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Officer Michael Harris was dispatched to a Merle Street address on Jan. 22 for a malicious damage report. A resident there told Harris an unknown man came to his door who told him he wanted money and said he was there to collect a debt. The resident told Harris he never saw the man and didn’t know what he was talking about and closed the door on him, which upset the stranger. He said he watched the man through the window as he picked up a shovel outside and used it to scratch the driver’s side of the car before he got into a car and drove off. The man said he didn’t get the plate number of what was possibly a silver sedan. No suspects.

A Corona Street resident told Officer Scott Chanthaphouvong that she heard a noise around 12:45 a.m. and went to her window but did not see anything going on outside. She said she got up that morning and found that her mailbox had been destroyed and a reflector light stick shoved into the tailpipe of her car. She said checks with her neighbors produced no suspects or witnesses.


Officer Christopher Lo reported taking a shoplifting suspect into custody at the Kohl’s store in the Rhode Island Mall on Jan. 20. Loss prevention told him they saw the suspect select clothing and jewelry worth a total of $119.36 and conceal the items in her purse before leaving the store without paying for the goods. Kristalee A. Perrino, 26, of 55 Grimshaw Pl. in Warwick was charged with shoplifting and later released with a summons.

Bianca A. Cruz, 20, of 40 Perkins Ave. in Cranston was charged with shoplifting on Jan. 16 after security at the Sears store in the Rhode Island Mall told Officer Jacob Elderkin she took a variety of clothing into fitting rooms and came out with a purse that was bulging in a way it was not when she went in. She was stopped outside and security said they recovered $302 worth of clothing from her purse when they stopped her outside. She was later released with a summons.

Loss prevention at Macy’s in the Warwick Mall told police they had video of a man coming into the store and grabbing three gift packages of Polo Red fragrance worth a total of $258 and concealed them and left the store before anyone could stop him. They gave Officer Stephen Major a copy of the video. No one at the store could identify the suspect.


Officer John Curley reported he was on a directed patrol in the area of Ash Street around 6:50 p.m. on Jan. 16 when he saw an older man and a younger woman parked near Covel Circle. He said he ran a check on the plate and found out it was expired for Mercury and should not have been on a 1998 Volvo. He said he turned around and was going toward the Volvo when it made a u-turn and turned into Covel Circle. He said the young female got out of the car after kissing the older man on the cheek. He said he began to speak with the female and detained her while he spoke with the man. The man admitted he met the girl at the Food Mart at Post and Sand Pond Roads earlier to sell her $30 worth of marijuana and then gave her a ride home. He denied knowing her and said he had no idea how old she was. He said he placed the man under arrest and said another officer retrieved the 9 grams of marijuana from the 17-year-old girl. Curley said he smelled what seemed to be marijuana in the car and called for Officer Aaron Steere and his K-9 Viking. He said Viking hit a positive on the hood of the car and the suspect, identified as Johnny Evangelista, 44, of 2 Bidell Ave. in Providence, admitted there was marijuana stashed in the air filter box. Curley said they recovered 18 grams of marijuana in two packages from the air filter and charged Evangelista with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. He said the package confiscated from the young woman was packed in the same manner as the marijuana in the air filter, indicating that it was prepackaged for sale and not for Evangelista’s personal use. Evangelista was held for arraignment and the young woman was turned over to her mother after she was charged with possession of marijuana.


Officer Evan Brent reported he was dispatched to the Showcase Cinema on Quaker Lane around 11:50 p.m. after a manager at the theatre told dispatch they were stalling two intoxicated people from getting to their car and driving drunk. Brent said the male part of the couple was already being detained in the back seat of another officer’s car but the female was flailing her arms around and yelling at another officer. He said he took her to his car after telling her he would take her to Kent Hospital for detox. He said she became agitated as he was placing her in his cruiser and began to yell obscenities at another officer, using racial slurs and offensive pronouns. He said the woman kicked the door and hit the officer she was calling the N-word. He said he took her out of the car and put the cuffs on her as she resisted violently. He said the woman banged her head on the door of the cruiser getting out of the car at headquarters and was subdued again before Ashley M. Garbarino, 25, of 14 Riverdale St. in West Warwick was processed and held for the next session of District Court to be charged with assault.


Officer Scott Chanthaphouvong reported the theft of a number of pipes from a construction site on Lori Ann Way on Jan. 18. The contractor told police they left the site on Jan. 17 and returned the next day to find saw horses and pipes strewn across the road and an inventory revealed that 10 four-inch wide pipes were stolen. He said the 10-foot-long pipes cost $19 each. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Patrick Smith reported going to the Hess Gas station on Airport Road on Jan. 23 to get the details of a gas evasion. The clerk told Smith a man drove up to a pump in a white Dodge Ram pickup truck and filled it with $52.60 worth of gas. The clerk told Smith he stepped outside to tell the man that he had to pay for the gas inside and that the man nodded an acknowledgement and, as the clerk turned to go back inside, the driver “floored it” and took off down Airport Road. The clerk told Smith he believed the evasion was deliberate and he wanted to press charges against the driver, described as a black male in his late 30s. Smith said he got a plate number from the clerk but was unsuccessful in pairing it to a Dodge pickup after various plate types were run.

A woman who lives on Burbank Drive told police she returned to her car around 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 18 and found it had been gone through overnight. She said she left it unlocked and some things left in the car were missing. She said her son’s Marine graduation ring and a Blackberry phone with all of its data wiped out was also in the car, which were worth around $180. No suspects or witnesses.

A Hamilton Avenue man told police someone entered his vehicle overnight on Jan. 18 and took a roll of quarters and a $20 bill from the console. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Tammy Mello reported speaking with a Brunswick Drive mother who told her she took the kids and her husband to the Not Your Average Joe’s Restaurant on Bald Hill Road on Jan. 9 and then went home. She said she noticed the next day that her Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Wistful Weekender diaper bag was missing. She said several credit and debit cards were in her Petunia Pickle Bottom wallet (cake style), two envelopes containing about $140 cash and one envelope with two checks in it, three cloth diapers, baby clothes and other baby items. She believed it was taken from the car while they were in the restaurant. No suspects or witnesses.


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