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Officer Terence McMullin reported he was dispatched to the Comfort Inn Hotel around 11:30 p.m. on Nov. 17 for a report of an intoxicated woman in the hotel lobby. He said he spoke with the clerk who told him that the woman was at the bar earlier and, when the bar closed at 11 p.m., she came to the desk and asked to rent a room. He told McMullin he was uncomfortable about doing that because she was so intoxicated and when he told her that, she became belligerent and went to sit on a couch. McMullin said he asked the woman for her identification and asked if there was anyone who could come and get her and she said she did not but that became beside the point when he ran the woman’s name and learned there was a Superior Court bench warrant for failure to appear on a felony shoplifting charge that was issued on Nov. 4. He said he then arrested the woman who insisted she did nothing wrong and brought her to headquarters where she refused to cooperate and “refused to take off her vast amount of jewelry or to cooperate with the intake process.” Due to her highly intoxicated state, McMullin said they left Eileen Feliciano Miller, 47, of 118B Bonnet Shores Rd. in Narragansett, in a holding cell until she was sober enough for booking and later transported her to the ACI Women’s Intake Center.


A Providence man was charged with stealing $229.58 worth of DVDs from the Wal-Mart store on Bald Hill Road on Nov. 15. Loss prevention told police the man concealed the DVDs in his sweatshirt and walked out of the store without paying for them. Justin L. Iavarone, 33, of 847 Atwood Ave. was later released with a summons.

Loss prevention personnel at the Target store in the Warwick Mall told police they recognized a Providence woman as soon as she walked in the store as being involved in the theft of baby formula on Nov. 14 when she returned the next day. They told police they followed her through the store as she collected shoes, clothing and jewelry and concealed the goods in a shopping bag before leaving the store without paying for the stuff. They told police they recovered $603.75 worth of merchandise from Jessica L. Gianfrancesco, 25, of 184 Babcock St. in Providence. She was later released with a summons.

Loss prevention at the TJ Maxx store on Bald Hill Road told police they saw a Providence woman select three pairs of shoes worth $309.97 and conceal them in her handbag before leaving the store without paying for them on Nov. 15. They also said they found a second identification that was not the suspect’s in her purse. Nicole Rodriques, 19, of 976 Douglas Ave. was charged with shoplifting and later released with a summons.

Loss prevention at the Target store in the Warwick Mall told police they recognized a couple from a prior incident at the store on Nov. 13 and followed the couple around the store as they selected merchandise and put it in a shopping cart. They said they saw the man conceal two Playstation game controllers in the handbag of the woman and saw the man attempt to leave the store with a $169.99 coffee maker without paying for it. They were stopped outside when they left without paying for the concealed goods. Joaquim Ferreira, 60, of 575 Wickendon St. and Lynn A. Morehouse, 44, of 46 Trenton St., both in Providence. Morehouse was later released with a summons. Ferreira was held for the bail commissioner.

Annabel Reyes, 31, of 61 Rushmore Ave. in Providence was charged with shoplifting at the Macy’s store in the Warwick Mall on Nov. 20 after she selected over $400 worth of Michael Kors designer clothing and concealed it in a baby stroller in the fitting room and then attempted to leave the store without paying for it and some other merchandise. Loss prevention told police they recovered $507.99 in goods from Reyes. She was later released with a summons.

Officer Aaron Kay reported he and several other officers were dispatched to the Wal-Mart on Post Road for a shoplifting in progress on Nov. 17. Kay said he arrived too late to locate the vehicle the suspects left in but did speak with the loss prevention agents who stopped a “boyish-looking” 18-year-old woman in the vestibule who refused to cooperate and fled in a silver Toyota Solera. Loss prevention told police they recovered $1,081.39 worth of electronics from the carriage she abandoned. Loss prevention gave police a copy of the closed circuit surveillance they had of the incident.


A Broad Street resident told police her son’s 20-inch bicycle was missing from their yard on Nov. 18. She said it was a green bike with dinosaur decals and was worth around $80. No witnesses or suspects.

A black wallet with credit and debit cards and $120 in cash in it went missing from a locker at the YMCA on Centerville Road on Nov. 18. No suspects or witnesses.

A purse containing credit cards, debit cards, storage locker keys and identification and around $11 in cash went missing from a locker at the Rhode Island Boxing Gym at 708 East Ave. on Nov. 8. No suspects or witnesses.

A Cranston woman told police she left her wallet in her backpack in her locker at Planet Fitness on Nov. 10 and learned that someone had gone through the wallet and taken $350 in cash. She said she didn’t notice the theft until she went to pay for a cup of coffee about 30 minutes later and discovered the money was gone. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Robert Gauvin reported being dispatched to Veterans Memorial Drive around 3:25 a.m. on Nov. 16 for a driver stopped in the roadway and passed out at the wheel. He said the car was stopped just before the entrance to headquarters and the front right tire was flat and partially off the rim. He said he had to pound on the window about 40 times before the driver stirred and unlocked the door. Gauvin said he reached in and shut the car off. He said the driver had no idea where he was and had to lean on the car to stay upright. He said he gave the driver a field sobriety test that he had to stop when the driver almost fell down. Mole Arizmendi, 33, of 10 Greenwood St. in Providence was taken to headquarters where he registered a .167 and a .152 blood alcohol content on the breath test. He was charged with DUI and later released to a sober adult.


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