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On March 10, at 4:46 p.m., Officer Aaron Kay was dispatched to the lobby of the Warwick Police Department headquarters for a walk-in report of a larceny from a motor vehicle that occurred earlier that day in the parking lot of the Warwick Mall. Upon arriving, Kay met with Julia Nelson, who said that she parked her car in front of the Food Court area at the mall at 10:45 a.m. and discovered several items were missing from her vehicle when she returned at 12:15 p.m. She said her iPad 3 valued at $600, Toshiba laptop valued at $1,000 and $100 worth of miscellaneous children’s toys were removed from her gym bag, which was on the front seat and also removed from the vehicle. She said she contacted Warwick Mall security and Target security to see if they could review the security cameras that cover the parking lot, but both said they were unable to notice any activity around her car during that time. She said there was no damage to her vehicle but she did leave it unlocked. No suspects.


Officer Albert Marano Jr. was dispatched to 204 Posnegansett Ave. at 6:03 a.m. on March 18 for the report of a window that was smashed out. Upon arrival, Marano said he spoke with Officer Brown, who said he was at the residence for the same thing a week earlier. The officers met with Elaine Barney, who said she parked her car in the driveway around 10 p.m. on March 17. When she came out around 6 a.m. the next morning, she noticed the front passenger side window on her 2010 Lexus was smashed out. Marano said he found glass on the ground next to the vehicle as well as on the front passenger seat, and the glove box was open but Barney said nothing was missing from the vehicle. She told Marano this was the second time it happened within the past week. She said she didn’t have any problems with anyone and was unable to provide any possible suspect data. The investigation is ongoing.


Officer Gary Driscoll was dispatched to the J. C. Penny department store at the Warwick Mall at 12:22 p.m. on March 13 for a shoplifter in custody. Upon arrival, Driscoll met with a loss prevention officer, who said she observed a female select several pairs of women’s underwear, a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and numerous items of children’s clothing before entering a fitting room and exiting carrying only one pair of underwear a hooded sweatshirt. The loss prevention agent said after paying for the underwear and giving the sweatshirt to the cashier, the woman attempted to leave the store without paying for the rest of the merchandise before she was escorted back to the loss prevention office by loss prevention officers. Loss prevention said Marie E. Coffin, 27, of 115 Bowling Ln., Westerly, was cooperative and handed over the unpaid merchandise, located in her handbag, which included, six pairs of women’s underwear; three Arizona tank tops; a pair of women’s flannel pajama bottoms; a pair of children’s bottoms; and two children’s tops, worth a total of $184. Coffin was arrested and charged with one count of shoplifting-misdemeanor. Since Coffin had her 2-year-old son with her at the time, Driscoll said she was allowed to drive to Warwick Police Department headquarters in her vehicle, while being escorted by Driscoll and Sergeant Palumbo. Once at headquarters, she was processed and released with a Third Division District Court summons.

Officer Nicholas Reay was dispatched to Macy’s on Bald Hill Rd. at approximately 10:36 p.m. on March 17 for the report of a shoplifting in progress. Upon arriving, Reay said he met with a loss prevention officer who said she observed two females enter the Young Men’s Department and select multiple men’s sportswear items before entering the fitting room together. She said when they exited, many of the items they brought in with them had been returned to the floor, but not all of them. Upon further investigation, the loss prevention officer said five price tickets were discovered in the pockets of the items left behind, which matched the items that were unaccounted for. The women then proceeded to the handbag department, where one woman was observed selecting two handbags, one pink and one brown, before exiting the department, going to another department, selecting four Guess items and entering another fitting room together. Upon exiting the fitting room together, the woman that entered with the two handbags was observed without her black handbag, and in place of it was the pink handbag, “as if it were her own.” The women then attempted to exit the store without making any attempt to pay for the concealed merchandise, before they were escorted to the loss prevention officer by the loss prevention officer. The women were identified as Dena Magiera, 49, and Amanda Smith, 22, both of 56 Maple Ave., Apt. F204, West Warwick. The total recovered value of the concealed merchandise that Magiera had taken was $19.98, and the total value of concealed merchandise that Smith had taken was $345.98. Reay said the women were arrested, charged with shoplifting, then transported to police headquarters where they were fingerprinted and photographed, and later released with a summons to appear in Third District Court for shoplifting.


Officer Aaron Kay was dispatched to the Trafalgar East Apartments on Post Road at 3:25 p.m. on March 14 for the report of a larceny of rims from the victim’s vehicle. Upon arriving, Kay met with Robert Card Jr., who said three rims were taken from inside his vehicle, which was parked on the property. Card said he put the rims in the vehicle on March 9, which was the last time he saw them, as he had been sick throughout the week. He said he discovered the rims were missing when he went out to his vehicle on March 14. He said he leaves his vehicle unlocked and there was no damage to the vehicle, adding that the rims could easily be viewed through the rear window in the hatchback of his Subaru. Kay said Card kept one of the rims in his apartment, which he showed Kay and said the other three were the same. He said he was unsure of the exact cost of the Rox rim but he believed it was approximately $100 for each rim. No suspects.


Officer Michael Walker responded to 66 Cooper Ave. at approximately 9:20 a.m. on March 16 for the report of a damaged mailbox. Upon arriving, Walker said he met with Kenneth Steinkamp, who told him that on the previous night at approximately 8:40 p.m. he heard a loud bang and went outside to investigate. He said he found his mailbox had been knocked off its post and was lying on the ground. He said there was no one in the area, however he drove around the neighborhood in search of juveniles but was unable to locate any. Steinkamp said he would press charges if a suspect were found.


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