Police Log - $21,000 in stolen smokes



On Oct. 9 around 5:44 p.m., Officer Ryan Lancaster was approached by a complainant that an unwanted person had allegedly come onto his property on Elmwood Ave. The person was Gary Eddy, a 59-year-old with no known address, who had been told on by the landlord that he was unwelcome on the property.

Lancaster reviewed records on Eddy, and found that while there weren’t any no trespassing orders placed on him at that residence, he did have an outstanding warrant for shoplifting by the Cranston Police. Officer Lancaster was then dispatched to the scene.

When Lancaster arrived on scene, he found Eddy in a bathroom where he admitted to not being wanted on the property and was placed under arrest.

While being escorted to the police cruiser to be searched and transported, Eddy allegedly tensed up and made an escape attempt while in handcuffs, but officer Lancaster said he maintained control. When searched, officer Lancaster found a cigarette pack that had what Lancaster alleged was a pipe used for smoking crack cocaine. When asked if he had any drugs on him, Eddy allegedly admitted to having a small amount of crack in the cigarette pack wrapped in a dollar bill. A white, powdery substance was found, and Eddy was transported to Warwick Police Headquarters.

The powder was tested, and was apparently shown to be cocaine. Eddy was subsequently charged with being in illegal possession of a Schedule II controlled substance and will be arraigned by Third Division Court.


On Oct 7 at 9 a.m., Officer Julio Benros responded to a burglary at Warwick Gas, located at 335 Providence St. Benros met with the victim, who reported that cases of cigarettes valued at $21,000 and $200 in cash was stolen from his business overnight between 8:30 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Detective Nadine Parmenter arrived on scene and found that the alarm for the store had not been triggered. According to the report, the store was having someone review the security footage in the evening. Officer Benros left information for Geha to contact him at when he had more information. The report was forwarded to detectives for review.


Warwick Police dispatched Officer David Boardman to investigate a report of motor vehicle larceny at Underwood Ave., on Oct. 8 around 5:28 p.m. When Boardman met with the reporting party, he was told that allegedly $120 and a CD containing photos of his were stolen from the center console of his truck.

The incident was apparently captured by surveillance at around 4:43 a.m. and the complainant reportedly sent Boardman still pictures of the suspect entering his truck and then trying to gain access to the other vehicle in the driveway. The truck involved was a silver 2006 Toyota Tacoma. The report was forwarded to detectives. BREAKING AND ENTERING

Around 5:53 a.m. on Oct. 7, officers Steven Moretti, Alfred Silveria, and Kerri-Ann Leighton arrived to a scene of a breaking and entering on Irving Rd.

The suspect was identified as Darlene King, 47, of 116 Orchard St., East Providence, and was running down Irving St. banging on doors and yelling. The victim was waiting on his front porch for the police to arrive.

When King was interviewed, she was allegedly visible shaken, rambling, and the smell of alcohol was on her breath. King alleged that she was detained in a basement against her will. When she was able to break free she went screaming and banging on the neighbor’s door on Irving St. where police found her.

According to Officer Moretti, King’s story was not making sense and she was unable to explain how she ended up inside the basement of the Irving St. residence. She admitted to drinking at Eddies Bar and that the last thing she remembered was leaving the bar and walking down the street.

When the reporting party was interviewed, he said he was woken up by banging on the door at 2 a.m. He went checking around the house but found nothing. When he let his dog outside to walk him at 4:30 am, he saw King coming out of the basement. He said he immediately escorted her out of the house, but she grabbed his cell phone and he gave chase. He regained his phone and called the police.

The man’s wife corroborated her husband’s account. The neighbor said she was awoken by banging and other loud noises at 5:00 and 5:40 am. She was called by the complainant who said that a strange woman, King, was inside of her house, and to check that nothing was missing.

Officer David Waddington and Sgt. James Michaillides responded to the neighbor’s and reported that the basement door had been forced open and footprints going into the basement. King was arrested and handcuffed, brought to Warwick Police Headquarters, and charged with breaking and entering a dwelling house w/o consent of owner.


On October 12 at approximately 10:45 a.m. Officers Christian Vargas and Daniel O’Connell were dispatched to the area of Warwick Avenue and Cavalcade Boulevard for a report of an accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian. Dispatch advised the officers that Sergeant Robert Chille was already on scene.

Upon arrival, Officer Vargas observed the pedestrian that was struck. She was standing and speaking with Fire personnel, complained of pain in her left arm and left leg but that she did not hit her head. She stated to officers that she was walking westbound on the crosswalk near 1689 Warwick Avenue when she was struck.

According to the victim’s account, she waited at the crosswalk and a truck in the right northbound lane stopped and a vehicle in the southbound lane had stopped. She began crossing and did not see the suspect vehicle until it hit her. The woman said that she had headphones in her ears and that her phone was in her pocket and she was not looking at it, but did hear screeching tires before she was struck. She told officers that she was not distracted at the time and was hit on her left side. She was later transported to Kent Hospital for treatment.

Officer Vargas spoke with the driver of the suspect vehicle, identified as Michael Huber, 23, of 169 Bishop Hill Road in Johnston. The officer observed that there was no damage to the vehicle, and Huber stated that he was traveling between 20 to 25 miles per hour at the time of the accident. He said he was driving towards the crosswalk where a truck had stopped and obstructed the crosswalk sign. When he realized that it was a crosswalk, the victim had walked past the truck and did not check for oncoming traffic. Huber stated that he immediately slammed on the brakes and attempted to stop but the pedestrian did not appear to look in his direction as she had her headphones in. According to Huber, at the time she was struck he was traveling no more than five miles per hour before his car finally stopped.

Statements were taken from witnesses, including from the truck driver and a patron who was inside Demo’s Pizza. Officer Vargas observed that the crosswalk was properly painted and there was a crosswalk sign directly to the right on the east side of the cross walk. He also observed skid marks in the left lane starting approximately six feet outside of the crosswalk that continued two to three feet into the crosswalk. Huber was then cited for right of way in crosswalk to pedestrian.


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