Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Zachary Davis reported stopping two men on Toll Gate Road around 3:15 p.m. on July 29 who matched the description of two suspects in a shoplifting incident at Haxton’s Liquors on Bald Hill Road. Haxton’s also said they had a T-Mobile shopping bag that they put the bottle of vodka in and these men had the bag and there was a bottle of cherry-flavored vodka in the bag. Davis said he asked the man holding the bag where he got the alcohol and the man relied, “I got it from a different liquor store,” but had no receipt for it. He said the man did admit he took the vodka, but the second man claimed he had no knowledge of what his friend had done and did not help his friend. In the meantime, Officer Paul Wells got more information and surveillance video at Haxton’s that proved they worked it together. The video showed the two men in a different aisle, with the innocent one acting as lookout. Wells said he also spoke with a clerk at the T-Mobile store who told him he gave the innocent one a bag a few moments before they went into Haxton’s. Peter T. Shane, 29, of 7 Smith St., East Providence, was charged with shoplifting and conspiracy to shoplift. Matthew Ryan Murphy, 28, of 11 Pleasant Sat., West Warwick, was charged with conspiracy to shoplift. Murphy was also charged with being a probation violator.


Officer Gary Driscoll reported taking custody of a shoplifting suspect at the Stop & Shop in Meadowbrook on July 28. A loss prevention person at the store told him she observed the suspect. The suspect and a passenger were removed from a car that was attempting to flee with Massachusetts plates. He said there was chicken and shrimp on the roof of the car and a number of Stop & Shop employees telling police what they saw. They said the older man came in the store the day before and stole two bags of jumbo shrimp. They said he came back that day and returned one of the bags for a $29.98 gift card and then used a food basket to gather up more groceries and walk out of the store without paying for any of them, and they had it all on video. Robert E. Paquette, 70, of 90 Feno Ct., Somerset, Mass., was charged with shoplifting on both occasions and with obtaining money under false pretenses. The man with him claimed he knew nothing of what the man was doing and police did not have evidence to hold him. But Driscoll also noticed the car was in a handicapped spot so that was added to the charges for a $100 fine.

Officer John Madden reported taking a Warwick man into custody charged with shoplifting at the Stop & Shop in Meadowbrook on July 28. An employee told Madden they watched the suspect pretend to scan the items at the self-checkout counter and then bag them and walk out of the store without paying for them. Madden reported they actually scanned the items and it came to $195.67. Madden said the suspect told him he tried to scan the items but the scanner didn’t work and he got frustrated and decided to just leave without paying. John T. Roda, 55, 110 West Shore Rd., was later released with a summons for District Court.


A Providence woman was arrested at Kohl’s at Rhode Island Mall on July 27 after loss prevention at the store told police she took three pieces of jewelry into a fitting room and left the packaging behind. Medgine Jean, 30, of 315 Elmwood Ave., was charged with shoplifting but only one of the missing items was found. They said a pair of earrings and a necklace was missing so they only charged her with the $14.40 ring they found.


Officer Daniel O’Connell reported he arrested a man at Oakland Beach around 5:15 p.m. on July 28 after a 9-year-old and another witness told him the man was yelling at them and calling them names before O’Connell arrived. He said the man was part of a group of three apparently homeless and intoxicated men who were told to stop soliciting money from passing cars earlier that day. This time, a witness said he was sitting near the bus stop when he heard the man yelling at a little boy on a bike, threatening him with, “I’ll slap you like a little bitch” and other abusive words. The man said he intervened and got yelled at as well. David A. Nadeau, 49, of 208 Webster Ave., Providence, was arrested and charged with disorderly. He said he was releasing the man at headquarters after he was processed and informed him that the No Fare RIPTA pass he had that belonged to someone else was being disabled and confiscated. He said Nadeau clenched his fists and became abusive toward him, so he was rearrested and later taken to Kent Hospital for detox.


Officer Robert Gauvin reported he went to a residence on Grandview Drive on July 31 for a report of a BB shot that cracked a window in a house there. The owner said he was looking out his window after breakfast and noticed the crack. He said he heard nothing the night before but said the window was intact at that time. No suspects or witnesses.


A Pontiac Street resident told Officer Christopher Lo he noticed that four bicycles were missing from his home on July 30. He said the last time he noticed the bikes was 10 days before. A man and a woman’s mountain bikes, a boy’s “Next” red and chrome bike and a regular boy’s yellow and blue bike were worth about $100 each. No suspects or witnesses.


A Cranston man met with Officer Paul White on July 25 to report that the copper pipes of a house on Martine Street had been stripped out. He said he was in the process of selling the house and got a call from a realtor that morning informing him that the water wasn’t running. He said he came to the house to see what the problem was and found the water shut off at the meter and all the copper pipes ripped out of the basement ceiling. No suspects or witnesses.


The Statewide Grand Jury reported an indictment charging Robert Braga and Dwayne Fullmer for their involvement in several burglaries and robberies in May. Robert Braga, 19, of 683 Sandy Lane in Warwick and Dwayne Fullmer, 26, of 221 Nooseneck Hill Rd. in Exeter, are each charged with one count of burglary, two counts of first-degree robbery and one count of conspiracy. 

It is alleged that on or about May 21, 2013, Braga and Fullmer conspired and burglarized a home. It is further alleged that they robbed two individuals.  The alleged events took place in Warwick, and the Warwick Police conducted the investigation. Braga and Fullmer are both scheduled to be arraigned in Kent County Superior Court on August 16, 2013.


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