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Officer Brian Murray was dispatched to the Courtyard by Marriot hotel at 55 Jefferson Park Rd. on March 26 for the report of a larceny of tires and rims from a vehicle. Upon arrival, Murray met with the victim, who said that around 8:30 that morning he noticed all four tires and rims had been stolen off of his vehicle, which had been parked on the southwest side of the lot at the time of the larceny. He said he last saw the tires on the vehicle the night before around 7 p.m. Murray said it appeared the suspect(s) used three large rocks to keep the car up while they stole the tires. Murray said there was no video surveillance and no other reports of tire complaints in the area that day.


Officer Manuel Pacheco was dispatched to 283 Grove Ave. at approximately 6:24 p.m. on March 26 for the report of a larceny of a battery from a mobile home. Upon arrival, Pacheco met with the victim, who said that at approximately 4:15 p.m., he noticed the battery cover for the battery in his mobile home was on the ground. He said after closer inspection, he noticed the battery was gone, with just the wire connectors left. He said the last time he saw the battery was on March 24 around 4:30 p.m. He said nothing else was missing. Pacheco said he checked with neighbors in the area but no one had seen anything. No suspects.


Officer Jason Brodeur was dispatched to 23 Colesonian Dr. at approximately 8:11 p.m. on March 27 for the report of a larceny from a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, Brodeur met with the victim, who said she parked her vehicle unsecured in her driveway around 8 p.m. the day before, and when she woke up the next morning and went to her car around 8, she noticed the glove compartment was open and the contents had been rummaged through. She said a black camera case that contained her driver’s license and health insurance card was missing. She said there was no damage to the vehicle. No suspects.


Officer William DiGiulio was dispatched to Stevie D’s at 2570 Warwick Ave. at approximately 8:30 a.m. on March 28 for the report of malicious damage. Upon arrival, DiGiulio met with an employee, who said when he walked into work that morning around 8, he noticed one of the vehicles in the front line had a front driver’s side window that was cracked. DiGiulio said it appeared the window had been struck with an object, causing it to spider crack into numerous pieces. A closer inspection showed that some of the glass was beginning to fall on the ground, but DiGiulio said he was unable to locate where the window had been struck. He said there was no BB hole or area where an object would have gone through the window. DiGiulio said no other vehicles were damaged and he was waiting to hear back from the employee regarding if anyone had been caught on surveillance camera over-night in the area of the vehicle. The employee said it would cost approximately $180 to replace the window. No suspects.



Officer Rose Michel was dispatched to Showcase Cinemas at 1200 Quaker Lane at approximately 11:48 p.m. on March 28 for the report of a possible larceny from a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, Michel met with the victim, who said she arrived at the Showcase Cinemas and parked her vehicle in the rear entrance of the theatre directly across from the entrance. She said she arrived around 9:50 that evening and locked all doors to her vehicle. She said when she returned to her vehicle at 11:45 p.m., she opened the door and discovered someone had entered the vehicle and things had been moved around inside. She said she noticed the ignition on the floor of the vehicle, which she picked up, as well as a large handprint on the glass on the driver’s side door. She said the glove compartment was open, but after checking the vehicle, determined that nothing was missing. Michel said she observed the ignition piece on the center console; the glove compartment was already closed, and she observed damage to the ignition as if there was an attempt to steal the vehicle. Michel said she also observed the fingerprint on the glass of the driver’s side door and determined that access to the vehicle was through the driver’s side door, where the suspect was able to punch in or screw in a hole to unlock the vehicle by the door lock. Michel said the lid underneath the steering wheel was removed and on the passenger side of the vehicle. Michel said when Sergeant Michael Lima arrived on scene to examine the vehicle; he requested the assistance of a lieutenant to lift prints from the window. Michel said she took the ignition piece and steering wheel lid and later placed them into evidence. AAA arrived and towed the vehicle from the scene. As she was obtaining a written statement from the victim, Michel said she was approached by another woman, who said her vehicle, which was parked in the front parking lot of the theatre, was also broken into.

As prints were being obtained from the first vehicle, Michel said she met with the second woman and her husband, who said they parked their minivan directly across from the front entrance of the Showcase Cinemas and when they returned to their vehicle around 12 a.m., they observed that it was ransacked and the husband’s wallet, which contained $50 cash and a Discover card, was missing. Michel said it should be noted the wallet was hanging from the center console and a small purse was in plain view. In addition to the missing wallet and credit card, the couple said a $900 iPad and headset, a $300 Wilson baseball glove, and three baseball bats valued at $150 were also missing. The woman said although the glove compartment had been rummaged through, nothing was missing from it. Michel said it should be noted the minivan is equipped with handicapped equipment and hand controls. She said the lid underneath the steering wheel was also removed and was left under the driver’s seat. Michel said the woman then started the vehicle to make sure it was functioning properly, which it was, but her husband was unable to cancel the Discover card and could not tell officers if any charges were placed on it. They said another card was possibly missing but couldn’t confirm it at the time. Michel said she noticed a dog leash on the driver’s side seat, and while it did belong to the couple, they said it was not in that spot when they left the vehicle. Michel took the steering wheel lid and the dog leash and placed them into evidence to attempt to lift prints from them.


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