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Officer Quentin Tavares reported recovering some stolen wheels from an auto body shop on Jefferson Boulevard on Dec. 23. A Cranston man called police to report that a friend tipped him off that four Escalade wheels he reported stolen from his house to Cranston Police on Dec. 10 were now mounted on a 1999 Chevy located at L & D Auto Body. The caller told Tavares he had pictures of the wheels and could prove they belonged to him. Tavares said he and another officer went to the body shop and identified the wheels. They said they called the registered owner of the Chevy and had him return to the shop. He claimed he saw the wheels on Craig’slist for $400 and bought them when the seller came by the shop and showed them to him but he could not remember the man’s phone number or email address or his vehicle and plate number. Tavares said they gave the buyer a form for a statement, but he did not complete the form. Derek M. Karpinski, 34, of 150 Fairfax Dr., Warwick, was charged with possession of stolen property and later released with a summons.


Officer Aaron Kay reported he was dispatched to the parking lot of Newbury Comics on Bald Hill Road around 8:45 p.m. on Dec. 23 for a fight. He said he arrived and found two men on the ground and separated them. Kay said he asked the man on the bottom what happened and he said he and his girlfriend were going into the store when they saw two men off to the side and one of the men was gawking at the man’s girlfriend. He said he marched up to the two men and said he did not appreciate them “[expletive] looking at my girlfriend like that. You two had better [expletive] knock it off.” He said he asked if they made gestures or comments and the man said no, one of them “was just staring at her.” He told Kay that the other man put his hand on his chest and told him to back off, at which time the fight broke out and the two men ended up on the ground, with him on the bottom until police arrived.

Kay said he then spoke with the other man, who told him they arrived at the parking lot and he was waiting for his friend, who is legally blind, to walk into the store. He said the other man came up to them and yelled at his blind friend for staring at his girlfriend and he pushed him away when he got too close and the fight started. He told Kay they didn’t want to press charges against the other man and just wanted to leave and have nothing more to do with the other man, identified as Peter Wilcox, 44, of 4 Sandy Bottom Shores Dr., South Kingstown. Kay said he went back to Wilcox and told him that the man he accused of gawking at his girlfriend was legally blind and incapable of staring at her, to which Wilcox replied with an outburst of invective against the blind man and his friend. Kay said he continued to carry on in that way and he realized that Wilcox smelled of alcohol and his girlfriend had already left with his truck and that Kay should “do what he had to do” and arrest him.

Kay said he put Wilcox in his cruiser and was going to take him to headquarters for disorderly conduct when his woman friend offered to take him home but he refused and continued to be disorderly and loud. He was charged with disorderly and subsequently taken to Kent Hospital for detox when he refused to call someone to take him home. He said he started acting up again at the hospital and told an officer he would be checking on him in a few months to make sure he “wears his lipstick” and then blew the officer a kiss, “which continued with his disorderly behavior” as he was turned over to the staff.


A manager at A.C. Moore at 300 Quaker Lane reported that someone had taken the brass covers off the couplings for the fire pipes attached to the back of the building. The couplings were installed to give the Fire Department access to the water supply to the building in the event of a fire. He told police they were last seen last year, the last time the plumber checked them. The four covers are worth around $500. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Timothy Kenyon reported going to AA Thrifty Sign & Awning on Jefferson Boulevard on Dec. 19 for a report of two double-sided “Johnny Rocket” neon signs that apparently had been stolen. The manager said the two signs were around six feet tall and cost $8,000 each. The manager showed Kenyon surveillance video of the theft that showed a newer GMC pickup truck pulling up to the signs and then two men getting out and loading the signs onto the back of the truck. The plate number on the truck could not be discerned and the subjects were too far away for a good picture of the suspects. The owner said she hoped that one of her computer technicians could get more from the video surveillance when he returned to work on Dec. 23. The report was forwarded to detectives.


Officer Daniel O’Connell reported a pickup truck being vandalized at the Oakland Beach Boat Ramp on Dec. 28. He said the owner was standing beside the truck and pointed to the silver spray paint that covered the car, with the word “Assow” on the driver’s side and “Ass” on the rear, but with the vehicle itself painted all over. No other vehicles in the lot were painted. He said the owner of the truck said he was a shellfisherman and parked around 6 a.m. and came back around 9:55 a.m. to find the truck painted. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Britton Kelly reported to a shoplifting arrest at the Walmart at Rhode Island Mall on when a loss prevention agent pointed out a man coming out of the store with a carriage full of merchandise and he was arrested and charged with stealing $1,152.01 worth of merchandise. Kelly said they later learned that the suspect was wanted on two outstanding warrants from Plainville and North Attleboro, Mass. and that both police departments wanted him back in Massachusetts. Theodore Francis Rowland, 43, of 60 Arnold Rd., Woonsocket, was charged with shoplifting and then held without bail until the North Attleboro or Plainville Police came to take him back to Massachusetts.


Police responded to the area of 125 Metro Center Blvd. at 12:30 a.m. and found the driver of a car fled the scene. Police later found 26-year-old Kristylee Perrino of Grimshaw Place, Warwick, and charged her with hitting 46-year-old Michael Hague of Warwick Ave. He was transported to Rhode Island Hospital with serious injuries and at last check is still hospitalized. The preliminary investigation disclosed that Perrino was traveling northeast when she struck Hague in the area of 125 Metro Center Blvd. and then left the scene, according to a press release from Lt. Michael Gilbert last week. Investigators located the suspect vehicle a short time later, and Perrino was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident, DUI first offense and later released to a sober adult.

Officer Sokphannareth Chea reported stopping a car for going through a red light at West Shore Road and Warwick Avenue around 2:25 a.m. on Dec. 22. Chea said the driver, identified as Ryan E. Canham, 22, of 11 Economy Ave., Warwick, was apparently intoxicated and said he had “a lot” of alcohol earlier. Chea said Canham failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breath test at headquarters. He was charged with DUI and refusal and later released to a sober adult.


A Hyde Park, Mass., woman was arrested on Dec. 22 after loss prevention at Macy’s in Warwick Mall told police she had one of the suspects in custody but had lost sight of a second suspect. Dominique Santos, 27, of 37 Milton St., Hyde Park, was charged with stealing $569 worth of clothing and later released on $3,000 surety bail.

Loss prevention at the Sears store in Rhode Island Mall told police they saw the suspect, Rory M. Tillman, 57, of 1690 Broad St., Cranston, take a men’s jacket and a pair of sunglasses worth $228 and walk out without paying for them. Officer Nicholas Reay said the suspect admitted he had some stuff in his car that he stole from Macy’s earlier that day. Loss prevention from Macy’s took possession of a black winter vest and a package of men’s socks from the car but declined to press additional charges against Tillman, who was charged with felony shoplifting as a habitual offender.


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