move them. Nothing else was damaged or missing from the site. The FAA manager who reported the crime estimated that the spools cost about $1,500 each. There was a third spool that was apparently left untouched. No suspects or witnesses.


A customer at Work Out World on West Shore Road told police he left his backpack in a locker at the gym on June 14 and returned later to learn that his wallet, with various IDs, cards and $22 in cash was missing. He said he contacted his bank and learned that two purchases had already been made with his bankcard; $145.99 at a shoe store and another for $27.89 at a food store. No suspects or witnesses.

A Ring Avenue man called police to report that his son’s BMX bicycle went missing from his shed sometime between June 13 and June 17. He said he last saw the bike when he put the lawnmower away on June 13 and his son told him it was gone the next day. Police said the boy had no suspects in mind for the theft but did tell them a friend told him he saw someone riding a bike very much like his around Aldrich Junior High. He told police the purple King Whip Limited Edition BMX cost $425.85. His father did have the serial number for police and it was entered in NCIC as stolen. No witnesses or suspects.

Officer Zachary Davis reported going to Lincoln Park Cemetery on Post Road on June 16 for a larceny report. A woman there told Davis she was at the cemetery to weed and put some flowers on her parents’ grave when she heard what sounded like something breaking but didn’t give it much thought until she returned to her car and found that the passenger window on her car was smashed and her purse was missing. She said she had about $180 in cash, debit and credit cards, a cell phone and her husband’s medical information in the purse. A witness told Davis he saw a scruffy-looking man in a maroon Dodge quickly drive past him but did not get a plate number. No other witnesses or suspects.

Officer John Curley reported a weed-whacker, a leaf blower and a five-gallon gas can went missing from a landscaper’s trailer on June 10. The owner told Curley the work trailer was parked outside his house on Chestnut Street and it was locked. The left door was cut off the trailer with some sort of bolt cutter.

Officer Geoffrey Waldman reported a stainless steel refrigerator was stolen from behind the House of Pizza on West Shore Road on June 13. The owner told Waldman he came out that morning and saw that the refrigerator was missing. He said it was not secured to anything. Waldman said he suggested that he secure the other refrigerators to the property or build a fence around them. He estimated it was worth about $500. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Gregory Johnson took a report of a stolen extension cord on Jackson Avenue on June 12. The owner of the Like No Udder ice cream truck said she came home to find that the ultra-heavy duty 220 volt 30 amp extension cord she uses to recharge and maintain her ice cream truck was missing from her front porch. She reported that the special cord cost $250. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Thomas Duncan reported that he stopped a car because the driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt around 9:50 a.m. on June 20. Unfortunately, the passenger turned out to have an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in District Court. Karl Mello, 32, of 21 Parker Dr. in Nashua, N.H., was processed and then transported to District Court.


Two women were arrested at Macy’s in the Warwick Mall on June 21 after loss prevention for the store told police they watched the women while they were in the store and saw them concealing merchandise in their apparently empty handbags as they worked their way through jewelry and clothing and then attempted to leave without paying for the goods. Cara A. Petronelli, 22, of 24 Money Hill Rd. in Chepatchet was charged with stealing $350 worth; Leahanna Tucker, 21, of 3 Balcom Rd. in Foster was charged with stealing $141. They were later released with summons for District Court. Petrocelli also got a ticket for possession of five grams of marijuana.

A West Warwick man was charged with felony shoplifting at Macy’s on June 18. Loss prevention told police they began to watch the man after an associate in the Sunglass Hut called to say he was acting suspiciously. She said he put a pair of sunglasses in his pocket before he moved into the men’s department where she saw him take the glasses out of his shorts pocket, and then put them back in his pocket and head out the door. Loss prevention stopped him outside the door and held him for police. Loss prevention said he asked if he was going to be arrested and handed over two pairs of sunglasses and said he wanted to leave because he was on probation, and then pushed the loss prevention man and ran but was restrained with handcuffs. Officer Eric Lima said loss prevention told him the glasses were Oakleys and sold for $160 and $190, respectively. Joseph A. Marfeo, 31, of 825 Providence St. in West Warwick was also wanted for failure to appear in District Court and on probation for a prior shoplifting conviction. He was processed at headquarters and held for the next session of District Court.


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