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disaster movie)

It is the year AD 62. There are wars and massacres to open this disaster movie and grab your attention.

A young child survives the mass killing and emerges as a slave gladiator in the town of Pompeii. Kit Harrington plays Milo, the noble warrior who fights his fellow slaves to the death before cheering crowds in the arena.

Kiefer Sutherland plays a Roman senator who comes to Pompeii to conquer the land and marry the beautiful Cassia (Emily Browning). There’s a problem. Cassia is enamored with Milo. What’s a slave to do?

Milo takes on the muscular, overpowering gladiators, winning all his fights and eventually teaming up with his once rival. As the massive battle begins in the arena, the mountain explodes, dropping lava on the spectators and causing huge tsunamis.

Thousands of extras are swept up by “the last days of Pompeii,” but the main characters find ways to escape the least to the closing moments of this disastrous disaster movie.

There are some good special effects, but the plot and the acting leave much to be desired.

Rate PG-13 with violence and profanity. Rent the original “Last Days of Pompeii.”


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