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A Providence woman was arrested at the Wal-Mart on Bald Hill Road on June 5. Loss prevention told police she selected a variety of children’s clothes and soaps and an air mattress worth $117.31 and then attempted to leave by the garden shop entrance. LaQueena Brown, 21, of 72 Ford St. was later released with a summons.

A Cranston woman was charged with shoplifting at the Kohl’s store in the Rhode Island Mall on June 13. Loss prevention told Officer Darren Parrillo they saw the woman enter the jewelry department and select five bracelets that she concealed in her purse and then went to the Misses department and selected two pairs of shorts and concealed them in the purse as well before leaving the store without paying for the goods, which totaled $151.95. Eva Da Vila, 48, of 47 Malvern Ave. was later released with a summons for District Court.


Officer Robert Gauvin reported that he was conducting a traffic stop near Elmwood Avenue around 11 p.m. on June 2 when he heard what sounded like a car running on a flat tire and turned and saw a 2001 Mercury Sable with a right front flat tire approaching at a slow rate of speed. He signaled the driver to pull over. He said he was pointing his flashlight at the driver’s seat at the time and saw the driver make “a sudden stopping motion, clenching his hands on the steering wheel and locking his elbows out straight.” He said the car came to a skidding stop in the westbound lane of Elmwood Avenue. He said the driver, identified as Charles E. Richardson, 23, of 70 Rutherglen Ave. in Providence, seemed unsure of where he was coming from and his eyes were bloodshot and watery and he spoke in a thick-tongued manner and a distinct odor of alcohol came from his breath. He asked the driver out of the car to take a field sobriety test.

“As he did so, he used the driver’s side door for balance and was very unsteady on his feet. He then raised his hands in the air and stumbled towards me. I told Richardson that he did not have to raise his hands but he did anyway.”

Gauvin said he asked him if he had anything to drink and “he said he had several blue moons.” I asked him to be more specific. He told me he had too many to count while he was at a friend’s house earlier.

Gauvin said the driver failed the test and was taken to headquarters where he blew a .223 blood alcohol content twice. Richardson was charged with DUI and later released to a sober adult.


Officer Jamey Petit responded to a domestic disturbance at the Holiday Inn Express around 4:10 a.m. on June 13. A security guard had called police, saying a man and woman were yelling at each other in Room 244. Petit said he met both parties exiting the room when he arrived and separated them. He said it appeared that it had only been a verbal argument and, although the room was somewhat unorganized, it had no signs of damage. Nevertheless, the hotel wanted the couple to leave. Petit said he ran a check on both parties and came back with an outstanding warrant for the male half of the couple. It was for failure to appear in District Court. Eric Davis, 34, of 26 McCann St. in Providence was taken to headquarters, processed and later released. The hotel allowed the woman to stay in the room.

Officer Matthew Higgins reported he was on Elmwood Avenue around 8:30 p.m. on June 16 when he saw a passenger in a car with no seat belt on. He said the windows were also heavily tinted. He said he ran a check on the driver and she came back with an outstanding warrant for failure to appear. Katty Diaz, 25, of 10 What Cheer Ave. in Providence was taken to headquarters and held for the bail commissioner.

Officer Robert Gauvin reported he was on patrol on Bald Hill Road, approaching the intersection of Toll Gate Road, when he ran a check on a motorcycle and learned the registered owner had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear for a witness subpoena in District Court. Ryan M. Bouchard, 32, of 135 Killingly Rd. in Foster, was taken to headquarters, processed and then transported to the ACI.


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