Police Log - Stolen tailgate



On Oct. 6 around 7:53 p.m., Officers Tyler Stone and Matthew Higgins responded to a motor vehicle accident at 2003 Post Road. When Officer Higgins arrived on the scene, Officer Stone had already spoken to the operator of the victim vehicle. Officer Higgins then interviewed the driver of vehicle #1, Bruce Ahmadjian, 66, from 190 Fairway Dr. in North Kingstown, who had allegedly struck the victim’s vehicle.

According to the police report, Ahmadjian exhibited signs of intoxication and had difficulties providing the paperwork requested by the officer. The occupants of vehicle #2 stated to police that Ahmadjian had rear-ended them. Ahmadjian said that the other car had slammed on their brakes and gave him no time to respond. When asked if he had consumed any alcohol that evening, Ahmadjian claimed to have had one beer hours before He was allegedly unstable and had a hard time standing on his own.

Ahmadjian then consented to a field sobriety tests, and took a preliminary breathalyzer test, which produced a reading of .282 percent as a blood alcohol content. Based upon his performance, the officers’ experience and training, and their interactions with Ahmadjian, it was determined that he would be placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence and transferred to police headquarters.

At the station, Officer Higgins began to read the suspect his rights, to which Ahmadjian was quoted as saying, “Don’t waste your time. I’ve heard this before. I’m not going to pay attention.” Two subsequent breathalyzer tests provided readings of .275 and .285 as a blood alcohol content.

Ahmadjian was charged with driving under the influence, first offense. He was subsequently transported to Kent Hospital for detox.


Officer Jonathan Reiff responded to a call on Oct. 4 around 6:48 a.m. for an assortment of power tools being stolen from a trailer on Illinois Avenue. The tools belonged to Parasault Builders and the reporting party stated that it appeared that the trailer appeared to have been broken into.

Officer Reiff was told the collection of power tools included Dewalt brand tools such as orbital sander, miter saw router, drywall gun, and circular saw. All of the tools were marked with the initials of the owner of the company. According to the report, the tools were last seen one week prior to the theft, and were estimated to be valued at $1,500.

There is surveillance in the parking garage where the theft took place, and the owners do plan to press charges if the alleged suspects are found. Detectives were notified of the situation.


Officer Tammy Mello responded to a call of a stolen tailgate on Oct. 3 at around 9:17 a.m. in a parking lot at Care Well Urgency care at 533 Centerville Road. There, Officer Mello spoke to the reporting party, who stated that the tailgate attached to his 2011 Ford F250 had been stolen within the 45-minute period he was at the urgent care.

There are no surveillance cameras in front of the building, and the only identifying mark reported to the police was a dent in the right corner of the tailgate. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.


On Oct. 6 at 1:29 p.m., Officer Tammy Mello and Sgt. Robert Palumbo responded to a call from the Walmart on 650 Bald Hill Rd. of a shoplifting in progress. Officers were told that Jennifer Alves, 32, of 15 Shippee Ave. in West Warwick, had allegedly attempted to leave the store without paying for merchandise.

The merchandise, valued at $53.80 by Walmart Loss Prevention was initially stolen at 1:20 p.m. on that date and that security had observed Alves acting suspiciously. Alves allegedly took numerous articles of clothing and underwear and hid it in her handbag. She then proceeded to pay for some other items at the Garden register and left without paying for other items. Outside of the store security confronted her and called the police.

Alves was taken into custody and was issued a summons to appear at Third Division District Court on Nov. 6 for one count of shoplifting.


Police responded to a call from JC Penny at 400 Bald Hill Road on Oct. 5 around 5:39 p.m. of a shoplifter who allegedly attempted to leave the store with stolen makeup. Officer Thomas Duncan was sent to report on the alleged shoplifting.

According to an Asset Protection Associate she allegedly saw Aralis Valdez, 22, of 62 Warrington St., Providence, in the Sephora section of the store taking various makeup products from the shelves out of their packages and placing them in her purse. Valdez then allegedly proceeded to take her items past the final points of sale without paying for them, and after trying unsuccessfully to leave, was cooperatively taken in by JC Penny staff and the police were called.

Valdez was taken into custody and later released with a summons for a court appearance on Nov. 6 at 9 a.m. for misdemeanor shoplifting.


On Oct 6. around 11:30 a.m., police responded to an alleged shoplifting incident at the Target at 400 Bald Hill Rd. and an “irate and non-cooperative” suspect who was taken into custody by Target staff.

Sgt. Robert Palumbo and Officer Darren Parillo were dispatched and found Ciera Santiago Guerrido, 34, of 91 Pocasset Ave, Providence, in custody. According to the store’s account of events, security members watched camera footage of the store when they observed Santiago Guerrido allegedly selecting baby formula, toilet paper, batteries, a desk fan, and a dinnerware set. Santiago Guerrido then reportedly made two attempts to move past all points of sale in the front of the store with all of her stolen goods, and after failing the second time, was taken into Target custody.

While in custody, Santiago Guerrido’s temperament deteriorated and at one point a second call was made to the police due to Santiago Guerrido laying on the floor, kicking and screaming. Police reportedly handcuffed her and restrained her in the police cruiser as she was taken into custody.

When Santiago Guerrido was placed into custody, she was found to have an outstanding warrant in Cranston for shoplifting. She was processed and sent to Kent County Courthouse for arraignment and charged with one count of felony shoplifting.


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