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According to a report filed by Officer Nicholas DiNardo, a West Warwick man exposed himself to a woman he thought was “hot” but did not expect to be an off-duty Warwick police officer. DiNardo reported he and another officer were dispatched to the area of Centerville Road and Diamond Hill Road around 5:25 p.m. on Aug. 21 after the female officer reported an incident with a man as she was leaving the Sparrow Point apartments. She gave a description and particulars about the car he was in. DiNardo said they did not find the car after searching the area and later heard the officer’s account of her experience. She told them she was about to take a left out of the parking lot toward Post Road when a car pulled up next to her and the man driving the car lifted his hips up and exposed his penis to her and began making up and down motions with his hands. She said she confronted him while she was still in her car and he replied, “What did you expect? You’re hot.” She said she then identified herself as an off-duty police officer him and he “asked her to leave him alone” and sped off onto Cowesett Road. DiNardo said they traced the plate number to an address in West Warwick and arranged with West Warwick Police to meet them at his residence. The off-duty officer identified Mathew J. Calouro, 21, of 19 Locust Dr., West Warwick, as the man who exposed himself to her. Calouro was charged with indecent exposure and later released with a summons.


Police were dispatched to a Haven Street address for a report of two bicycles that went missing from a yard there on Aug. 12. The owner said a “Giant Baby Blue” bike with white taillights and a speedometer wroth $250 and a black “Gray Pacific Mountain Bike” worth $200 were left leaning against a fence in the yard and were there at 7 a.m. when he left for work. He said they were gone when he came home. He said that the street is a popular cut-through for local kids. A second resident told police he didn’t hear or see anything unusual that day but added that his daughter’s bike went missing about a month before, but he suspected that “scrappers” took her bike. There are no suspects or witnesses.

A line cook at the Longhorn Steakhouse on Bald Hill Road told police he rode his bike to work on Aug. 15 and chained it to a large generator unit behind the restaurant around 3:30 p.m. as he usually did. He said he finished his shift at 8:30 and found the cable was cut and the bike was missing. He said it was a gray 29-inch Redline Monocoq worth $700. He said he did not recall the serial number. No suspects or witnesses.


Two Providence women were charged with shoplifting at the Macy’s store in Warwick Mall on Aug. 20. Loss prevention told police they watched the two women as they selected a number of items, concealed them and then left the store without paying for the goods. Loss prevention said they tried to stop the pair outside but they became belligerent and aggressive and then fled the scene in a maroon Chevrolet Impala in the direction of the Firestone service building. Officer Stephen Major said he headed in an easterly direction because that was the closest exit, and if he headed them off they would have to drive around the rest of the mall to find another. He said he didn’t see any cars that resembled the suspect’s and headed over to the Villa Del Rio Apartments to see if the car was hiding out there. He said he found a maroon Chevrolet pulled into a parking spot. He said he arrested one of the women there and he and another officer started looking around for the other suspect. He said they saw a woman sitting in a lounge chair in front of a residence and asked her what she was doing there. She said she was waiting for a friend and pointed to a screen door, but the people behind the screen shook their heads to indicate they did not know the woman. She was placed in handcuffs and loss prevention from the store showed up to identify both women as the ones who stole from the store. A witness came forward who said he saw the women discarding clothing near a dumpster. Police took pictures of the clothing that was scattered about with the price tags still attached. Dejon Towns, 22, of 152 Regent Ave., was charged with shoplifting and held as a bail violator. Reka C. Roderick, 23, of 31 Mt Hope Ave., was charged with shoplifting and possession of marijuana when the drug was found in her car. She was later released with a summons.

Zachary W. Lowe, 21, of 26 Brook Dr., Hopkinton, was charged with shoplifting on Aug. 20 after loss prevention showed police surveillance video they said was Lowe stealing a ring in the jewelry department and a Nike tank top from sportswear. He was charged with stealing $67 worth of goods. He was later released with a summons.

Albert Herbert Jacques, 56, of 101 Colvintown Rd., Coventry, was charged with being a habitual offender after he was arrested for shoplifting at the Walmart store on Bald Hill Road on Aug. 19. Loss prevention told police they saw Jacques select a number of watches from the display and conceal them in a backpack, along with some socks and some basketball shorts from the men’s department. Because of prior contacts with the suspect, the loss prevention agent said he called police and kept Jacques under surveillance until they arrived. Police arrested Jacques as he came out of the store. Police said he had 22 items worth a total of $675.48 on him, along with a small pocketknife. He was charged with being a habitual offender and held for the next session of District Court.


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