Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Thomas Duncan reported taking a vandalism report from a resident of Adams Street on June 23. The man said he heard a noise in front of his house around 12:30 a.m. but didn’t think anything of it, or the fact that a TV stand left on their lawn was knocked over. He told Duncan he found a dent in his car and a scratched headlight when he went outside that morning and believes it happened around the time he heard the noise. He also showed Duncan a bag he found in his yard that contained a receipt with a woman’s name on it. He said they contacted the woman, who lived just down the street. She told him she only learned that her car had been broken into the night before when he called. Duncan said he also found several hairbrushes and related items on the ground and returned them to the woman. She told Duncan a blow dryer, a hair straightener, a curling iron and some clippers that were still in the box were still missing. Duncan said hers was the only theft reported on the street and there were no witnesses or suspects.

Officer Eric Lima reported he went to the parking lot for the walking and biking trail at Rocky Point Park around 6:20 p.m. on June 26 for a report of a smashed window and larceny from a car parked there. He said a passerby called in the report and the owner was not with the car. He said there was a rock on the rear seat that was used to break the window and he was in the process of running the plate when he saw a group of people come into the parking lot. The woman who owned the car was with them and told Lima she and her children came to the park to fish and told him her purse was missing from the car. She said it was a Michael Kors bag that cost $300 and contained a $20 wallet and $180 in cash. She said a debit card and her $199 cell phone were also inside the purse. Lima said he checked the area but found no witnesses. No suspects.

A couple that lives on Holmes Road reported that both their vehicles had been broken into sometime overnight on June 18. They said their cars were not locked, so there was no damage to the vehicles but an iPod and about $5 in change were gone. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Jason Cooke reported that he met a man at headquarters who came in to report that someone stole his cell phone at Oakland Beach. He explained that he was the only lifeguard working on the beach around 5 p.m. when he saw two people who were way too far into the bay for safety and tried to whistle them in. He said they didn’t respond so he got into his kayak and went out to tell them to get closer to shore. He said he came back around 20 minutes later and found that someone had rummaged through his things and taken his cell phone. He said he searched the area and asked people near the lifeguard chair if they saw anything and they said no, but they did see a heavyset man near the chair when he was on the water but were not able to give an adequate description of him. He told Cooke he tried calling the number but was sent directly to voicemail. He said his aunt bought the phone and it was in her name. Cooke said he told him that his aunt would have to file the complaint and Cooke called her later and she confirmed that she would complain. The phone was worth about $250. No suspects.


Officer Alfred Melucci reported taking a report of two missing trash receptacles at the Washington Trust Bank on Centerville Road around noon on June 26. The bank manager told him they noticed that the receptacles were missing from in front of the bank the morning before. She said they remembered last seeing them on June 21. She said they were brown with [decorative] stone siding and weighed around 75 pounds each. She said they cost about $325 each. Melucci said the size and weigh of the receptacles indicated that the thieves must have used a vehicle or truck to move them. She also told Melucci their security people were reviewing the video surveillance and would contact Warwick detectives if they found anything usable. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Brian Chianese reported the theft of some marine equipment from a boat kept at the Greenwich Bay Marina on Second Point Road on June 25. The boat owner said he last visited the boat about a week before and his outboard motor was still on the boat. He told Chianese his father-in-law was showing the boat to a possible buyer on that day and the buyer asked if the sailboat came with an outboard. He said his father-in-law assured the man that it did but was surprised when he saw the motor was missing when he attempted to point it out to the buyer. The owner showed Chianese where the cable that secured the motor to the boat was cut and an empty space where the motor should have been. He said the motor was valued at $2,000 and that he would press charges if the responsible parties were found. No suspects or witnesses. The case was forwarded to detectives.

Det. Edmund Pierce reported a second theft from the same marina company on Masthead Drive on June 24. Pierce said he was working a patrol shift around 7:15 that evening when he got the call about the theft. He said the owner told him his boat must have been broken into sometime between then and June 16, the last time he was on his 32-foot Bayliner. He reported a $1,400 Honda generator, a $300 22” television and the zinc from around the engine area were gone when he arrived. He also learned that five saltwater rods and five Shimano reels worth $750 were also missing. He also noted that the thief attempted to steal a JVC radio with no success as well. No suspects or witnesses.


An Eastgate Drive resident told police a 24-foot fiberglass extension ladder that he left bolted to the top of his truck was stolen on June 25. The man told Officer Jacob Elderkin he didn’t notice that the ladder was missing until he came home on June 26. He said he then reviewed the surveillance video and it showed two men arriving at the house around 11:15 p.m. the night before and start working at undoing the bolt that held the ladder onto the truck. He said they finally got it free around 11:30 and carried it away. Elderkin said he reviewed the video himself and noticed that it was very grainy and no identifiable facial hair or clothing could be seen on it but it appeared that one had a hat on and the other had dark hair. He said they took a look around the area. Elderkin said there was no vehicle used in the theft and they believed the thieves put the ladder in some nearby woods to conceal it until they had a vehicle to take it away with [which would be less noticeable than walking down the street carrying a ladder]. No other witnesses or suspects.


Officer Jason Brodeur reported he was dispatched to Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses on Long Street around 3:45 p.m. to take a report of a malicious damage complaint. A manger at the hall told him they arrived at the hall and found tire tracks on their front lawn. They showed him surveillance video that showed two females in a red Chrysler Sebring on the lawn but it was not clear enough to identify the women or read the plate number on the car. The manager requested that police check the area more frequently. There were no other witnesses.


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