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A couple from Providence found another reason not to throw litter out of your car on Sept. 20, after Officer Robert Gauvin stopped the vehicle they were in on Oakland Beach Avenue. Gauvin reported he was on patrol when he saw the right rear passenger throw a piece of white debris from the window of the vehicle and he pulled it over near the U-Haul facility. He said he approached the passenger first and noticed that she stuttered when he asked her name and date of birth. He said she told him she did not have her identification on her but said her name was Samantha Leigh. He said he had her step out of the car while he spoke with the other people in the car. He said he learned that she lied about her name and used her sister’s name and a look in her purse turned up a driver’s license that showed her name was Cassandra Leigh, 21, of 156 Chandler Ave., Pawtucket, and there were three outstanding warrants out of District Court for her. A check on the driver of the car, identified as Brandon Briggs, 27, of 48 Brigham St., Providence, turned up another outstanding warrant from District Court for him. Leigh was charged with obstructing an officer and littering and then transported to the ACI along with Briggs.


Loss prevention personnel at the Sears store at Rhode Island Mall told police on Sept. 23 that they saw a woman walk from department to department selecting items and concealing them before she walked out without paying for the goods. She was led back inside the store and police were called. Dawn M. Murray, 46, of 385 Oaklawn Ave., Cranston, was charged with stealing 12 items worth $342.43. She was taken to headquarters and was charged with felony shoplifting based on prior convictions for the same offense. She was later released on $1,000 surety bail.

Officer John Zaborski reported he and other officers were dispatched to the Walmart store on Post Road around 3:25 p.m. on Sept. 21 for a shoplifting in progress. He said he walked into the store and asked the loss prevention agent where the suspects were and he said “right behind us,” and Zaborski stopped the suspects as they were walking out the door. Zaborski said one of the men said “You got me” as he was being escorted to the loss prevention office. Zaborski said they recovered two video cameras from one suspect but found no merchandise on the other. He said the suspect with the goods told them his friend had nothing to do with the thefts, so his friend was not arrested, even though they found a needle used for narcotics in his friend’s pocket. Both men were told they would be arrested for trespassing if they came back to the store but Jonathan M. Roch, 30, of 40 Liena Rose Way, Coventry, was charged with felony shoplifting and removing anti-theft devices and as a habitual offender and then remanded to the ACI as a probation violator.


Officer Michelle Caron reported the theft of a wallet from a car in the lot of the Teamworks complex on Jefferson Boulevard on Sept. 15 and returned to his car to learn that his wallet was missing. He said he couldn’t remember if he locked the car, but there was no damage indicating entry was forced. He said $10 in cash, a debit card and a number of store credit cards and his driver’s license were in the wallet. He said he checked with his bank when he got home and learned that $347.75 was charged to one of his cards at Walmart and $4.83 at a Redbox in Coventry. Caron said she went to the Teamworks location on Sept. 17 to review surveillance video from the parking lot the night of the larceny and saw a man other than the owner get into the car, stay a few moments and then get out again and walk out of view. She said a group of people walked by and then the suspect appeared again, walked across the lot and got into a car parked against the wall and then drove out of the parking lot. They could not see the license plate, but the car was described as a Nissan 300Z or a Saab. No other suspects or witnesses.

The owner of the C & L Auto Wholesalers on Warwick Avenue told Officer Scott Chanthaphouvong they pulled a car out of their inventory to get it prepped for sale on Sept. 13 when they noticed that it had been broken into and the radio faceplate was gone and the dash was damaged by an attempt to take the radio. The owner told police the radio was worth around $200, but there was around $800 damage to the dashboard. No suspects or witnesses.

A thief had better luck with a radio from a car parked at Linbrook Apartments overnight on Sept. 14. An owner there showed police where his Kenwood radio was and described a missing iPod and said the replacement and damage would cost $380. Officer Britton Kelly said there was a Dasani water bottle with some sort of pink liquid in it that the owner and his girlfriend did not recognize as theirs. It was taken to BCI to be dusted for prints in case the thief left it behind. No other suspects or witnesses.


Officer Christopher Lo reported two cars were “keyed” in the parking lot of the Cowesett Hills Apartment complex on Post Road sometime overnight on Sept. 21. Lo said it appeared that a key was used to scratch up the back fenders of both his vehicles. There were no suspects or witnesses, and the owner told Lo there have been other vehicles keyed in the past.


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