Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


A resident of the 4000 block of Post Road told police someone came on his property and damaged his above-ground pool and cut out the filter with a knife and took the filter away on July 20. He said he saw a gray van parked outside his property the day before and he suspected it was someone who saw the pool from the road and decided to steal the filter and slash the bottom. There were no other suspects or witnesses.


Officer Eric Lima reported arresting an adult and a juvenile on July 18 after loss prevention at the JC Penney store in Warwick Mall told him they watched two females go through the women’s Levi’s section selecting merchandise without looking at the price tags. They told Lima the 17-year-old and the older woman went into the fitting rooms with their selections and came out without the goods in sight. They said a quick check of the fitting rooms turned up empty hangers and no jeans. They told Lima they stopped them when they attempted to leave without paying for the concealed goods and called the police. Yluminada Almanzar De Maria, 63, of 4 Cathedral Square, Providence, was charged with stealing $285.95 in merchandise and her granddaughter was charged with taking $184.96 worth. They were taken to headquarters, where the juvenile’s mother was informed of the arrest and the suspects were dropped off at the nearest bus stop at the mall with summonses for District Court.

A Coventry man was charged with stealing a $190 pair of Oakley sunglasses and a $62 bottle of Burberry cologne from Macy’s on July 23. Loss prevention told police they saw him remove the price tag from the glasses and put them in his pocket and then stopped him as he tried to walk out of the store. They said they found a tester of the cologne in his pocket. Joseph Velleco, 19, of 371 Hill St., was later released with a summons.


Officer Rose Michel reported a car stolen from the Showcase Cinema parking lot on Quaker Lane on July 20. The driver told Michel the car had a New Jersey registration, G63DDY, and was a silver 1997 Acura Integra. He said it was registered to his mother, and Michel said she estimated the car was worth $6,000 and said she would press charges. The driver said he left the car locked around 9:50 p.m. and it was gone when he came out of the movie at 12:10 a.m. He said no one else had a key to the car. No witnesses or suspects.


Officer Jason Cooke reported that a doctor’s car was vandalized in the parking lot of Kent Hospital on July 24. A security officer at the hospital showed Cooke the damage to the car that was left in the doctors lot facing Toll Gate Road with a wooded area in between. Cooke said there were dents and scrapes on the hood and a large crack in the windshield that appeared to have been inflicted with small rocks found around the vehicle. He said the doctor told him she was not having any problems with anyone, including co-workers and patients, and had no idea why her car was targeted. The security officer said they would review surveillance video and notify police if they found anything. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Jamey Petit reported he stopped a car for having its interior light on while driving at a high rate of speed on Airport Road around 2:15 a.m. on July 25. He said it ran the red light at Post Road and its tires screeched when it attempted to straighten out on Post Road going north in the south lane for about 250 feet before getting into the proper lane. He said the driver admitted he had a couple of beers at Hooter’s and smelled of alcohol and looked intoxicated. He said he also slurred his speech as he told Petit he didn’t have a license. Petit said he stopped the field sobriety test when the driver admitted he couldn’t stand on one leg. He was taken to headquarters, where he refused to take a breath test. Dean G. Brady, 32, of 226 Toledo Ave., Pawtucket, was charged with DUI, refusal, driving without a license and laned roadway violations. He was later released to a sober adult.

Officer John Larivee reported an accident at the entrance to the parking lot at the Lancaster Apartments on West Shore Road around 8:35 p.m. on July 18. He said the driver of one of the cars appeared to be intoxicated and was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. He said the driver failed a field sobriety test and was taken to headquarters, where he registered a .170 and a .167 blood alcohol content on the breath test. Larivee said he learned that the driver had a prior DUI from 2009. Timothy M. Macrae, 41, of 325 West Shore Rd., was charged with DUI, second offense, and later released to a sober adult.

An East Greenwich officer told Warwick Officer Nicholas Reay he saw a pickup truck coming out of the parking lot at the Showcase Cinema around 8:40 p.m. on July 19 and nearly strike another vehicle before he prevented it from entering Division Street. Reay said the driver almost lost his balance when he was told to get out of the truck and looked, acted and smelled like he was drunk. He said the driver was already failing the field sobriety test when he refused to do the one-legged stand. He said he arrested the driver on suspicion of drunk driving and transported him to Kent Hospital for a blood test. He said Ralph D’Angelo, 66, of 65 Lippitt Ave., Warwick, refused the blood test and was charged with DUI and refusal and left in the care of the hospital staff.

Officer Reay reported that he stopped a motorcycle on Post Road around 9:25 p.m. on July 20 for laned roadway violations after watching it cross the double yellow lines and ride dangerously close to the vehicle in front of it until he pulled it over. He said the driver appeared to be drunk and smelled of alcohol. He said the driver failed the field sobriety test and registered a .217 on the portable breath analyzer. He was taken to headquarters, where he refused to take an Intoxilyzer test. Douglas J. Zina, 51, of 35 Bailey Dr., West Greenwich, was charged with DUI, second offense, and refusal and later released to a sober adult. Zina’s passenger, a 39-year-old woman from West Greenwich, appeared to be stumbling drunk as well and told police she had no one to call to take her home. She was taken to Kent Hospital for detox.


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