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Warwick detectives have released their report about a Lincoln woman who was arrested and charged with stealing over $10,000 from the Street Corner Convenience store in Warwick Mall. The report detailed how the store maintains several bank accounts, one of which was specifically for Rhode Island Lottery sales. Sgt. Mark Canning reported that the owners of the store discovered that five deposits intended for the Lottery account were missing from Dec. 3 through Dec. 13 and that the total amount was $10,331. They said they immediately made up for the shortage to the Lottery and then set out to find out what happened with the deposits, which were usually kept in an unlocked cabinet under the register for deposit the following day. They said they then had a meeting with Deborah Farias, 49, of 88 Volterno St., North Providence, and she denied taking the deposits. Canning said they had in-store video from Dec. 18 that clearly showed Farias taking the deposit from the cabinet and putting it in her purse before leaving the mall without dropping the money at the Citizens Bank branch inside the mall. Canning said all attempts to contact the woman were unsuccessful. He said he and several North Providence uniformed police found Farias at home and he asked her to come to headquarters for questioning. He said she declined to come at that time and said she would be there the next day with her attorney.

He said she did come to headquarters the next day after calling Canning and telling him she was running late. He said he asked her if her attorney was coming and she told him he was not called because she owed him $2,500. He said she denied taking the deposits but could not offer any reasonable explanation for the missing money. Canning said she appeared to be reluctant to admit because she was worried about a drug possession charge in Lincoln from November of 2013 that she was currently out on bail for. He said she admitted she had a drug problem but that the last arrest was because she was holding drugs for her cousin and she was afraid that the embezzlement charge would violate conditions of her bail. He said she admitted gambling away $30,000 of her husband’s money, without his knowledge, at Twin River over the past few weeks. Actually, it was a violation but she continued to resist admitting taking the Lottery money. She was charged with felony embezzlement and held without bail until surety bail was posted for her on Feb. 5. Court records show two prior drug arrests, in Providence and Pawtucket, in 1999.


A 65-year-old cab driver from Providence told police he was assaulted in front of the NYLO Hotel around 2 a.m. on Jan. 26. He said he dropped two people off at the hotel and was about to leave when a man jumped in the cab and asked to be taken to the Comfort Inn. He said he explained to the man that he was stationed out of Providence and was not allowed to pick up fares in Warwick and the man became combative, and when he persisted the driver told him to get out of the cab. The man got out, reached inside the driver’s side and punched the cabbie in his arm, slammed the door, kicked the taxi and walked through NYLO and then down the street behind NYLO. Police searched the area but did not find the suspect. If they did, he would have been charged with assaulting a person over 60.


Officer Charles Austin reported he was dispatched to The Crowne Plaza around 1:25 a.m. on Jan. 25 for an intoxicated man in the lobby. He said he arrived and found an employee who told him the man left the lobby and was now roaming around the floors. He said they were searching the floors when security radioed that he was located on the third floor. He said they found the man shoeless and leaning against the wall to stay up. He said he asked security if they wanted him removed and they said he could stay and they escorted the man to his room on the first floor, but he became belligerent and told police and security he didn’t want to go back to his “[Expletive] room” and that he was going to fight a security guard. At that point, security said they wanted him gone. Jarrid A. Borozny, 19, of 72 Herbert Ave., Woonsocket, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Austin said he was doing the paperwork on the arrest when a lieutenant came and told him that Borozny had torn up the mattress in his cell and stuffed it into the toilet. He said they put Borozny in another cell, took pictures of the damage and copied the video to be used as evidence of his vandalizing city property. He was then taken to Kent Hospital for detox.


The Hess gas station at 112 Post Road told police they had video but no suspect for a snatch and run larceny of 17 bottles of Red Bull energy drink. The clerk said he had video of a man in a Boston Bruins jacket who came in a short time before on Jan. 26 and grabbed the soda and left the store. No other suspects.

Susan Andrews, 52, of 259 Asylum Rd., Warwick, was charged with stealing $117 worth of jewelry from Macy’s in Warwick Mall on Jan. 26. Loss prevention said she concealed the goods with a $195 Calvin Klein jacket folded over her arm with bracelets on it, which was not paid for as well.

April S. Longtin, 31, of 296 Dug Way Bridge Rd., West Warwick, was charged with stealing $202.58 worth of groceries from the Stop & Shop on Quaker Lane on Jan. 26. Store security told police she walked out of the store with the goods in reusable bags. She was charged with being a habitual offender, a felony. She was later released on $5,000 personal recognizance.

Roy A. DeFusco, 49, of 2045 Elmwood Ave., Warwick, was charged with being a habitual offender after he was arrested for shoplifting at the Stop & Shop in Meadowbrook Plaza on Jan. 25. Loss prevention at the store told police they recovered five packages of razors worth $124.45 from DeFusco after they struggled with him outside the store. DeFusco was arrested and taken to headquarters to await arraignment as a felony habitual offender.

Josefina Veras, 34, of 600 Potters Ave., Providence, was charged with stealing $278 worth of clothing from the JC Penney store in Warwick Mall. Loss prevention and security at the mall said Veras had merchandise from several other stores in the mall and they wanted to have her trespassed from Macy’s, Aeropostale and the mall itself, and she was.

Thomas Milton, 44, of 43 Thackery St., Providence, was charged with stealing a sweatshirt and a jacket from Sears in Rhode Island Mall on Jan. 11. Loss prevention said he took the items inside a fitting room, put them on and then walked out of the store without paying for them. Milton was charged with stealing $160 worth of clothing and told he would be arrested if he came back in the store.

Jamar Jones, 18, of 637 Post Road, Warwick. was charged with shoplifting at Kohl’s at Rhode Island Mall after loss prevention told police he put on a $69.99 jean jacket and walked out of the store without paying for it on Jan. 11. He was told not to come back or be charged with trespassing.


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