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Officer Joshua Myer was dispatched to 161 Claypool Dr. at approximately 2:20 p.m. on May 6 to speak with a man about a motor that was stolen off his boat. The man said that day he visited his boat to do some work, which was at the Pettis Marina on Baylawn Ave. in the Pawtuxet area of Warwick, and upon checking the stern of the boat, he noticed his outboard motor was gone. He said it appeared to have been pried or otherwise removed from the boat. The man described the motor as a 5 horsepower Mercury long shaft 2 stroke outboard motor, which he valued at $1,100. Myer said the man provided the serial number and model number for the motor, which he described as black with red and white lettering on each side reading “Mercury,” and having stickers with his name and phone number on them. The man said the last time he saw the motor on the boat was approximately two weeks ago. The case was forwarded to Detectives.


Officer Quentin Tavares was dispatched to the Warwick Police Department headquarters at approximately 3:09 p.m. on May 7 for the report of a stolen bracelet. Upon arrival, Tavares spoke with the victim, who said on May 4 she went to lunch at 12:04 p.m. with her husband and when she responded back to Lowe’s, where she works, she noticed her bracelet was missing. She described the bracelet as a 24-karat white and yellow gold bracelet with big and small loops on the chain connecting the chains together, which she valued at $600. The woman told Tavares she proceeded to leave and go back to where her husband had parked for lunch and she noticed an individual pick something off of the ground. Tavares said the woman told him she tried to speak with the individual but he did not speak to her. She said she wanted to press charges for any individual that has her bracelet. Tavares said he responded to Lowe’s on May 8, where he spoke with a manager who advised there were no cameras pointed in the direction of the parking lot and there was no video of the incident.


At 1:30 p.m. on May 1, Detective Theodore Bulis Jr. met with a man who said he parked his Jeep at his residence on New London Ave. on April 23 at 1 a.m. and left it unlocked. He said when he got in it on the same day at 10 a.m., he discovered that his iPod, valued at $250, was stolen out of his center console. Although he didn’t have the serial number at the time of the report, the man said it was engraved with “Don’t Panic” on the back. He said the console was locked and was broken open. He said an air mattress was also stolen from the back seat. Bulis said the man told him he would return to police headquarters when he finds the serial number.


Officer Darren Parrillo responded to the Warwick Mall security office at approximately 10:30 a.m. on May 1 in reference to the report of a stolen motor vehicle. Upon arrival, Parrillo met with the victim, who said he was an employee of Pagnozzi Plumbing and Heating. He said on May 1, “I parked my company van 2003 Ford E250 van plate #55902 in front of the food court at Warwick Mall at approximately 9 a.m. Went back to the truck about one hour later to see that the vehicle was gone.” Parrillo said video surveillance was viewed and that during the surveillance, the cameras pan but they observe a black Cherokee pull into the area, two spots down from the van. Moments later when the camera is panning back out, Parrillo said the commercial van for Pagnozzi Plumbing can be seen pulling out of the parking lot and moments later, the black Cherokee backs out its spot that was adjacent to the van and follows the van out of the lot. Parrillo said it should be noted the van was leaving at a high rate of speed and the black Cherokee was following behind the van cautiously. Parrillo said there was no suspect information at the time. He entered the vehicle into NCIC and put an Attempt to Locate out to the Providence Police, State Police, as well as surrounding agencies due to most stolen vehicles ending up in the city of Providence. On his next tour of duty, Parrillo said he was informed the vehicle was later located in Providence, and the owner was contacted and advised that his vehicle was there. Although there was a series of equipment in the van, Parrillo said it is unknown once the vehicle was located what items were still in the vehicle. He said the vehicle was found unattended. No suspects.


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